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Adair County, IA
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in Adair County, Iowa.
Anderson Sorensen, DeLoy [ Cannon ]05/11/194269Adair County, IA11/04/2011
Bakerink, Ruby Lucille ( Mrs. )09/28/192085Adair County, IA11/21/2005
Buckner Knorr, Terry Lee09/05/194863Adair County, IA10/29/2011
Crist Camp, Nora Mae [ Garrett ]09/16/191487Fontanelle, IA03/15/2002
Deletzke Grovert, Irma B.10/01/191295Adair, IA02/02/2008
Dennis Glasser, Columbine [ Sullivan ] [ Vorrath ] "Collie"01/02/201278Fontanelle, IA01/02/2012
Eatinger James, Bernice M. [ Hanson ]02/06/192186Orient, IA03/15/2007
Eddy Christy, Arnold "Papaw Bruce"07/12/192879Bridgewater, IA02/05/2008
Fust Bruhn, Wilma Irene [ Dunkerson ]05/16/191992Fontanelle, IA01/01/2012
Grounds, Wallis Bell [ Dwinell ]11/15/193774Greenfield, IA01/20/2012
Hains Rafter, Marybelle [ Handley ]06/20/191596Fontanelle, IA12/30/2011
Hall Edwards, Evelyn Mary [ Kline ]03/26/194269Bridgewater, IA02/26/2012
Hari Sewell, Kathryn M. [ Ward ]08/15/193868Bridgewater, IA03/25/2007
Haughenberry Power, Mona Irene [ Rogers ]05/15/191587Fontanelle, IA11/02/2002
Jensen Bolton, Joan Elaine [ Baier ]12/13/192487Eureka Township, IA12/19/2011
Koopman Schad, Glenn Alonson03/31/1917 Orient, IA12/07/2006
Lovell Wall, Mary Lou [ Thorndyke ]09/09/193674Greenfield, IA08/17/2011
Madison Lewis, Francis Warren01/07/192190Jackson Township, IA12/09/2011
Marckmann Baudler, Helen Leanna04/21/192586Fontanelle, IA02/10/2012
Martin Brown, Virgil Maynard10/19/191992Fontanelle, IA11/29/2011
Mayes Faber, Donald Lee07/02/191893Summerset Township, IA02/06/2012
McCarty, Bethel ( Mrs. )07/13/1923 Greenfield, IA03/23/2004
Miller Ellerson, Robert L.05/09/192586Orient, IA07/30/2011
Petersen Gebers, Leonard Arthur10/17/191790Adair County, IA06/22/2008
Pettit Jones, Jerry Lee06/17/194066Adair County, IA03/18/2007
Purdy Pierce, Ronald Floyd04/29/192091Adair County, IA02/17/2012
Purdy Pierce, Ronald Flyod04/29/192091Adair County, IA02/17/2012
Reichardt Ruch, Alice Elaine [ Neal ]07/24/193870Fontanelle, IA08/10/2008
Richards Dickey, Maize LaVerne [ Rice ]12/29/191893Adair County, IA01/08/2012
Shogren, Florence07/09/191686Bridgewater, IA11/30/2002
Sulgrove Darling, Lois Virginia [ Roberts ]04/15/192586Bridgewater, IA11/15/2011
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