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Wilkinson County, GA

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Wilkinson County, Georgia.
Allen Tarpley, James Abbott08/19/193374Wilkinson County, GA03/25/2008
Allen Tarpley, Wayne11/26/194165Wilkinson County, GA03/01/2007
Bailey Allen, Willie Rogers10/02/193375Toomsboro, GA11/20/2008
Bailey Dixon, Willie Olene09/25/192485Toomsboro, GA04/01/2010
Bell Williams, Wilbuer "Ellis"05/17/193475McIntyre, GA06/05/2009
Billue, Isaac Felix05/04/191197Irwinton, GA07/25/2008
Bloodworth Young, Lorene [ Wood ]11/17/192186Wilkinson County, GA02/25/2008
Bloodworth, Fred 70Wilkinson County, GA05/13/2002
Boone, Edwin Mercer09/01/191591Wilkinson County, GA02/02/2007
Brooks, Clara Lavender08/16/191194Wilkinson County, GA02/03/2006
Carter, Nellie [ Herring ]02/15/190993McIntyre, GA10/20/2002
Hatfield Smith, Edna H. [ Clance ]01/02/191785Wilkinson County, GA05/03/2002
Holder, Carrie Bell [ Granade ] 88Wilkinson County, GA06/24/2002
Veal Stapleton, Linda [ Hardie ] 62Wilkinson County, GA12/08/2001

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