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Obituary Index
Duval County, FL

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Duval County, Florida. 
Agey, Edward Norton03/14/192772Jacksonville, FL10/12/1999
Allison Vogt, Mary07/15/194857Jacksonville, FL08/03/2005
Amos, Catherine [ Ogle ]09/07/192189Jacksonville, FL04/03/2011
Ansley, Fannie Mae  Jacksonville, FL09/17/2003
Armstrong Franklin, Lulu Belle04/09/191496Jacksonville, FL09/02/2009
Baarslag, Celestine Gertrude 80Mayport, FL03/17/2000
Bailes, Willie May [ Volrich ]05/04/191389Jacksonville, FL06/12/2002
Barnett, Mildred [ Lowry ] 88Jacksonville, FL12/31/2000
Bell Sellers, Dolphus06/09/192288Jacksonville, FL04/04/2011
Bell, Eva Mae [ Marion ] 48Jacksonville, FL07/03/2002
Bianco, James Michael 50Jacksonville, FL09/23/2008
Bingham, Peter06/12/195357Jacksonville, FL03/30/2011
Brenan, Michael H. "Mike" 66Jacksonville, FL06/26/2005
Brennan, Thatcher Reese03/31/20047Jacksonville, FL04/03/2011
Brinson, Perry F. 43Jacksonville, FL06/28/2004
Brooks Knoll, Roy E.12/10/191397Jacksonville, FL04/01/2011
Brown, John A. 52Jacksonville, FL03/29/2011
Bryan Paramore, Loretta [ Lewis ]10/04/194365Jacksonville, FL10/17/2008
Burney, Wilhelmina [ Hawkins ]05/22/193078Jacksonville, FL07/15/2008
Butler, George Peter01/14/191484Jacksonville, FL01/05/1999
Caldwell, John A.09/04/191884Jacksonville, FL04/22/2003
Calhoun, Cynthia [ Padgett ]11/13/193369Jacksonville, FL12/20/2002
Carberry Smith, Amy H.08/06/197230Jacksonville, FL03/20/2003
Carrodegua, Abelardo 82Jacksonville, FL02/19/1999
Causey, Iris [ Hunt ]10/23/193963Jacksonville, FL06/15/2003
Chandler, Sue Nell 66Jacksonville, FL01/21/2007
Clark, Stanley H. 66Baldwin, FL03/15/2000
Clear, Mildred M. ( Mrs. ) 78Jacksonville, FL02/23/2000
Clyde, Barbara Ann [ Shazel ]04/18/194358Jacksonville, FL01/07/2002
Coppedge Woodcock, Juanita [ Hines ] "Tillie"12/31/192282Jacksonville, FL12/05/2005
Cotter Spinney, Richard Paul01/06/194265Jacksonville, FL04/12/2007
Davis, Dorothy Rosetta [ Robinson ] 91Jacksonville, FL10/24/2001
DeLoach, Allen W. 62Jacksonville, FL04/04/2002
Dee Rhoden, Maurice "Bill" 41Jacksonville, FL04/02/2011
Dell McCall, Belinda Raynette 9Jacksonville, FL03/17/2003
Donner, Janie B. 57Jacksonville, FL06/01/2000
Ellis Nelson, Wesley07/05/194562Jacksonville, FL02/15/2008
Evans, Michael Scott 22Jacksonville, FL01/28/2005
Farley, Robert Scotty 38Jacksonville, FL09/21/2003
Farrington, J. Kirby10/05/194862Jacksonville, FL03/26/2011
Feagin Hoeltzen, Victoria Adelaide [ Clark ] "Vicky" 72Jacksonville, FL04/16/2008
Fearnow, Carolyne ( Mrs. )01/16/193675Jacksonville, FL04/04/2011
Fernandez, Onelia ( Mrs. ) 86Jacksonville, FL04/22/2003
Foster Johnson, Alice Ann [ Young ]01/02/193567Jacksonville, FL03/04/2002
Gardner, Ernest E. 75Jacksonville, FL04/17/2000
Gehlker, Ruth M. ( Mrs. )01/25/192085Jacksonville, FL02/03/2005
Gibbs Warnock, Margaret [ Worthington ] 92Jacksonville, FL12/27/2001
Gillis, Patricia G. 64Jacksonville, FL04/10/2003
Goodwyne Smith, Robert Milton11/01/196542Jacksonville, FL09/09/2008
Grant Robinson, John Henry "Ricky"01/10/1928 Jacksonville, FL09/17/2003
Greene, Charles David10/22/195840Jacksonville, FL10/21/1999
Hagar, Lois Belle ( Mrs. ) 91Jacksonville, FL12/31/2004
Hale, Jesika Leann12/11/198327Jacksonville, FL03/23/2011
Hall, Eugene Van 70Jacksonville, FL03/04/2011
Hand, Anglea "Angie"02/16/196345Jacksonville, FL02/19/2008
Hansen, William C.07/04/192285Jacksonville, FL03/17/2008
Hardin, Hazel C. 85Jacksonville, FL07/04/2003
Hardin, Hazel C. ( Mrs. ) 85Jacksonville, FL07/04/2003
Harris Wilson, Roland 63Jacksonville, FL12/28/2001
Harris, Henry Arnold04/01/193972Jacksonville, FL04/05/2011
Hartley O'Kane, Jean [ Daniels ] "Honey"  Jacksonville, FL04/02/2011
Hatten, Larry Warner 50Jacksonville, FL03/21/2000
Hayth, Charles Thomas11/02/195849Jacksonville, FL12/05/2007
Heath, Warren Kenneth05/22/193268Jacksonville, FL12/29/2000
Hesse Elliott, Carol Ann [ LeTellier ]12/09/195456Jacksonville, FL03/30/2011
Higginbotham, Ethel Marguerite [ Jones ]07/24/192582Jacksonville, FL04/04/2008
Holton, Anne [ McCreary ]07/28/192673Jacksonville, FL06/13/2000
Jackson, Napoleon "Nate" 65Jacksonville, FL09/19/2003
Jay, Harold E. 52Jacksonville, FL05/15/2000
Jenkins, James J.  Jacksonville, FL09/17/2003
Johnson, Leon * 28Jacksonville, FL10/20/2005
Johnson, Steve 39Jacksonville, FL 
Johnson, William 76Jacksonville, FL07/19/2003
Jones, Eddie Mae  Jacksonville, FL07/06/2004
Jones, Harvey 60Jacksonville, FL11/06/2006
Jordan, Angelo D.02/06/196038Jacksonville Beach, FL03/11/1998
Kennedy, George C. 86Jacksonville, FL04/22/2000
Kuchler, Louise [ Johnson ]06/18/191586Jacksonville, FL12/01/2001
Landers Bayer, Ophelia [ Tyrer ] "Ophelia"11/25/191788Jacksonville, FL01/17/2006
Lane, Gerald L. "Gary"11/22/196346Jacksonville, FL07/28/2000
Lanza, Judith [ Bakunas ] 48Jacksonville, FL06/10/2003
Larsen, Olaf William "Sonny"05/03/195846Jacksonville, FL07/18/2004
Lechner, Carroll L. ( Mrs. )07/27/191790Jacksonville, FL02/17/2008
Lindenthaler Powell, Mary Lee [ Frazier ]11/09/192972Jacksonville, FL04/09/2002
Lloyd, Barney L.08/06/193671Jacksonville, FL03/21/2008
Love, Joseph [ Lee Hayes ]08/09/194158Jacksonville, FL04/01/2000
Lynch Floyd, Catherine [ Heinen ] "Cathy"11/05/192680Jacksonville, FL11/27/2006
Mahoney, Mary A. [ D'Amato ] 77Jacksonville, FL03/27/2007
Mainor, Charles 70Jacksonville, FL02/12/1999
Massey, Mercedes Emily [ Robinson ]11/14/1913 Jacksonville, FL03/11/2007
Mathis Burkhalter, Roswell08/07/193773Jacksonville, FL04/01/2011
Miles, Shirley [ Merritt ] 77Jacksonville, FL03/30/2011
Mills, Frank L.07/14/1913 Jacksonville, FL07/18/2002
Mobley, Quentlyn [ Simmons ]08/12/194064Jacksonville, FL07/21/2005
Moody, Doris B.10/13/191889Jacksonville, FL03/13/2008
Moye, Wayne Lamar11/21/194359Jacksonville, FL03/17/2003
Mucklow Holmes, Betty M. [ Burnett ]09/06/191391Jacksonville, FL01/28/2005
Mulholland, Margaret J. ( Mrs. )09/09/191889Jacksonville, FL08/07/2008
Nelson, Alice [ Cooper ]01/29/194564Jacksonville, FL07/03/2009
Nelson, Catherine J. ( Mrs. ) 71Jacksonville, FL11/26/2002
Nichols, Bessie C.03/16/191889Jacksonville, FL04/13/2007
Nicholson, Carl09/14/191189Jacksonville, FL12/28/2000
Niehaus Silas, M.S. "Steve"08/13/1931 Jacksonville, FL06/28/2002
Nolan, Ellanor F. ( Mrs. ) [ Merritt ] 79Jacksonville, FL09/21/2003
Noyes Fugate, Harold B.12/15/190294Jacksonville, FL02/27/1997
Ortagus Butler, Bernice [ Caldwell ] "Bonnie"03/12/191889Bayard, FL01/03/2008
Padula Hibbs, Tia A. [ Miller ]11/10/196635Jacksonville, FL10/05/2002
Pennae, Ray  Jacksonville, FL03/18/2008
Raborn Week,s William W.04/11/192187Jacksonville, FL10/03/2008
Rambach, John W. "Jack"01/17/193078Jacksonville, FL03/05/2008
Ray Johnson, Ronny A.06/08/194067Jacksonville, FL06/24/2007
Reynolds, Helen [ Kirtland ]10/02/1913 Duval County, FL02/26/2002
Rhodes Butler, Marianne [ Lybrand ]07/17/194466Jacksonville, FL03/26/2011
Roberts, Donald Warden 32Jacksonville, FL03/23/2003
Robins, John J.06/23/192277Jacksonville, FL08/15/1999
Rollins, Clarence D. "Dal" 85Jacksonville, FL12/21/1999
Rouse, Douglas K. "Woody"08/27/1972 Jacksonville, FL03/01/2008
Rowland, Danny Lee10/10/195060Jacksonville, FL03/31/2011
Schully Will03/22/197326Jacksonville, FL03/06/2000
Scott, Eloise Elizabeth03/30/191783Jacksonville, FL05/01/2000
Seabrooks, James C. 96Jacksonville, FL03/24/2011
Shaw Hickey, Ted W.12/24/194763Jacksonville, FL03/29/2011
Shirah Odam, Eugenia A. [ Monaco ] "Anne"06/11/192879Jacksonville, FL10/06/2007
Simmons, Gayle [ Bailey ]  Jacksonville, FL02/15/2000
Smith Hodgkins, Villa [ Smith ] [ Tweedie ]01/26/191986Jacksonville, FL02/24/2005
Snellgrove, Luther C. 76Jacksonville, FL08/16/2004
Starling, Gladys [ Alzada ] [ Davis ] 76Jacksonville, FL04/15/2000
Steadman Kennedy, Alicia06/29/1945 Jacksonville, FL09/24/2003
Steadman Kennedy, Alicia [ Allen ]06/29/1945 Jacksonville, FL09/24/2003
Sugrue, William John "Bill06/09/1958 Jacksonville, FL11/15/2005
Summers, James Ray "Jimmy"02/06/195650Jacksonville, FL06/15/2006
Thornton, Bette [ Kremer ] 80Jacksonville, FL07/09/2004
Tucker Haywood, Doris Y. [ Samuel ]02/25/194160Duval County, FL01/15/2002
Turner, Andrew Michael07/01/198910Jacksonville, FL02/04/2000
Tuten Russell, Luther "Sonny"07/13/192387Jacksonville, FL04/02/2011
Walling, Margaret Alice ( Mrs. )01/16/196040Jacksonville, FL10/31/2000
Westberry, Charles Odis 57Jacksonville, FL02/20/2000
Weston, Ruth S. [ Reed ] 80Jacksonville, FL03/29/2003
Whitehead, Marian Jeanne [ Newton ]01/28/1925 Jacksonville, FL 
Wilds Hogan, Laura [ Foster ] 54Jacksonville, FL10/04/2002
Wilkins, Jane Elizabeth [ Polley ]01/09/193370Jacksonville, FL04/03/2003
Wolfe, Ludie Mae [ Edwards ]04/02/1919 Jacksonville, FL 
Wright Crews, Marie W. [ Peavey ]08/12/190992Jacksonville, FL06/20/2002
Wright, Michael Anthony 44Jacksonville, FL07/05/2004
Wuerth, Joyce M. ( Mrs. )08/28/192573Jacksonville, FL08/19/1999
Yonn, Kyle Jacob 19Jacksonville, FL03/23/2000
vonLyncker Hedwig, Ruby [ Wichman ]07/09/191485Jacksonville, FL02/03/2000

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