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Manchester, CT

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Manchester, Connecticut.
Macauley, Susan [ Lent ] [ Cavallo ] 60Manchester, CT01/10/2002
Magnotta Olschefskie, Brandon Thomas 13Manchester, CT06/28/1999
Majewski Kaminski, Stanley W.03/21/191783Manchester, CT09/12/2000
Makulis Bertrand, Thomas A.05/16/195447Manchester, CT01/15/2002
Mallon Johnson, Alice Mae [ Latina ]07/14/193664Manchester, CT09/12/2000
Mallon Moonan, George E.11/14/192277Manchester, CT03/05/2000
Manierre, Jeannette F.04/19/192871Manchester, CT12/29/1999
Marchisa, Ellen ( Mrs. )  Manchester, CT06/02/2003
Marinelli Urbanetti, Mary N. [ Uriano ] 77Manchester, CT12/22/1999
Marks Plisky, Gertrude M. [ Lucas ]11/10/1902102Manchester, CT10/22/2005
Martina Annetta, John09/22/191883Manchester, CT10/01/2001
Maxwell Grimley, Wil05/02/1921 Manchester, CT10/24/2003
Mazzoli Piccolini, Lena M. [ Anderson ]03/11/191983Manchester, CT08/02/2002
McCann Widun, Abigail J. [ House ] "Gail" 62Manchester, CT06/30/1999
McCarthy Wells, Thomas W.04/18/196643Manchester, CT02/05/2010
McCluskey, Joseph P.06/02/191191Manchester, CT08/31/2002
McCollum Wright, Evelyn M. [ Aronson ]01/14/193168Manchester, CT08/01/1999
McDonnell, Patricia J. 85Manchester, CT03/22/2002
McDonnell, Patricia J. [ McCarthy ] 85Manchester, CT03/22/2002
McIIduff, Joseph B. 55Manchester, CT06/26/1999
McIlduff, Joseph B. 55Manchester, CT06/26/1999
McKenna Krah, John E. "Jack" 75Manchester, CT08/26/2009
McKinney Dunlop, William R.12/06/194950Manchester, CT08/28/2000
McLean Nevers, Janice E. [ Tracy ]08/18/193468Manchester, CT11/20/2002
McPartland McCann, Leo E.11/27/192078Manchester, CT09/26/1999
Mertens Gardiner, William A.01/18/192379Manchester, CT01/22/2002
Meyer Dwire, Louis F. 67Manchester, CT10/30/2001
Milikowski Braun, William H. 71Manchester, CT12/05/1999
Miner Lamb, Fern H. "Connie"02/19/192874Manchester, CT11/25/2002
Miner Taylor, Lewis E. 81Manchester, CT03/23/2002
Miner, Frederick T.02/27/192979Manchester, CT04/08/2008
Minor, Francis J. "Skip" 86Manchester, CT02/04/2004
Modean Carlson, Edna [ DeDora ]04/11/191686Manchester, CT08/07/2002
Moriarty Waldorf, Joseph04/24/193274Manchester, CT11/04/2006
Morrison Klonoski, John Riley 44Manchester, CT10/01/2001
Moskaluk Mis, Gregg A.04/21/196833Manchester, CT01/04/2002
Moskaluk, Gregg A.04/21/196833Manchester, CT01/04/2002
Motowidlak, Lisa M. 27Manchester, CT07/06/2002
Mozzer, Charles A. 82Manchester, CT04/04/2002
Mrosek, Ann [ Wabrek ]06/24/191388Manchester, CT01/16/2002
Murdock Swyden, Lillian M. [ Lloyd ]11/04/193272Manchester, CT01/01/2005
Murphy McMahon, Elizabeth H. [ O'Brien ]02/08/191485Manchester, CT09/30/1999
Murphy Zundell, Patricia A. [ Chapman ] 74Manchester, CT07/07/2002
Naczi Strickland, Emmett A.07/09/1983 Manchester, CT12/14/1998
Naczkowski Wiacek, Anna [ Pagani ] 80Manchester, CT11/28/2002
Nelson Anderson, Robert E. 58Manchester, CT02/17/2000
Nicol Gilnite, Scott M. 30Manchester, CT11/21/2002
Nodden Thomson, Armond A. "Al"06/25/1928 Manchester, CT 
Odermann Berrang, Marie Elizabeth [ Carr ]08/15/191391Manchester, CT12/24/2004
Oleski Waszkielewicz, Peter N. 68Manchester, CT02/28/2002
Olson, Lois [ Spencer ]12/05/193079Manchester, CT01/14/2010
Opalach, Ida [ Vallera ]12/11/191890Manchester, CT08/03/2009
Osella, Corinne [ Damato ] "Rena" 81Manchester, CT05/21/1999
Ott Sumislaski, Arthur Michael 58Manchester, CT06/29/2003
Owens, Shirley Ann ( Mrs. )05/17/193869Manchester, CT11/06/2007
Packard Johnson, Maude [ Field ]05/11/190199Manchester, CT05/11/1901
Parla Berlanti, Jennie T. [ LaVecchia ]01/23/192179Manchester, CT03/17/2000
Passacantell, Elsie [ Kravontka ] 78Manchester, CT04/08/2000
Pearson Anderson, Charles08/04/192475Manchester, CT06/29/2000
Peck, Frederick E. 74Manchester, CT05/12/1999
Peila, John Martin02/25/192475Manchester, CT08/16/1999
Peila, Lucy [ Monty ]01/17/1921 Manchester, CT01/05/2001
Peterson Carlson, Ruth E. [ Murray ]01/14/191589Manchester, CT01/07/2005
Petke Bronke, David F.02/20/193276Manchester, CT10/01/2008
Phiffer Poling, Andrew D.07/01/196044Manchester, CT09/17/2004
Philpena, Lois M. ( Mrs. ) 75Manchester, CT10/31/2004
Pietrowski Yanulewicz, Felicia I. 89Manchester, CT08/02/2009
Pilecki Vachon, Arthur J.09/06/196438Manchester, CT07/31/2003
Pohl McVeigh, Alice C. [ Jarvis ]  Manchester, CT07/03/2002
Porterfield Pentland, Sherwood "Sonny"08/26/191982Manchester, CT11/10/2001
Potocki, Theodore "Ted" 81Manchester, CT03/29/2002
Potyra Kucienski, Henrietta E. [ Brown ] 79Manchester, CT09/30/2004
Proctor Kennedy, John T.07/22/196143Manchester, CT07/31/2004
Protheroe Wheeler, Cameron James09/21/19999Manchester, CT08/16/2009
Raimondo, Rose P. [ DuBaldo ] 85Manchester, CT07/04/1199
Reichle Dzura, Ronald F. 61Manchester, CT02/17/2003
Reinartz Heritz, Louise [ Fraser ] 88Manchester, CT01/02/2000
Risley Nettleton, Grace Irene08/28/1922 Manchester, CT11/30/2002
Robb Treat, Suzanne [ Quinn ]08/15/193267Manchester, CT09/24/1999
Robbins, Beverly A. [ Kamienski ]05/31/192872Manchester, CT01/18/2001
Roepell Boyd, Susanne Marie07/01/194856Manchester, CT08/01/2004
Ryder Price, Nolan P.09/01/198220Manchester, CT12/21/2002
Sadrozinske Beirowski, William C.09/12/1897104Manchester, CT10/04/2001
Saglio Taylor, Joan [ Chzaszcz ] 47Manchester, CT07/27/2002
Sands Gilbert, Eric R.09/29/196141Manchester, CT12/29/2002
Sapienza, David Rosario 53Manchester, CT04/23/2000
Sartor Corna, Joseph10/28/191484Manchester, CT09/25/1999
Sartor Vesco, Joseph J. "George" 87Manchester, CT01/24/2002
Sartor, Anthony Paul07/03/191584Manchester, CT12/29/1999
Sasse Larson, Robert Norman11/07/192672Manchester, CT06/02/1999
Saucier Fournier, Normand A. 70Manchester, CT03/11/2002
Schaller Rockwell, Helen [ Leonard ] "Jessie"09/15/191980Manchester, CT08/30/2000
Schubert Pekrul, Augusta M.01/13/191490Manchester, CT01/06/2005
Schuetz Bensche, Katherine L. [ Benson ]06/18/191091Manchester, CT04/22/2002
Schultz Fraher, Bertha A. [ Clark ] 62Manchester, CT03/13/2002
Sears Lutton, Charles W.12/06/191685Manchester, CT09/30/2002
Selwitz Cook, Ferne [ Bloom ]  Manchester, CT06/20/1999
Sharp Harrison, Holdsworth H.03/06/191782Manchester, CT08/05/1999
Shaw, Ida [ Martello ]01/10/191391Manchester, CT01/05/2005
Shea Courtney, Francis "Frank" 80Manchester, CT02/07/2007
Sheldon Hawkins, William Phelps11/10/195056Manchester, CT05/24/2007
Shorts Wesley, Martha [ Mason ] 87Manchester, CT08/06/1999
Simon Reebel, Frank10/07/191591Manchester, CT11/20/2006
Small Loomis, Russell K. 80Manchester, CT04/10/2003
Smith, William Edwin09/24/192377Manchester, CT11/05/2000
Sobirai Kucienski, Josephine [ Gercich ]08/08/191487Manchester, CT01/10/2002
Sobiski Sovasko, Helen M. [ Senatro ]05/30/191683Manchester, CT09/07/1999
St. Germaine, Michael D.03/21/196239Manchester, CT03/15/2002
Stager Topka, Mary [ Stearns ]  Manchester, CT04/17/2002
Stamler Chambers, Barbara J. [ Miller ] 54Manchester, CT07/13/2002
Starkweather Larsen, Ralph A.03/07/192476Manchester, CT02/24/2001
Stavens Tluck, J. William08/11/191290Manchester, CT11/23/2002
Stevenson Frederickson, Doris 82Manchester, CT01/11/2002
Stevenson Sharp, Robert J. "Bob"03/11/194360Manchester, CT10/31/2003
Stone, William C. "Stoney"12/16/191484Manchester, CT05/16/1999
Strain Johnston, William T.07/29/192873Manchester, CT01/12/2002
Strickland, Marvin M. 85Manchester, CT06/30/2002
Sumislaski Banco, Marian Caroline [ Zajac ]11/28/192870Manchester, CT10/20/1999
Taft Snell, Ronald Ward 65Manchester, CT12/26/2002
Taft, Robert Charles "Bob"11/17/193368Manchester, CT07/24/2002
Taggart McConville, Harriet M. [ Olsaver ]08/16/191785Manchester, CT08/27/2003
Tanner Connell, Mae F. [ Waddock ] 106Manchester, CT10/26/2003
Tedford Matchett, Shirley [ Larson ]12/11/192573Manchester, CT06/20/1999
Tedford Wilson, Ellen [ Klein ]12/15/190999Manchester, CT08/03/2009
Thompson Benedict, Arnoldeen J. [ Thornton ]03/05/193568Manchester, CT06/13/2003
Thoren Hultine, Viola [ Kress ]10/26/191982Manchester, CT07/18/2002
Thulin Hart, Robert H.P. "Rob"11/04/196434Manchester, CT10/02/1999
Thurkettle, Nancy [ Allen ] 67Manchester, CT12/19/2001
Topping, Robert M. 55Manchester, CT07/31/2004
Trotter Gillespie, Eric G. 71Manchester, CT07/30/2001
Tsolas Salisbury, Stephanie Marie [ Stacey"03/17/197729Manchester, CT03/11/2007
Tureck Zwick, Ernest J.12/25/191586Manchester, CT04/16/2002
Tuttle Parkes, Louis E.04/09/192378Manchester, CT04/09/1923
Tuttle Parkes, Louis E.04/09/192378Manchester, CT12/28/2001
Tyrrell Kearns, Barbara [ Thayer ] 65Manchester, CT04/10/2003
Uriano Merovonich, Donald R.05/17/194755Manchester, CT06/18/2002
Valente Stavens, Bonnie Jean L. [ Douglas ]06/21/194358Manchester, CT01/20/2002
Varney Haugh, Lynn M. [ Prior ]03/22/193376Manchester, CT07/10/2009
Vennart McDowell, Elmer G.08/14/192772Manchester, CT03/31/2000
Vernazza, Mark 32Manchester, CT05/05/2000
Vibberts Campbell, Michael R.11/17/197328Manchester, CT04/27/2002
Vince Avigno, Mary L. [ Adair ]06/19/1915 Manchester, CT05/13/1999
Vince Avigno, Mary L. [ Adair ] "Mal"06/19/1915 Manchester, CT05/13/1999
Vinci Castro, Gregory J. 75Manchester, CT12/27/2000
Vittner Wilson, Frank D.04/01/191784Manchester, CT12/13/2001
VonDeck Brown, William E.08/02/193168Manchester, CT05/29/2000
Waickowski, Stanley A. "Lanky"10/15/191287Manchester, CT10/16/1999
Waickowsky Markunis, Adella [ Slahtasky ]10/29/191682Manchester, CT09/17/1999
Waldron Cowles, Sherwood C.10/30/192180Manchester, CT08/19/2002
Walker Chaffee, Dennis D. 46Manchester, CT03/04/2007
Walker Lampright, Loretta Olga [ Foster ]11/17/192774Manchester, CT12/27/2001
Walker Torson, Wendy [ Lopes ] 28Manchester, CT10/17/2001
Warren Christensen, Francis A.10/06/192084Manchester, CT11/01/2004
Warren, James McKinley06/01/196536Manchester, CT09/23/2001
Waterman, Robert A.12/10/194459Manchester, CT09/22/2004
Watts, Kimberly [ Britt ] 44Manchester, CT09/27/2000
Werner Sternberg, Eleanor F. [ Tureck ]05/13/191584Manchester, CT11/19/1999
White Sinnamon, Mary F. [ Wieczorek ]08/09/192871Manchester, CT10/26/1999
Wilkie, Arthur Richard 81Manchester, CT09/16/2003
Wilkins Walker, Debra C.12/26/196535Manchester, CT12/18/2001
Wilson Chapman, Gordon H.07/24/192279Manchester, CT01/16/2002
Wilson Sheeky, Edna C. [ Bangasser ]12/27/192775Manchester, CT03/06/2003
Wisniewski Kyrcz, Eugene A.12/04/192180Manchester, CT03/07/2002
Wisniewski, Eugene A. "Gene"12/04/192180Manchester, CT03/07/2002
Woods Osborne, John R.07/03/192085Manchester, CT12/29/2005
Woods, Chelsea Marie 15Manchester, CT07/27/2002
Wright, Louis C. 69Manchester, CT11/25/2002
Zielinski, Adam Christopher04/09/1985 Manchester, CT11/02/2002
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