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New Brunswick

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in New Brunswick, Canada. 
Fahey O'Rourke, Joseph Colby09/09/191291Milltown, New Brunswick08/30/2004
Farrer Paschal, Margaret R. [ Dunn ]10/08/190898Clairville, New Brunswick03/15/2007
Faucera, Carmen W. 59Hastings, New Brunswick04/03/2003
Ferris Patterson, Vera Blanch [ Ethier ]02/06/192083Cumberland Bay, New Brunswick05/30/2003
Fewer Campbell, Thelma M. [ Griffin ]11/21/191488Avondale, New Brunswick11/29/2002
Fillmore, Norman B.12/08/1905100Dorchester, New Brunswick12/20/2005
Fitzsimmons Hayes, Paul David02/12/196440St John, New Brunswick02/15/2004
Flowers Goodwin, Constance [ Daigle ] [ Zahares ] 86New Brunswick, Canada09/03/2009
Fongemie, Marie Ozeanne 84St Joseph, New Brunswick08/29/1999
Fortin Burby, Ludger J.09/28/193862St. Anne, New Brunswick12/02/2000
Fournier Lavoie, Leo01/26/191390St Andre, New Brunswick09/02/2003
Fowler, Nathan A.09/16/19959St John, New Brunswick11/07/2004
Fowlie, William Mark05/03/191690St John, New Brunswick08/01/2006
Francis Cartier, Simon11/02/192081Moncton, New Brunswick12/22/2001
Freeman Munro, Jean Christina [ Lenentine ] [ London ]02/19/1909 New Brunswick, Canada10/02/2001
Fuller, Helen E. 92New Brunswick, Canada09/11/1999
Gagnon Durepos, Leona [ Deschaine ] [ Morin ]07/23/191586St. Leonard Parent, New Brunswick12/03/2001
Gagnon Michaud, Azilda [ Caron ]09/22/192775St Leonard, New Brunswick04/02/2003
Gagnon Paradis, Olivine [ Vanier ]07/10/191291Edmundston, New Brunswick01/30/2004
Gallagher, William B. 75Newburgh, New Brunswick09/22/2000
Gallup Peters, Fredricka [ Hayward ]12/03/191390St John, New Brunswick07/09/2004
Gallup, Phyllis W. [ Foley ]12/14/191192St John, New Brunswick05/31/2004
Ganong, Donald R.09/07/192677Cambridge, New Brunswick03/13/2004
Garrity Long, Herbert10/15/192079Clair, New Brunswick06/29/2000
Garrity Long, Herbert "Herbie"10/15/192079Clair, New Brunswick06/29/2000
Gautreau, Margaret W. [ LeBlanc ] 98PreD'en Haut, New Brunswick12/29/2000
Gauvin Dionne, Gaetan02/14/194460Siegas, New Brunswick03/05/2004
Gee Coston, Dorothy E. [ Goodine ]09/09/191091Dover Hill, New Brunswick02/28/2002
Gendreau Albert, Dale Patrick03/25/196638Edmundston, New Brunswick04/11/2004
Geneau, Joseph 78New Brunswick, Canada01/03/2002
Getchell Larlee, Mora [ Page ]01/14/191584Perth, New Brunswick05/08/1999
Gibbons Culbert, Eleanor M. 95New Brunswick, Canada04/22/2002
Girard Dionne, Mathieu07/17/198022Edmundston, New Brunswick03/12/2003
Girard Martin, Fernande M. [ Clavette ]10/17/192776St Anne, New Brunswick09/21/2004
Girard, Norman05/15/193178St Anne, New Brunswick01/20/2010
Girouard Belliveau, Mary [ Lambert ]06/05/1907 St Paul, New Brunswick 
Godin Malley, Anita G. [ Charbonneau ] 80New Brunswick, Canada06/10/2003
Goguen Bourque, Maurice E.11/13/191393New Brunswick, Canada01/31/2007
Goguen Richard, Joseph Alonzo09/06/192476Moncton, New Brunswick12/26/2000
Goodwin, Mairon Louise 101Baie Verte, New Brunswick01/26/2004
Graham Jamison, Fred F.06/13/192083Grand Falls, New Brunswick01/23/2004
Graham Johnston, James Earnest01/04/194756St Andrews, New Brunswick02/28/2003
Graham, Merle E. [ Thorpe ] 88Dunbarton, New Brunswick, Canada12/25/1999
Graham, Mona Barbara [ Young ]10/10/1929 Centerville, New Brunswick08/13/2006
Graves Babcock, Doreen V. [ Graves ]04/06/193069McAdam, New Brunswick06/11/1999
Gray Nodwell, Myrtle [ Thompson ]02/16/190595Sussex, New Brunswick05/20/2000
Green Armstrong, James A. "Ossie"08/17/191187Pay Creek, New Brunswick05/04/1999
Green LeBlanc, Cleola Marie [ Richard ]01/28/192978Moncton, New Brunswick02/08/2007
Green Scott, Helen Pearl [ McCleary ]06/21/191788New Fielding, New Brunswick08/29/2005
Green Small, Ruth Small [ Wasson ]09/12/192079Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick04/07/2000
Green, Mildred [ Gilbert ]10/19/190797St John, New Brunswick12/21/2004
Greene Steeves, Freda Jane09/05/1921 New Brunswick, Canada04/20/2007
Grieve Wightman, Ruby E. [ Fenderson ]10/25/191885Harvey Station, New Brunswick07/22/2004
Griffiths Christie, Clara G. [ Veysey ]04/04/192178Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada11/02/1999
Grivois Sirois, Doris [ Theriault ]07/08/191885St Anne, New Brunswick01/25/2004
Grondin Roy, Dorina [ Pelletier ]07/02/194757Edmundston, New Brunswick04/15/2004
Guignard Arsenault, Leola M. [ Blanchard ]01/01/192281Shippegan, New Brunswick02/20/2003
Guy Millar, Phyllis J. [ Taylor ]02/20/192277Richmond Corner, New Brunswick05/22/1998
Hachey Bernard, Jeannette [ Antil ]03/18/192182Rogersville, New Brunswick01/20/2004
Hachey Desmond, George B.04/11/192380St Stephen, New Brunswick07/02/2003
Hagerman Kingson, Warren B. 73Hartland, New Brunswick11/28/2001
Haines MacDonald, Florence M. [ Hayden ] 93Loggieville, New Brunswick10/29/2001
Hall Brewer, John Gerald08/24/192875St Stephen, New Brunswick03/20/2004
Hall Gilley, Frederick Gordon08/24/192385St Stephens, New Brunswick10/15/2008
Hamilton Lunn, Arnold Clinton "Hamy"07/22/192081Middle Greenfield, New Brunswick06/02/2002
Hammond, Marion [ Oakes ]02/27/190994Centerville, New Brunswick05/27/2003
Hawkins Bell, Eleanor S. [ Wilkinson ]07/27/190596Centerville, New Brunswick01/17/2002
Hawkins Hillman, Frances Phyllis [ Kearney ]06/02/191984Middle Simonds, New Brunswick04/17/2004
Hay McCready, Marion E. [ Grass ]01/26/191786Richmond Corner, New Brunswick05/19/2003
Hayes, Myrtle Dollie [ Estabrooks ] [ Nickerson ]02/18/191097Woodstock, New Brunswick01/16/2008
Hayman Leavitt, Dorothy Anita [ Bayliss ]04/15/192883St Stephen, New Brunswick07/03/2011
Hebert Bourgeois, Joseph C. 83Rogersville, New Brunswick01/01/2005
Hebert Leblanc, Aline M. [ Patrie ]03/25/191588Bouctouche, New Brunswick01/15/2004
Hebert Legere, Eva [ Sorensen ] [ Lund ]04/14/190498Cocagne, New Brunswick07/29/2002
Hefler Goodine, Robert F.10/14/192474Peel, New Brunswick07/19/1999
Heinstein, Stella ( Mrs. ) 80New Brunswick, Canada05/26/2002
Herbert LeBlanc, Gerard J.04/19/191686Bouctouche, New Brunswick11/23/2002
Higgins, Delbert Guy08/20/192780Cliffordvale, New Brunswick02/09/2008
Hinchey MacDonald, Ellen Jane [ McMillen ]09/09/191490Boiestown, New Brunswick11/19/2004
Hinson, Maron S.10/07/192875St Stephens, New Brunswick02/11/2004
Holohan Davidson, Mona [ Fillingham ]11/20/191980New Castle, New Brunswick06/16/2000
Holt Pollack, Maron [ Korn ]02/04/190696Holtville, New Brunswick10/07/2002
Hooper Doughty, Donald R.04/17/193566Deer Island, New Brunswick01/27/2002
Hopper Hicks, Faye E. [ Higgins ]06/05/194463St John, New Brunswick03/27/2008
Houghton, Paul D. 87New Brunswick, Canada03/14/2003
Hourihan McDonough, Ann Marie Bernadette [ Frederick ]05/27/192974Newburgh Junction, New Brunswick02/17/2004
Hovey, Virginia [ Luce ]05/12/191489Ludlow, New Brunswick 
Howard Atherton, Ruth H. [ Estabrook ]01/29/192279Woodstock, New Brunswick04/27/2001
Hoyt Mabie, Burton02/09/192181Centerville, New Brunswick02/15/2002
Hoyt Mabie, Burton02/09/192181Centreville, New Brunswick02/15/2002
Hughes Flynn, Urban C.10/25/192088Woodstock, New Brunswick07/12/2009
Hunnewell O'Neill, Roger Arthur08/05/1944 St George, New Brunswick08/17/2002
Huntley Bishop, Robert W.10/12/193962Grand Manan, New Brunswick01/11/2002
Hutcheon Towle, George T. 78New Brunswick, Canada01/05/2001
Hutcheon Towle, James L.04/11/191984Perth, New Brunswick03/29/2004
Hutchinson Lockart, Mary [ Henderson ]03/03/192083Wiclow, New Brunswick08/08/2003
Imhoff Legacy, Frances H. [ Dingmond ]10/11/192181West Barthurst, New Brunswick04/07/2003
Ingalls Wooster, Jean Evelyn [ Kissner ]03/30/192481Grand Manan, New Brunswick08/19/2005
Jandreau, Edith M. ( Mrs. ) 85New Brunswick, Canada10/25/2001
Jardine, Gary E. [ Morris ] 95Loggieville, New Brunswick06/19/2002
Jean, Leontine [ Routhier ]05/17/1917 Pointe Canoe Isle Lameque, New Brunswick10/26/2001
Johnson Gallant, Vitaline M. [ Poirier ]02/14/1900100St Louis, New Brunswick04/07/2000
Keirstead Davidson, Gwendolyn A. [ West ]06/12/191790New Brunswick, Canada04/13/2008
Keith Low, Gladys Rachel [ Libby ]07/20/191889Havelock, New Brunswick06/22/2008
Kennedy MacDonald, Leona C. [ Fitzgerald ]06/22/191489Conners, New Brunswick02/13/2003
Kennerson McCarthy, Ruth K.03/10/192581Grandfalls, New Brunswick08/01/2006
Kennerson McCarthy, Ruth K.03/10/192581Grandfalls, New Brunswick08/01/2006
Kieley Burgoyne, Charlotte M. [ Roy ]01/31/191489Kingsclear, New Brunswick01/29/2004
Killam Leaman, Eleanor A. [ Brown ]01/10/192087Moncton, New Brunswick04/26/2007
Killam Leaman, Eleanor M. [ Brown ]01/10/192087Moncton, New Brunswick04/26/2007
Kincade Lee, Cosntance 96St John, New Brunswick02/14/2004
King, Mary O'Neill 95St John, New Brunswick 
Kinney Hourahan, Mary Rose [ Howland ]03/26/1914 Canterbury, New Brunswick08/08/2003
Kinney Shorey, Arthur D.02/22/192675Carlinford, New Brunswick02/28/2001
Kinney Shorey, Arthur D.02/22/192675Carlingford, New Brunswick02/28/2001
Kirk Morrell, George Robert01/08/192777St Stephen, New Brunswick09/23/2004
Kneeland McLaughlin, Asher S.07/06/192876St Stephen, New Brunswick03/07/2005
LaBillois Hughes, Erin M.06/07/196542Campbellton, New Brunswick03/16/2008
LaMontagne, Clementine M. [ Colligan ] 70St Quentin, New Brunswick07/28/2002
Labbe Guerrette, Alphonse P.05/19/192182St Leonard, New Brunswick01/22/2004
Labbe Guerrette, Yvette L. [ Parker ]09/06/191881St Leonard, New Brunswick05/12/2000
Laforge Pelletier, Simone Marie [ Jones ] 89St Andre, New Brunswick01/21/2007
Lajoie Cyr, Cecile [ Beaulieu ]04/11/1935 Edmundston, New Brunswick04/20/2000
Lambert, Thomas D.05/12/1948 New Brunswick, Canada05/20/1999
Lamoreau Flewelling, Dolly [ Reed ]10/28/192280Bairdsville, New Brunswick07/29/2003
Landry Bourgeois, Arsene J.10/25/193962Memramcook, New Brunswick06/03/2002
Landry Hackey, Leona M. [ O'Connor ]10/22/191786New Brunswick, Canada04/15/2004
Landry Sullivan, Agnes E. [ Berry ] 96West Bathurst, New Brunswick12/08/1999
Landry, John Guy11/26/195151St Francis, New Brunswick03/14/2003
Lang Pelletier, Louiselle [ Gendreau ]09/29/195153Edmundston, New Brunswick03/05/2005
Langin Corey, Lottie L. [ Pooler ]02/20/191486Andover, New Brunswick04/03/2000
Larlee Browning, Beulah V. [ Easler ] 92Plasterock, New Brunswick01/16/2002
Lavoie Hatch, Leandre "Guy"02/27/193268St. Quentin, New Brunswick10/27/2001
LeBlanc Copp, Beatrice M. [ Saulnier ]03/05/192281Lakeburn, New Brunswick12/24/2003
LeBlanc Cormier, Albert J. 81St Anne de Kent County, New Brunswick09/07/2004
LeBlanc Doiron, Lydia [ Bastarache ] 98Bouctouche, New Brunswick04/16/2002
LeBlanc Maillet, Diana M. [ Davison ] 46Moncton, New Brunswick08/28/2005
LeBlanc, Marguerite 83St Mary, New Brunswick12/21/2000
LeBlanc, Theresa M. [ Arsenault ] 71Shediac, New Brunswick07/06/2002
LeBreton Allain, Joseph A.09/21/192878Neguac, New Brunswick01/07/2007
LeClair, Robert P. "Bob" 67St John, New Brunswick12/25/2000
Lebel Berube, Nelson04/06/1935 St. Anne, New Brunswick11/16/1999
Leclerc Caron, Adelard J.12/18/192971Drummond, New Brunswick07/15/2001
Lee Meade, Phyllis Eva [ Dunlop ] [ Bradley ]03/06/193277Millville, New Brunswick07/06/2009
Legere Goguen, Louise Mary [ Boudreau ]03/27/190498New Brunswick, Canada11/08/2002
Legere Legere, Bella [ Belliveau ]10/03/191389St Anthony, New Brunswick03/16/2003
Leto, Olga ( Mrs. ) 84St John, New Brunswick09/20/2004
Levasseur Michaud, Gerard J.04/03/191783Clair, New Brunswick05/19/2000
Levasseur, Gilman Armand06/20/193569Clair, New Brunswick07/05/2004
Leveillee, Fernande [ Laplante ]05/21/192976St Quentin, New Brunswick06/07/2005
Levesque Pelletier, Delvina C. [ Wakefield ]06/10/190792St. Francois, New Brunswick12/18/1999
Lewis Lewis, Doris Amelia [ Russell ]08/11/192576Salisbury, New Brunswick04/02/2002
Lewis McCoubrey, Carl A.03/17/192382Sussex, New Brunswick05/05/2005
Lewis, Virginia Lois ( Mrs. _03/26/191690Mitchell, New Brunswick03/28/2006
Liston Hallett, Harold G. 64New Brunswick, Canada09/30/2002
Lloyd Llewelyn, Elaine [ McKim ]08/21/193663New Brunswick, Canada07/13/2000
Lloyd Martin, Blanche E. [ Jameson ]07/13/191787New Brunswick, Canada01/24/2004
Lockhart Ralston, Emma A. [ Barker ]06/24/191091Woodstock, New Brunswick02/09/2002
Logan Patterson, Robert B. 82St John, New Brunswick01/03/2005
Lord Robinson, Wendy S. [ Bolduc ]03/22/196533St Stephen, New Brunswick01/07/1999
MIchaud Levesque, Rachel C. [ Clavette ]10/22/193470Edmundston, New Brunswick07/29/2005
MacDougall Caldwell, Mildred [ Tufts ]10/23/191785Gladwyn, New Brunswick03/12/2003
MacDougall Everett, Robert J.05/19/193861Perth, New Brunswick05/10/2000
MacInnes, Angus A. 87Fredericton, New Brunswick04/22/2000
MacIntosh Moffatt, Janet M. [ Richards ]08/17/193864St Stephen, New Brunswick05/13/2003
Mallock, Butch06/13/194360Campobello Island, New Brunswick04/16/2004
Marquis Nadeau, Adrien J.01/14/191783Baker Brook, New Brunswick04/15/2000
Marquis, Anne Marie [ Boudreau ] 88New Brunswick, Canada03/18/2003
Marshall Whitney, Helen M. [ Whytock ]09/28/191588St John, New Brunswick10/30/2003
Martin Daigle, Theresa D. [ Sweeney ]03/09/191885Lac Baker, New Brunswick10/26/2003
Martin Martin, Aline [ Cormier ]03/21/191885St Leonard, New Brunswick02/03/2004
Martin Martin, Anne M. [ Ouellette ]03/05/192574St. Anne, New Brunswick06/24/1999
Martin Michaud, John Y. "Grizzly"04/27/195053St Basile, New Brunswick06/24/2003
Martin, Annette M. [ Croteau ]04/18/192084Baker Lake, New Brunswick05/27/2004
Martin, Stanley 95Baie St Anne, New Brunswick06/21/2002
Matchett McDonald, Harriet L. [ Beaulieu ]02/09/192478Red Bank, New Brunswick03/23/2002
Maunder Murchison, Joyce Arlene [ Ward ] 68Four Falls, New Brunswick11/18/2002
Mazerolle Blanchette, Morel11/05/193566Grand Falls, New Brunswick08/15/2002
Mazerolle Martin, Rene G.03/15/194269St Andre, New Brunswick03/20/2011
Mazerolle Martin, Yvon02/11/193467St. Andre, New Brunswick08/24/2001
Mazerolle, Aurore T. ( Mrs. ) 85St Andre, New Brunswick02/15/1999
McAdam Fenney, Paul B.03/22/191190South Johnville, New Brunswick05/17/2001
McAllister Moorcraft, Vesta E. [ Dubay ]05/06/191089Tilley, New Brunswick08/31/1999
McCarthy McCluskey, Leitha M. [ Doody ]03/20/192083Grand Falls, New Brunswick06/26/2003
McCarthy, Joseph G.07/27/191789New Brunswick, Canada03/09/2007
McCarty Gardner, Christine [ Hoffman ] "Chris"02/05/192970New Brunswick, Canada08/22/1999
McCoy, John H.08/25/194558Fredericton, New Brunswick01/23/2004
McDougal Robinson, Ronald M.12/03/191686Muniac, New Brunswick05/18/2003
McDougall Hartsgrove, Ella M. [ Smith ]07/18/190894Glassville, New Brunswick05/18/2003
McGillicuddy Lloyd, Patricia R.06/01/194458New Brunswick, Canada12/13/2002
McGuire Greenlaw, Stephen E. 59St Stephens, New Brunswick07/06/2002
McKenzie, Clare [ DeVane ]09/19/1907 Sunny Corner, New Brunswick03/24/2004
McKnight Tallon, Isabella J. [ Nixon ]05/19/190598Napan, New Brunswick07/30/2003
McLaggan, Edwin Alexander12/15/191983Devon, New Brunswick09/05/2002
McLaggan, Lois Irene ( Mrs.)01/05/192379St John, New Brunswick10/10/2002
McLaughlin Carten, Milton Frederick09/16/192080Millville, New Brunswick12/27/2000
McLaughlin Kavanaugh, Susan Ann [ Sullivan ] "Sue"12/12/193963Grand Falls, New Brunswick12/17/2002
McLeod, Shirley [ Huntoon ] 64St Stephens, New Brunswick12/31/2001
McQuade Albert, Ella H. [ McOsker ]02/16/190697New Brunswick, Canada02/23/2004
McQuade, Gladys E. [ Goucher ]08/21/191190Tilley, New Brunswick04/13/2002
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