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1863 voyage


The information below is off the wonderful NZ National Libraries website  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

ZEALANDIA, ship, 1032 tonsCaptain Foster to the port of Lyttelton. Sailed from London 3 September 1863 Arrived 8 December 1863 to anchorage at 4 o’clock

Lyttelton Times, 10 December 1863, Page 4
We gladly welcome back the “Zealandia” and her Captain; on the present occasion more particularly because the “Zealandia” has, up to date, made the quickest passage from London to Lyttelton this year.  She left on the 3rd September, and in consequence of a severe gale met with in the Channel was obliged to put back to the Downs.  On the 10th made another attempt, and the pilot parted wither on the 14th.  During the passage to the Line spoke the Derwentwater; and again on or about October 13th.  Met with fine weather the rest of the passage, which occupied 96 days from the Downs.   The Snares were sighted on Sunday last, and the late S.W. gale assisted the vessel to her anchorage on Monday afternoon about 4 o’clock.  The “Zealandia” is consigned to Reece  & Co.  Amongst the articles enumerated in the manifest will be found the frame and fittings for the new steamer ordered out by Mr Reece during his stay in England; the remainder comes out by the Canterbury, which sailed from London on the 22nd September.  Captain Foster lands all his passengers in excellent health.


Mr & Mrs Tipping & 3 children
Mr & Mrs Palriet
Mr & Mrs Tomlinson & 3 children
Mr & Mrs Nathan
Mr & Mrs Mann
Mrs Cussons & Miss Cussons
Misses Tipping (x5)
Mrs Christie
Misses Andrews (x2)

Miss Palriet
Mrs Carmichael
Mrs Clark
Mrs Clark’s servant
Messrs: Edward Reece, Tipping, Farthing, Stewart, Alington, J
.E. Hall, R Taylor, Halliwell, W.F. Wheeler, A Starmers,
. Thomson, John Thomson,
.K. McPherson, A Nathan

W. Brice, A.J. White, W.H. Smith
Henry & Eliza Phillips & 2 children
. Woolin, J.S. Smith, H. Shalier, J. Bill, L. Bill, Robert Hewes,
Jane Morrow
. Bull
Mr & Mrs Austin
Margaret Whetlas & Ann Whetlas
Alfred Black, J Bowman, R
.A. Bowstead,
Mr & Mrs Bowker
Thomas Liversedge 


Mr & Mrs Gilling & 3 children
R Thomas, Alfred Teesdale,
Mr & Mrs Patton & 6 children
Ann Davies, Mary Morrow, Mary McKelvy
William Cook, John Stephenson, H Head, F Wilson, William Mann, J Minchin
, W Cobbledich, Patrick Callan, R McClinton, J Attwood, A Cadwallader, W Hopkinson, F Bowler, H East,
B Sheppard, Thomas Robertson, Thomas Wanchole, John Dunn