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Otago Witness Saturday 10 January 1880 page 14

English Shipping. Sailed
Passengers for Otago per Messrs Shaw, Savill, and Co.'s Wellington (Captain Cowan) from London November 8th, and Falmouth 12th.  21 saloon, 26 second cabin, 110 steerage. Total souls 157 for Otago.
Passengers for Otago

Saloon - 
Butterworth  	C E
Canter 		W A
Earl 		Robert C
Hunter 		D R
Hunter 		Sophie
Hunter 		Frances
Hunter 		Edward
Long 		Miss D
Long  		Mary
Mills 		J Hy
Peacock 	Arthur
Peacock 	Charles
Smith 		Dr H
Smith 		Georgina
Smith 		Ernest
Smith 		Charlotte
Smith 		Ellen
Smith 		Minna
Smith 		Dora
Smith 		Charles
Smith 		Henry
Second cabin -
Abe 		W M
Baxter 		Thomas W
Baxter 		John S
Birss 		A C
Bryson 		Mary Ann
Chisholm 	John
Faulkner	Henry
Faulkner 	John
Leece 		R B
Leigh 		F A
Letters 	Frank
Little 		Robert
Little 		Marian
Little 		Alexander
Little 		Isabel
Little 		Marian
Macfarlane 	J G
Meikle 		Mrs
Mitchell 	Hy
Palmer 		George E
Palmer 		Georgina
Poock 		J T
Sheppard 	Thomas
Stevans 	George
Watt 		Elizabeth
Watt 		James
Abel 		W M
Alderson 	Arthur
Alderson 	Mrs
Alderson 	Gertrude
Alderson 	Agnes M
Anderson 	Thomas G
Bland 		A
Boaden 		John
Bow 		David
Bow		Betsy
Bow		Joseph
Bow		Albert
Bow 		Florence
Bow 		Maggie
Bow 		Leonara
Braithwaite 	Thomas
Braithwaite 	William
Christie 	James
Clarke 		Emily
Clarke 		William
Clift 		Frederick
Clinell 	James
Douglinson 	J D
Duan 		Richard
Eastham? 	E J
Fallows 	W W
Fenn 		George H
Ferguson 	Richard
Ferguson 	Lizzie
Ferguson 	Nettie
Ferguson 	Charles
Ferguson 	Matthew
Ferguson 	Richard
Ferguson 	Edward
Ferguson 	Samuel
French 		Frederick
Gower 		John
Grey 		Robert H
Grey 		Isabella
Hall 		William
Hanbury 	James
Harrison 	John
Hinde 		C M
Hoult 		A M
Howarth 	Clara
Howorte 	William
Hoywood 	William
Johnson 	Edward
Johnson 	Emma
Jones 		Christopher
Kinefle 	Thomas
Lamb 		John
Lamb 		Robert
Lamb 		John
Lamb 		Isabella
Marshall 	Albert 
Maguire? 	Robert
Maroin? 	John
McKenzie 	John
McKenzie 	Mrs
McKenzie 	John
McKenzie 	Jane
McKenzie 	George
McKenzie 	William
McManns 	A
McManns 	John
Quin 		James
Pearson 	Henry
Robinson 	Charles Alexander
Robertson 	W
Shield 		John
Shield		Eliza 
Shield 		John
Siedenburg 	M
Smith 		Joseph
Smith 		Frances
Smith 		Andrew 
Smith 		Elizabeth
Smith 		Catherine
Smith 		Edward
Smith 		Maurice
Smith 		Edward
Smith		Edwin
Staffect 	Gustave
Stephenson 	John
Stephenson 	Mrs
Stephenson 	M
Stephenson 	J
Stephenson 	C
Stephenson 	M
Stephenson 	B
Talbot 		John
Thorp 		Alfred
Trewin 		W T
Trewin 		James
Veals 		Charles
Waite 		John
Waite 		Alfred
Whitaker 	H
Wimrood 	Charles
Winwood 	James J
Wood 		John
Woolatt 	Albert
Woolatt 	Eliza
Woolatt 	Margaret
Woolatt 	Albert
Wright 		David
Wright 		Alice
Wright 		John
Wright 		William
Wright 		Jane

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'Otago Witness' 10 January 1880 page 14