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'William Davie'

New Zealand Bound

The William Davie, 841 tons, built in 1866 by Stevens at Glasgow for the Albion Shipping Co. made at least fifteen voyages to New Zealand, 13 to Port Chalmers and one to Bluff and one to Lyttelton. Her maiden run from Glasgow on 5 August 1866 reaching Port Chalmers on 1 November with 200 passengers, under Captain Logan. 88 days.

Otago Witness Saturday 3rd November 1866
Inwards - Nov. 2 - William Davie, ship, 840 tons, Logan, master, from Glasgow with cargo and passengers. Cargills and McLean agents.

Otago Police Gazette pg: 59 3 Dec 1866 deserted ship "William Davie" before 3 Dec 1866. 12 weeks hard labor. Arrested by Senior Sergeant James Burns 56 Waikouaiti Police and Constable John C King 147 Blueskin Police;
CAMPBELL, Archibald
CARSTAIRS, Alexander
McLEAN, Allan
WATT, Adam

Otago Police Gazette 4 Dec 1868 pg 68
ROBERTSON Thomas desertion ship "Wm Davie"
Arrested by Constable Samuel Hughes 308 Port Chalmers Water Police; to be sent on board again .

Otago Witness 21 August 1869, Page 14
The William Davie left the Clyde on 2nd June, under, the command of Captain Daniel Ross with 145 passengers, equal to 133 adults.

Otago Witness 11 September 1869 pg12
Inwards - Sept. 10 - William Davie, 841 tons, Ross, master, from Glasgow, with cargo. Cargills and Mclean, agents. She did carry passengers include David Ferrier and his two children Jessie and William Ferrier, who later became a well known Timaru photographer.

Otago Witness 11 September 1869, Page 11 ARRIVAL OF THE "WM. DAVIE."
The well-known and favourite composite clipper ship William Davie, belonging to Messrs Patrick Henderson and Co.'s Line of Clyde Packets, arrived at Port Chalmers at a late hour last Thursday. At 3.30 p.m. a full rigged ship .was signalled from the Heads as being in the offing to the southward. The tug Geelong, which had previously towed up the Asterope from the lower anchorage, observing the signal, at once proceeded outside and took the ship in tow, the real name of the vessel not being known at the Port until her arrival at the anchorage off Rocky Point. The "Davie's" lengthy passage is attributable to variable and adverse winds after losing the N.E. Trades, whereby she was detained for about three weeks off the Brazilian coast. From her log we cull the following report :� The " Davie " sailed from the Tail of the Bank on the 2nd of June, and had heavy westerly gales in the North Channel. Took her departure from Tory Island on the 8th, from thence to the N.E. trades strong westerly and S.W. winds were experienced. The trades were lost in lat. 7.30 N., and were followed by a continuation of doldrums. The Equator was crossed on the 8th of July, in long. 35.14 W., and Cape St. Roque sighted on the 16th... The health of all, under the care of Dr Garland, has been good, no infectious disease having occurred. One death happened, on the 7th July, that being a child named Alexander Carr, six months old, of convulsions. One birth occurred at 2 a.m. yesterday morning, when Mrs Mary Smith was confined of a male child. The whole of the passengers appear to be a fine healthy does, and apparently well suited for settlement. ... Previous to arrival, new now master, Capt. Ross (late of the Viola), was presented with testimonial from all classes of his passengers. The p.s. Golden Age will bring the passengers and luggage to Dunedin this morning on her first trip.

Otago Witness, 24 May 1873, Page 12
We are sorry to record the death of Mr Frank Grierson, chief officer of the ship William Davie, who died in the Dunedin Hospital on Monday night, of consumption. Deceased was a promising young man of only 24 years of age, and was formerly an officer in the ships Agnes Muir and Jessie Readman. On the latter portion of the Davie's passage, he was confined to bed by the disease he succumbed to.

Otago Witness, 10 May 1873, Page 12
May 1 William Davie, ship, 840 tons, Peacock, from Glasgow. Cargills and M'Lean, agents. Passengers : Messrs Stevenson, Kilgour, and 8 steerage.
Messrs P. Henderson and Co.'s clipper ship William Davie, from Glasgow, arrived at Port Chalmers on the 1st inst., after'  passage of 91 days from the Tail of the Bank, Greenock. This is a good passage, taking into consideration the adverse weather met with from the meridian of Greenwich, whence was experienced nothing but a continuance of easterly winds, veering from N.E. to S.S.E., with thick weather the whole way down so much so that for seven consecutive days no observation was obtained. Notwithstanding the bad weather, the ship came into port in first-rate order.

The Star Christchurch
Monday 2 July 1877 page 2
[Timaru Herald, 3 July 1877, Page 2]
Shipping 1 July "Wm. Davie" ship, 841 tons, McAllister from Glasgow,
Edwards, Bennett & Co. Agents.

Passengers - saloon -
Bird 		Miss
Lovegrove 	Mr  J.F.
Lovegrove 	Mrs Eliza C.
Lovegrove 	Miss Ada E.
Lovegrove 	Miss Mabel F.
Lovegrove 	Miss Ethel
Lovegrove 	Miss Gwendoline
Lovegrove 	Miss Marion C. 
Lovegrove	Master James V.
Arndt 		Mr  A.
Parker  	Mr  E.
Richardson 	Mr  F.C.
Walker  	Mr  G.D. [J.D.]
Walker  	Mr  William
Walker 		Mrs
Walker 		Miss Emily
Walker 		Miss Margaret
Walker 		Miss Sarah H.
second cabin - Messers B.R. Vachell & J.M. Clarke,
Steerage - Miss Kate Flynn, Messers H. Frazer, A. Denby, Andrew {Miles]Miller.

Into Lyttelton
24 passengers in Timaru Herald 3 July 1877

Shipping Arrived Lyttelton
July 1 - Wm. Davie, ship, 841 tons, McAllister, from Glasgow. Edwards, Bennett and Co., agents. The Albion Company's little ship William Davie arrived yesterday. She is in splendid trim, and has made the passage from the Downs to anchorage in 88 days, and from land to land in 78 days, very good work. ... Captain McAllister is no stranger to this port, which he visited us many years ago. Besides a large and valuable cargo the William Davie brings eighteen saloon and five [six] intermediate passengers. 


Arndt 		Mr A.
Bird 		Miss
Lovegrove	Miss Ada E.
Lovegrove       Miss Ethel
Lovegrove       Mrs Eliza C.
Lovegrove       Miss Gwendoline
Lovegrove       Mr J. F.
Lovegrove 	Master James V.
Lovegrove 	Mabel F.
Lovegrove 	Marion C.
Parker 		Mr E.
Walker 		Miss Emily
Walker 		Margaret
Walker 		Mr J. D. [G.D.  by the Star Newspaper Monday 2nd July]
Walker 		Mrs
Walker 		Miss Sarah H.
Walker 		Mr William
Richardson 	Mr F. C.

Second Cabin

Clarke 		Mr J. M. 
Vachell 	Mr B. R.


Derby 		Mr Alex.
Flynn 		Miss Kate
Fraser 		Mr H.
Miles 		Mr Andrew [Miller by the Star Newspaper Monday 2nd July]

Otago Witness, 4 May 1878, Page 11
Passengers for Otago. Per Henderson and Co.'s William Davie (Captain M'Allister), from Glasgow, February 27.� For Port Chalmers :
Saloon� Thomas S Miller, Donald Ogilvy, Malcolm J Ellis, Rev. E Walker, and Mrs Walker.
Second Cabin � Alex Paterson, Duncan Kennedy, and F.G. Martin.
Steerage� David Roger, Mrs Roger, David Roger, Wm J Lowther, George Patson, John Thomson, Wm Thomson, Adam Tait, Thos Carroll, Wm Webster, Mary Jane Baird, Samuel Baird, Alexander Baird, Minnie Baird, W.H. Baird, Alfred Baird, Simon Sinclair, Mrs Sinclair, Jane Sinclair, Charlotte Sinclair, and George Dunnett. The William Davie took her departure from Greenock on March 8.

Otago Witness April 3 1880 passenger list on arrival on page 14
Forty Passengers for New Zealand per Messrs P. Henderson and Co.'s William Davie (Captain McAllister) from Glasgow, January 20th, 1879 consigned to Messrs Cargills, Gibbs, and Co.: 

The Otago Witness April 3 1880 p 14Begg 		Mrs and servant 
Begg 		Frank C.
Begg 		Maria F
Begg 		Jessie C
Begg 		Elizabeth
Begg 		James 
Brenan 		Philip
Cartwright 	Thomas
Cartwright 	Mrs Margaret
Dunn 		Mrs 
Dunn 		Mary 
Dunn 		Isabella
Erfurth 	Paul
Fulton 		Andrew
Fulton 		James R
Gow 		John C
Gow 		Robert K 
Gow 		Mary Ann,
Gow 		Peter
Jackson 	John
Jones 		John
McLellard 	Mr W
McMichael 	Robert
Mason 		Elizabeth
Mitchell 	William
Ogilvie 	W S
Ogilvie		Mrs 
Park 		Robert
Park 		Mrs 
Park 		Annie Scott
Purves 		Mr J K
Sinclair 	Duncan
Steinmeitz 	Henry
Tead 		Mr C
Thomson 	Hugh
Tudhop 		Mr D
Wagstaff 	James M
Wardrop 	Mrs
Wardrop 	Elizabeth


May 15 1880 page 14
Passengers Inward Per William Davy: From Glasgow
Begg 		Mrs and 5 children and servant
Brennan 	Mr
Dunn 		Mrs and two children
Erfurth 	Mr
Fulton 		Mr
Gow 		Mr and Mrs and three children
Jackson 	Mr
Jones 		Mr
Park 		Mr and Mrs and child
McLellard 	Mr
McMichael 	Mr
Mitchell 	Mr
Sinclair 	Mr
Steinmeiz 	Mr
Tead 		Mr
Thomson 	Mr
Tudhope 	Mr
Wagstaff 	Mr
Wardrop 	Mr

Otago Witness, 26 March 1881, Page 14 Inwards.
William Davie, barque, 841 tons, Woods, from Greenock (December 9). Cargills, Gibbs, and Co, agents. Passengers:
Saloon � Mr Walter Colney.
Second class and steerage � Mr and Mrs Davis, Mr and Mrs Cadzon, Mesdames Marshall and 3 children, Blackie and 6 children, Misses Davis, Cadzon (7), M'Carthy, Watson, Masters Davis (2), Messrs Ogilvie (2), M'Carthy, Macfarlane, Robbie.

The "Davie"