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New Zealand Bound
 to Auckland in1867

Reference: 'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website.
Daily Southern Cross, 1 June 1867, Page 8

The Iron clipper ship Warwick, 1,105 tons, Captain D Smith, made the harbour on Monday, May 6, from London, with a large cargo and 75 passengers. The Warwick is one of Messrs Shaw, Savill and Co.'s line of passenger vessels, and comes consigned to Mr David Nathan. She reports having left Gravesend on the 15th of January last, and sighted Stewart's Island on the 25th of April, thirty-four days from the Cape, and 99 days from London, fourteen days of which must, however, be taken off the passage, leaving 85 days for the run from the Channel to New Zealand. The supply of water being very short and the passengers' flour proving of such an inferior quality that ship's stores had to be substituted, Captain Smith deemed it prudent to call at Otago heads for a fresh supply before completing the passage.
A painful accident occurred on the 22nd March, resulting in the loss of the second officer of the ship. It appears that when the vessel was some 5 east of the Cape, and running between 11 and 12 knots an hours, with a heavy sea on and night very dark, decreased was holding on to one the sheets in the performance of his duty, when it slipped, and drew him over the vessel's side. He was much respected.
Dr H Edward Harrison arrived in medical charge of the passengers, and reports no sickness of moment during the passage. On the 18th March, Ann, wife of Samuel Husband, gave birth to a female child; and on the 22nd of April, Louisa, wife of John Hutchinson, was delivered of a male child.

Passengers: Saloon:

Adams Frederick, Georgina, Mary, Frederick, Emily, Henry, John and Florence
Atkinson 	Douglas J
Clarke 		H Fitz
Harrison 	Mary
Hutchinson 	John and Louisa
Ludlow 		John
Peed 		Catherine B
Richards 	Henry M
Wrentmore 	Anne M

Second cabin and Steerage:
Atkinson 	Robert and John
Blake 		Edward
Chapman 	Charles
Chapman 	William Bryant, Robina and Isabella
Deverell 	John J and Elizabeth
Dunningham 	David
Earl		John E
Green 		Frederick, Mary A, Edward T, Harriet, Frederick, Joseph and Margaret
Heath 		Edward T
Husband 	Samuel, Ann, Edward S and Arthur H
James 		John, Ellen, Herbert, Charles F, Julia E, John and Eliza
Jewell 		Frederick W
Lawton 		George and Dorothy
McCollum 	Kate
McCollum 	Maria and Elizabeth
McIntyre 	Mary and Grace
Martin 		Josiah, Caroline and Lilian
Martin 		Richard
Oakes 		Ralph, Agnes and Richard
Oxenham 	Elizabeth, Mary, Stephen, Emily and Alma
Pearson 	William W and Elizabeth
Scholes 	Henry
Smith 		A L and H L
Smith 		Mary
Temple 		Thirza J and Sarah H
Twomey 		Andrew
White 		Thomas