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New Zealand Bound
20 October 1875 - 5 February 1876, Wellington

(Evening Post, Wellington 22 February 1876)
Images from 'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website.

Port of Wellington Arrivals.
Feb. 22 -  Warwick, ship, 1205 tons, John Tizard, from London.

Passenger List
Chief Cabin: 
Bennett 	Mr
Brown 		Mr
Cross 		Mr
Hunt 		Mr
Laxton 		Mr
McConnell 	Mr
Morris 		Mr
Samuel 		Mr
Simmonds 	Miss
Etna 		Mr
Finlay 		Mr
Hopkings 	Mr
Jervis 		Mr
Thwaites 	Mr J
Thwaites 	Mr T
Warton 		Mr

Took the ship Warwick in tow off Sinclair Head at 11 this morning, and brought her into harbor, arriving at Queen's Wharf at 1 p.m. She left the east India Docks on November 12th. During a heavy gale on 30th January one of the sheep pens was washed away, and a valuable sheep was washed into the lea scuppers and severely injured. The Warwick was shipping heavy sea at the time. The Snares were sighted on the 17th February. Sighted the Nuggets the next morning. The Warwick brings thirty-three valuable Lincoln sheep for Mr Walker, of Cambridge, Waikato. During the voyage the Warwick spoke the barque Deerfoot, from Cardiff to Canterbury, on 8th December, in 18.47 N., 21.s 8W. There was not a single case of sickness during the passage.


A notable event has occurred today. The first Press cable despatch has been received her...  This is indeed a note worthy event of being marked as a red-letter day....