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New Zealand Bound

The following is a transcript from the Timaru Herald Monday 29 April 1878 page 3

Lyttelton, April 28
Arrived - Last night, Saturday night, the New Zealand Shipping Company's ship Waikato, Captain Worster, from London, 92 days from the Downs; she experienced heavy very weather during the greater part of the voyage. The Snares were made Wednesday. The Waikato brings 40 passengers and a large cargo. On going on board, the Waikato was found to be in splendid order everywhere. Water found is way aboard rendering to necessary to barricade the main hatchway poop. The saloon was flooded out. No spars were carried away during the bad weather. The Waikato has brought 44 passengers, 15 of who were saloon and remainder second and steerage. Mr Howard Rees was the medical officer. Mr Best still occupies the post of chief officer and the remainder of the officers are the same as when the Waikato was here last.  The following is a list of her 44 Passengers - 


Burnett		Herbert
Cleathing	John
Elliott		Percy T.
Ferrah		Mrs Thomas
Hale		Mrs
Hicks		Julia
Munro		Rev. P.R. 
Rees		Mr Howard
Sheppard	Mr and Mrs W.A.
Turner		Jonathan
Upton		Mrs T Everard
Upton		Master Robert H. B. 
Upton		Master T.E. 
Wust		Alexander
Second Cabin and Steerage
Aldred		Henry
Aldred		James
Bennett		Beatrice
Bennett		John
Bennett		Margaret
Boddy		H. A.
Bradbury	George A.
Cruddon		Richard F.
Grey		Herbert
Iversen		Hans P.
Kearney		Annie
Kearney		Emily
Kearney		George
Kearney		John
Kearney		Mary Ann
Kearney		Susan
Kearney		William
Kent		Henry
Macarthur	Elizabeth
McKinnon	Daniel
Moore		William
Reagon		Walter A.
Rolandson	Walter
Slan		Charles L. D.
Trewhella	Matthew
White		Frank
Whitlaw		James C.
Williams	Mary
Williams	William


The newspaper item above is off the wonderful NZ National Libraries website  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 
List of Emigrants per "WAIKATO" sailed 19th January 1878
    BENNETT,       John            23      Farm Laborer     Cornwall
    BENNETT,       Mary I.         23                          "
    BENNETT        Benjamin         3 1/2                      "
    TREWHELLA,     Matthew         25      Farm Laborer        "