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'Viscount Canning'

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Reference online: 'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

The following is a transcript from The Southern Cross Monday 23rd January 1865.  The ship 'Viscount Canning', 751tons, Captain Wright, sailed from London and took her final departure from Lizard chartered by Shaw Savill Co. for six voyages England to New Zealand arrived in 28 September, 1864, with 168 passengers. The barque arrived 21st January, 1865, after a tedious voyage of 124 days. Reference: White Wings Vol. II

From "The Southern Cross" Monday 23rd January 1865.
The barque, Viscount Canning, 751 tons, Captain Wright, formerly here in the ship Katherine Stewart Forbes, anchored in the harbour at 11 p.m. on Saturday, after a tedious passage of 124 days from the Downs.  She passed through the Downs on the 20th September, had to beat down Channel, and took her final start from the Lizard on the 28th September, passing to the east of Madeira on the 7th October.  Experienced very light N.E. trades, losing them in S.17N., and afterwards had the wind south until the 4th November, when the equator was crossed in 29W. longitude. Had S.E. trades for five days, and then light and baffling winds for six days. Made Tristan d' Achunia on the 30th November, and stood off and on for two days, for the purpose of obtaining water and fresh provisions. Unsettled weather prevailed afterwards, until making the Three Kings on the 19th instant. She ran down her easting between 45 and 46 S.  On the 12th October, in latitude 2724 N., longitude 19.42 W., the ship Ramsey was spoken, bound from London to Otago, 24 days out; and on the 27th November the ship Agnes Lee, from Kingston to Simon's Bay, with troops, 69 days out.

The Viscount Canning brings 108 passengers.
Cabin Passengers
Couty 		Mr J.C
Couty 		Mrs
Lopdell 	Mr
Lopdell 	Mrs
Martin 		Mrs
Martin 		Miss
Moss 		J
Moss 		P
Moss 		R
Moss 		S
Robinson 	Mr
Robinson 	Mrs
Walker 		Mr H (surgeon)
Warren 		W.A
Wood 		A

Second Class 
Bearan 		Mrs E
Bearan 		children (3)
Jones 		M
Marsh 		Mr T
Marsh 		Mrs
Marsh		children (8)
Martin 		Mr E
Martin 		Mrs
Martin 		children (4)
Manuel 		J.J
Pilcher 	H.J
Rodgers 	Mr 
Rodgers 	Mrs
Ross 		E
Turner 		Miss E. A
Winter 		F

Third Class 
Ambrose 	C 
Carey 		Mr
Carey 		Mrs
Carey 		children (6) 
Deed 		Mr J
Deed 		Mrs
Deed 		children (3) 
Dumphy 		J 
Flitcroft 	J
Flitcroft 	son 
Hester 		Mr
Hester 		Mrs 
Jackson 	W.R 
Kemp 		J 
Kinnen 		J 
Lane 		H.J 
Lee 		Miss J 
Martin 		Miss C 
Mason 		Mr J
Mason 		Mrs 
Mason 		child 
Mordaust 	J
Murphy 		P 
Needham 	Mr
Needham 	Mrs
Needham 	children (4) 
Nichol 		Miss M 
People 		C 
Rattenbury 	H
Rattenbury 	P 
Reid 		M 
Smith 		Mr J. B
Smith 		Mrs 
Smith 		children (3) 
Stevenson 	A 
Tilsley 	Mr
Tilsley 	Mrs 
Tilsley 	child 
Waite 		Mr
Waite 		Mrs
Waite 		infant 
Wheeler 	Mrs M 
Williams 	Mr
Williams 	Mrs 
Wright 		H 
Yates 		E

The following are assisted immigrants 

Baylis 		R.H
Bedford 	Mr
Bedford 	Mrs
Bedford 	children (2)
Best 		Miss C
Bullen 		Mr
Bullen 		Mrs
Carroll 	Mrs M
Carroll 	children (4)
Carson 		Mr
Carson 		Mrs
Chambers 	Mr
Chambers 	Mrs
Chambers 	child
Clark 		Mr
Clark 		Mrs
Dixon 		Mr
Dixon 		Mrs 
Dixon 		children (4)
Donovan 	F
Drabble 	Mr
Drabble 	Mrs
Drabble 	children (3)
Francis 	J
Froud 		Mr
Froud 		Mrs 
Froud 		children (2)
Grace 		Mrs J
Grace 		son
Green 		Miss S
Hamilton 	Mrs E
Hamilton 	children (4)
Hayes 		P
Hoskinson 	J
Judd 		J
Kensley 	Mr
Kensley 	Mrs
Lenthern 	Mr
Lenthern 	Mrs
Lenthern 	children (2)
Matthews 	J.W
McLeod 		Mr
McLeod 		Mrs
McLeod 		children (3)
McLeod 		Mr M
McLeod 		children (5)
McElvie 	J
Mills 		Mrs J
Mills 		J
O'Connor 	Mr
O'Connor 	Mrs
O'Connor 	children
O'Donoghue 	D
Plane 		Miss E
Plane 		Miss M
Reed 		J
Rogers 		G
Simpson 	Mr
Simpson 	Mrs
Simpson 	child
Stilinton? 	Miss E
Swainson 	J. S
Taylor 		Mr
Taylor 		Mrs
Taylor 		children (5)
Tindale 	R
Walker 		C.C
Wilson 		Mr D
Wilson 		Mrs D
Wilson 		Mr R
Wilson 		Mrs R
Wilson 		children (3)
Wright 		J
Yuile 		W

Other listings: Spelling of surnames differs on all three lists.
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"Ships are very much like human beings; some die young and some live a remarkable old age."
Wrote Henry Brett, White Wings Vol. 1 pg 337