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The "Travancore", ship, 562 tons, sailed from Gravesend 6 December 1850 and arrived Lyttelton 31 March 1851 with 149 settlers.

Chief Cabin

Barnes		 Arthur
Hodge		 Ms.
Latter		 Edward Charles
Livingstone	 John / Surgeon-Superintendent
Reeves		 Thomas Hosrer
Thomas		 Rev. M. / Chaplain
Webb		 W.H.

List of Persons authorized by the Canterbury Association to embark for Canterbury in New Zealand, as Steerage. Passengers by the Ship "Travancore", Henry Brown Commander, John Liningstone, Surgeon.  Dated at Gravesend the 5th of December 1850

Steerage - image  (opens in a new window)

Barnes     John             18   M       Agr. Laborer                                                     
Beck       Eliza            inf  F                                                                        
Beck       John             10   M                                                                        
Beck       John             33   M Y  6                                                                   
Beck       Joseph           4    M                                                                        
Beck       Sarah            33   F Y  6                                                                   
Beck       Sarah            8    F                                                                        
Beck       Thomas           7    M                                                                        
Beck       William          2    M                                                                        
Bulter     George           21   M       Laborer                                                          
Burridge   Sarah	    20   F Y     Elizabeth crossed out Dead                                              
Burridge   John             21   M Y     Agr. Laborer                                                     
Campion    John             25   M Y     Agr. Laborer                                                     
Campion    Mary Ann         23   F Y                                                                      
Cardho?    Christian        30   F       Steamstress                                                      
Clarke     George           31   M Y     Gardner                                                          
Clarke     Mary Ellen       26   F Y                                                                      
Cooper     Fanny            3    F                                                                        
Cooper     George           24   M Y  6  Agr. Laborer                                                     
Cooper     George           inf  M                                                                        
Cooper     Mary             17   F                                                                        
Cooper     Mary Elizabeth   31   F Y  6                                                                    
Cooper     Robert           6    M                                                                        
Cooper     Sarah            10   F                                                                        
Cooper     William          2    M                                                                        
Coutts     Donald           24   M       Agr. Laborer                                                     
Dench      Edward           21   M       Agr. Laborer                                                     
Denham     Joseph           40   M       Miller                                                           
Dale	   Luke R.          27   M       Lighterman                                                       
Donald     Ellen            inf  F                                                                        
Donald     Jean             7    F                                                                        
Donald     Jean             37   F Y  4                                                                   
Donald     Margaret         5    F                                                                        
Donald     Robert           7    M                                                                        
Donald     Robert           39   M Y  4  Gardener                                                         
Garwood    James            19   M       Laborer                                                          
Gilbert    Charles          34   M Y  5  Laborer                                                          
Gilbert    Charles          12   M                                                                        
Gilbert    Elizabeth        36   F Y  5                                                                   
Gilbert    Elizabeth        31   F Y                                                                      
Gilbert    Henry            6    M                                                                        
Gilbert    James            31   M Y     Agr. Laborer                                                     
Gilbert    Jane             4    F                                                                        
Gilbert    Peel             inf  M                                                                        
Gilbert    Richard          9    M                                                                        
Gray       Alexander        22   M       Shepherd                                                         
Griffiths  Anne             13   F                                                                        
Griffiths  Eleanor          40   F Y  5                                                                   
Griffiths  John             3    M                                                                        
Griffiths  John             42   M Y  5                                                                   
Griffiths  Martha           11   F                                                                        
Griffiths  Mary             15   F       Domestic Servant                                                  
Griffiths  Ruth             9    F                                                                        
Heath      John             16   M       Gardener                                                         
Henderson  Andrew D.        33   M       Millwright                                                       
Houlder    Frederick J.     26   M       Agr. Laborer, Stone mason, ?Frank                                           
Josling     Ada Maria        0   F                                                                        
Josling     Eleanor         28   F Y  2                                                                   
Josling     Ellen            1   F                                                                        
Josling     John            28   M Y  2  Carpenter                                                        
Kiver      Ann              4    F                                                                        
Kiver      Charles          7    M                                                                        
Kiver      Charles          35   M Y  5  Farmer                                                           
Kiver      Elizabeth        0    F                                                                        
Kiver      Fanny            9    F                                                                        
Kiver      Jane             39   F Y  5                                                                   
Kiver      Louise           5    F                                                                        
Leigh      Walter           29   M       Baker                                                            
Mason      Alfred           19   M       Laborer                                                          
Merry      Catherine        36   F Y  2                                                                   
Merry      Catherine        5    F                                                                        
Merry      Frances Ruth     3    F                                                                        
Merry      Thomas           35   M Y  2  Laborer                                                          
Mitchell   Catherine        13   F                                                                        
Mitchell   Helen            50   F Y  4                                                                   
Mitchell   James            50   M Y  4  Shoemaker                                                        
Mitchell   Jean             17   F       Domestic Servant                                                  
Mitchell   Mary             23   F       Domestic Servant                                                  
Mitchell   William          10   M                                                                        
Munn       Charles John     36   M Y  6                                                                   
Munn       Charles John     7    M                                                                        
Munn       Eliza            35   F Y  6                                                                      
Munn       Eliza            1    F                                                                        
Munn       John             3    M                                                                        
Munn       Louisa           12   F                                                                        
Munn       Maria            9    F                                                                        
Munn       Thomas           5    M                                                                        
Nickells   Thomas           19   M       Laborer                                                          
Pallett    ?                2    M                                                                        
Pallett    ?                inf  F                                                                        
Pallett    Hannah           20   F Y  2                                                                   
Pallett    William          23   M Y  2  Farm Laborer                                                     
Pearson    Harriett         21   F Y                                                                      
Pearson    Samuel           22   M Y                                                                      
Penfold    James William    14   M       Agr. Laborer                                                     
Phillips   Edwin            1    M                                                                        
Phillips   Harriet          34   F Y  4                                                                   
Phillips   Harry            inf  M                                                                        
Phillips   John             34   M Y  4  Laborer                                                          
Phillips   John             7    M                                                                        
Phillips   Mary Ann         4    F                                                                        
Platford   W. Richard       29   M       Laborer                                                          
Priest     Francis          30   M Y  2  Agr. Laborer                                                     
Priest     Frank            2    M                                                                        
Priest     Margaret         27   F Y  2                                                                   
Priest     Samuel           11   M                                                                        
Price      Edward           18   M       Agr. Laborer                                                     
Reid 	   William          27   M       Agr. Laborer                                                     
Shang      Isabella         25   F Y  1                 child Janet Shedden                               
Shang      James            35   M Y  1                 child Janet Shedden                               
Shedden    Janet            4    F                      Shang's child                                     
Shepherd   Elizabeth        32   F Y                                                                      
Shepherd   Thomas           31   M Y     Lighterman                                                       
Smith      John             22   M       Agr. Laborer                                                     
Suter      Agnes            18   F Y                                                                      
Suter      William          24   M Y     Carpenter                                                        
Wakelin    Annie            30   F Y  3                                                                   
Wakelin    Frances          5    F                      name crossed out                                  
Wakelin    John             30   M Y  3  Laborer                                                          
Wakelin    Mary             6    F                                                                        
Wakelin    Thomas           2    M                                                                        
Webster    Francis          28   M       Stone Mason                                                      
White      Adeline Charlotte22   F Y                    Twins, William and Betey                   
White      George           19   M Y     Agr. Lab. Smith                                                  
Wilkin     Georgiana        30   F Y  3                                                                   
Wilkin     J. Thomas Well'n 37   M Y  3  Laborer                                                          
Wilkin     Ja's Chince      6    M                                                                        
Wilkin     Juo. Winstauley  3    M                                                                        
Wilkin     William Spurien  5    M                                                                        
Wood       Thomas C.        19   M                                                                        
Woodford   Charlotte        8    F                      died on voyage                                    
Woodford   Edward           16   M       Laborer                                                          
Woodford   Emily Jane       15   F       Domestic Servant                                                  
Woodford   Frances          5    F                                                                        
Woodford   Frank            1    M                                                                        
Woodford   George           13   M                                                                        
Woodford   Jane             36   F Y  9                                                                   
Woodford   Julia            3    F                                                                        
Woodford   Mary Anne        11   F                                                                        
Woodford   Philip           44   M Y  9  Sheep shearer                                                    
Woodford   Thomas           7    M                                                                        

Remarks column:
Knowles, Francis, schoolmaster, 20 crossed out.

Reference: Canterbury Association Shipping Office (London, England) Lyttelton Shipping List  Published: Salt Lake City, Utah : Genealogical Society of Salt Lake City, 1973. Copy of passenger lists of some Canterbury Association emigrant ships held in the Canterbury Museum.  Available on microfilm at Family History Centres worldwide through their loan programme. Item #1066515

Lyttelton Times May 10, 1851

     The ship Travancore, 562 tons, Captain, Henry Brown, which arrived at Lyttelton on March 31, 1851, left Gravesend at Noon on Friday, December 6, with a freight of 173 souls, of which eighteen were chief and seventeen fore-cabin passengers. On Sunday, the 8th of December, she lay in the Downs, detained by contrary, winds. Early in the morning of Monday, however, she sailed with a gentle breeze and soon left the shores of England among the remembrances of the past.

     During the next ten days we experienced exceedingly rough weather in the chops of the Channel and the Bay of Biscay, says the chronicler. Two kinds of feeling were prevalent at this time  -- dismay at being obliged to beat about in fruitless attempts to get out of the Bay, and wonder at the performances and powers of our good ship. At last on the 19th about noon, a fresh fair wind sprang up, enlivening the most desponding and soon reducing the list of sea sick passengers. It was not till then that we began to experience the exhilarating effects of a sea voyage.

     The cold and damp of this period proved fatal to nearly the whole of the starlings that had been sent on board in the hope of some of them at least reaching New Zealand. Only four survived the Bay. These also died at a later period in the voyage, except one which escaped from its wiry tenement.

     The Travancore now began to prove her sailing powers. She averaged for some time 200 miles daily, and on Thursday, the 26th of December, we saw the loom of Madeira to the eastward of us. Our westerly course extended to within a short distance of the Brazilian coast, passing on Saturday, the 18th of January, at midnight, between Trinidad and the Martin Vas Rocks.

     Various and multiplied now became the objects of interest and excitement. The catching of a dolphin or bonita, the phosphorescent appearance of the tropical seas at night, music, dancing, and the usual nautical games all contributed to make the days pass away quickly and pleasantly....

Canterbury Museum Archives holdings:
Shipping Papers
Diary by John Livingstone
"A Dream" - a poem written aboard by Canon Knowles
Shipboard newspaper
Chronicle of the journey in E.J. Wakefield's papers
Reference: Log of Logs by Nicholson

Manawatu Standard, 8 June 1900, Page 2
Christchurch, June 8. Mr George Cooper, one of the oldest settlers of Canterbury, died at Leeston yesterday, at the age of 86 years. He arrived at Lyttelton in the ship Travencore in 1850. His family numbered twenty one, of whom fourteen are living.

Luke and Mary Dale come to New Zealand on the Travancore in 1851. Luke Richard Dale ( 1822 - 1857 ) as a boatman & Lighterman of Little Akaroa in the Electoral Roll , 1853.
He married Mary Anderson , dau. of John Anderson ( Fatima,1853) 17August 1855.
He died on 9 Dec 1857 at Lyttelton (Quail Island) aged 35.
He was buried at Lyttelton Cemetery 11 Dec 1857.
He was survived by his wife, Mary Dale, daughter Margaret Home Dale (Mrs R. Niven) and the late Thomas Shepherd Dale (infant son) d : 1857, not longer before Luke died.
Mary Dale was a well known Kaiapoi farmer in North Road, Kaiapoi until her death in 24 Jan 1892. (her mother was still alive in Balcairn at the time as she left 4 brothers and 6 sisters. She was buried in Lyttelton beside with Luke R. Dale .
Information from Robert Forrest, a descendant of the Deal & Dale ancestors from Essex.
Posted July 2004

Edward Dench was born in Sussex in 1829, son of James Dench and Mary Feldwick. In 1856 (August 5) he married Kate Hill, daughter of Thomas Hill. He worked for a partnership of Hill and Reeves in Oxford (you will see that Reeves was in the cabin class on the Travancore) and indeed was brought out by the Hill/Reeves partnership.

The children of Edward and Kate were:
- Thomas Frederick, born August 17, 1856, baptized 4 February 1857 in Christchurch
- Henry Edward, born February 25, 1858, baptized 28 March also in Christchurch
- Frances Kate, born c. 1859
- Amy
- Beatrice
+ 2 other males.

 Information courtesy of Janet Dench (Thomas Frederick is her great-grandfather.) Posted August 2004

Henry Edward Dench (not the same Dench as above) wrote a letter to the Otago Early Settlers Museum saying his father arrived in Canterbury in 1851. This is not the same gentlemen, the ages do not match. I, Olwyn, am researching this other Dench family line.

Evening Post
26 December 1923 Page 9
Mrs. Mary Smith, who died at Ashburton last week, aged 92, came to New Zealand in March, 1851, in the Travancore, which was the seventh ship to arrive in Lyttelton. She was the daughter of the late Mr. John Griffiths, who was a blacksmith in Lincoln road, opposite Sunnyside, where an old anvil near the bridge still marks the site of his smithy. Mrs. Smith was married in 1854, her husband, Mr. Matthew Smith, being a farmer who was farming at Teddington for some years. Mr. Smith died about fourteen years ago in Ashburton, and Mrs. Smith had been living since then with one of her daughters, Mrs. Thomas. She had a family of eleven. During Mrs. Smith's lifetime, there were five generations of the family in Canterbury.

Burial records -Linwood Cemetery, Christchurch
Elizabeth Jane ALLISON died 17 October 1916 age 66 arrived by Travancore 1851 her husband Henry died 11 September 1924 arrived on the Isabella Hercus 1856. Elizabeth Jane Kiver married Henry Allison in 1880.

Latter's on Banks Peninsula
Banks Peninsula - Cradle of Canterbury by Gordon Ogilvie, page 184:
"Edward Latter had come to New Zealand on the Travancore in 1851 with his father, Robert Latter. Edward was an astute businessman, running a merchant's firm at Lyttelton and a farm at Thorrington before opening a store at Akaroa in 1867 where he prospered exceedingly. Enormously energetic, able and public-spirited, he did more than anyone in his era for the advancement of Banks Peninsula. His property and business which also included an oyster farm at Barrys Bay, were managed and eventually owned by Edward and Mary Latter's oldest son, Robert after the Latters moved to Fendalton in 1883.

Though his Barrys Bay estate of 810 hectares was reduced to about half of its former size by subdivision and the sale of sections for the township of "Wicken" (the name did not stick) in 1879, Bob Latter became as much a squire in his part of the harbour as his father before him. He and Mary were renowned for their hospitality. Eminent as an auctioneer and stock dealer as well as a farmer, Bob Latter was also a born speculator and enjoyed taking a chance on anything, including a game of poker. When he died at New Brighton in 1929 he was virtually penniless and his Barrys Bay farm had been reduced to a mere 85 hectares. A grandson, Edward Latter, was later M.P. for Marlborough and served as New Zealand's High Commissioner in Canada before being appointed Director of Civil Defence in New Zealand in 1985."

Timaru Herald, 8 September 1896, Page 2
Mr Edward Circuit Latter, one of the early settlers of Canterbury, died at his residence, Fendalton, on Friday evening. Though he was not one of the pilgrims, his connection with Canterbury dates from the first year of the existence of the province, as he arrived at Lyttelton by the ship Travancore in 1851, when he was twenty-two years of age. He was born at Wicken, near London, in 1829, and in his youth was engaged in a merchant's office in London. For a short time after his arrival in New Zealand he remained in Lyttelton, but then joined the late Mr Innes a run in South Canterbury. He subsequently bought land at the foot of the Port Hills where he established a dairy farm. In 1862 he went to Akaroa and started to run the ss. Waimea between Akaroa, the Bays, Lyttelton and Timaru. While at Akaroa he built and resided in the house afterwards well-known as Wagstaffs Hotel. In 1879 he was appointed Land Tax Commissioner for Canterbury, and in 1884 Official Assignee in Bankruptcy for Canterbury, holding his office until the end of 1889, when he resigned in order to take the position of managing trustee of the estate of the late Mr R. H. Rhodes, which he retained until his death. Mr Latter was an active member of the Church of England, and was one of the oldest members of the Masonic fraternity in Canterbury, a kindly and generous man, respected by all for integrity and straightforwardness.

Star 7 August 1889, Page 4
Death of a Pioneer Settler. Mr Charles Munn
On Monday death claimed another ofCanterbury's early settlers in the person, of Mr Charles Munn, who was generally, known and respected by the residents of the Rangiora district, amongst whom he lived and worked from the time the place was a wilderness of bush and swamp until about a year ago, when paralysis laid him by. He arrived in Lyttelton by the ship Travencore in 1851, five months after the Pilgrims, and after five years spent in the Bays and at Papanui, settled at Southbrook with his family, where he found employment in the bush. His death occurred at the Christchurch Hospital, where he had been taken for medical treatment.

PRIEST, Eliza Travencore was born to Francis Priest/Margaret Williams 13 Mar 1851 Pacific Ocean. Source. Births at Sea.

George Alfred WHITE and Adeline Charlotte Smith were married St Annes, Westminster, London 3rd December 1850. They arrived Lyttelton on Travancore 31st March 1851and lived at Pigeon Bay where their first child was born. They then moved to Rangiora where George built a small house, but this was burnt down. After this they moved to Oxford and settled there. They had  nine children, Adeline 1851, Alfred 1853, James 1856, Helen 1857, Walter 1858, Ernest 1861 (Bev's  gt/gr/father), Flora 1864, Eva 1873. George was employed in the sawmilling industry and as a mail contractor. George died 6th April 1900 at his residence, Oxford West, aged of 68. Adaline 30th August 1914, both are buried in the Oxford cemetery. 
George Alfred's parents, John and Elizabeth White, also came to New Zealand, arriving on the "Maori" on 14th July 1858.  John died 15th November 1877 and Elizabeth 16th February 1879 at her late residence Salisbury street West, aged 79, both buried in the Christchurch cemetery. Information courtesy of Bev Day. Posted 13 Dec. 2005

Another Voyage:
"Travancore" from London to Geelong Australia 1849. Article in the Geelong Advertiser November 3, 1849
Master: Captain T. Brown
Rigging: Ship; sheathed in copper in 1848; fastened with iron bolts
Tonnage: 582 tons
Construction: 1848 in Cochin using Teak
Owners: Thomson & Co.
Port of registry: London
Port of survey: London
Voyage: sailed for New Zealand (1851-52); Madras (1853)
See "Augusta"

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