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'Tornado' & the 'Motoaka

New Zealand Bound
arrived at Auckland in September 1859

'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website.Daily Southern Cross,  27 September 1859, Page 3
We have to report the arrival of three English vessels since our last issue, the Matoaka, Mary Ann, and Tornado. The former (the Matoaka) was last from Wellington, which she left on the 17th inst. Off Castle Point she experienced a heavy gale from N. to N.W., splitting foresail, for-topmast-staysail, and 'mizzen-topsail, and was hove-to under close-reefed main topsail for nearly 12 hours. The same evening (Sunday, 18th) she snipped a sea which stove in the main hatch and lee bulwarks. The East Cape was sighted on the 21st, when, the wind veered to W. till midnight of the 22nd, when it went round to the S.E. At 1 o'clock on Saturday the ship was between Cape Colville and the Barrier, and the pilot was on board, off Rangitoto, at 9 o'clock on Saturday morning. The Matoaka sailed for Wellington from Gravesend on the 15th June, leaving her pilot at the "Wight" on the 17th. She beat down the Channel with light westerly winds ; ran inside the Canaries ; crossed the Equator on the 17th July in 29 W.; the meridian of the Cape, in 42 S., on the 9th August ; and ran down her easting in about the 48th parallel. Her first landfall was the "Snares" on the 10th ; and she made Wellington on the 13th inst., where she landed about 100 passengers. She is a fine vessel, North American built, and has arrived in a most excellent condition. The passengers were healthy though five deaths, two of children, occurred during $he voyage; there were three births likewise.

The Tornado, the pioneer ship of the White Star Line of Liverpool clippers, arrived in our harbour on Saturday, after a favourable passage from Liverpool. The Tornado left that port punctually on the day fixed by the proprietors of the line, viz., the 10th of June ; cast off the steamer on the morning of the 11th, and made sail immediately. She encountered light and variable weather to the line, and thence to the meridian of the Cape light winds and fine weather. From the Cape to New Zealand the ship made some very rapid runs in the twenty-four hours, frequently logging 14 and 15 knots. The Tornado brings 35 saloon, 40 second cabin, and 210 in the intermediate and steerage. The Tornado is an iron Clyde-built ship of 1100 tons register, classed 12 years Al at Lloyds, and constructed especially for the conveyance of passengers. The between decks are wholly devoted to the use of intermediate and steerage passengers, and are fitted up with every regard to their comfort, and are very lofty, well lighted and ventilated. The saloon is an extensive apartment, with berths for 35 passengers, and is tastefully painted and decorated. In all respects the Tornado is well worthy of inspection by nautical connoisseurs.

Shipping Intelligence. PORT OF AUCKLAND.
ENTERED INWARDS. September 26 Tornado, ship, 1100 tons, Aitken, from Liverpool. Passengers Cabin : Mr. & Mrs. Mansford; Alfred, Aug., and S. H. Mansford; Mr. and Mrs. Croker and 4 children, H. Durell, Mr. and Mrs. Graham, Mr. and Mrs. Knight, John Knight, Frank and Philip Duke, John Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy ; Henry, William, and Fanny Leroy ; Wm. Stewart, Deborah James; Mr., Mrs,, and Miss Carr; Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Foster and 2 children.  O. R. Strickland and Co., agents.
J. Glenfield,
Wm. Brown
Thos. S. Reed
J. Smith
Alexander Glennie
Alex., George, Alex., David, and James Cruickshank
George, Mary, Isabella, and George Dickson
Robert, Jemima, Jane, and Eliza Craig
Peter Dalziel
J. McKay
J., Mary, Wm., Margaret, Thomas, Sarah, Ellen, George, and John McCullagh
Wm. Moore
Ign. Hindlay
Harriett (2), Sophia, and Ellen Hindlay
Thomas, Jane, Thomas, and Wm. Philpott
Wm. Tonware
James Elliott and wife
Thos. Turner
James Atkinson
Geo. and James Gunson
Thos. Rushforth
John Shuttleworth
M. Ellett
William, Mary, James, Agnes, Wm., George, John, Samuel, Robt.. Daniel, Ellen, and Jane Gunson
Michael, Sarah, and Jas. Madden
Mary Foley
Joshua Johnson (2)
R. H. Spencer
Al., Anne, Christina, and Mary McPherson
Wm. Hemar
D. Moron
H. Dransfield
Geo., Mary, and Elizabeth Charnack
H. Honsen
Joseph Gray
Wm. Donaldson
Samuel, Mary, Jane, and Nancy Donaldson
Margaret, Thomas, Wm., and James S. Young
J. Weather
B. and Matilda Green
J. Broom
M. Baker
J. Walker
William Moore
Francis, Mary, Mary S., Margaret, Henry, and Patrick Gibbons
Mr. and Mrs. Beard
Eliza, Walter, Alex., James, Mary, and Mr. & Mrs. Thos. Beard
Mr. and Mrs. Austin
Sarah, Louisa, and Wm. Maude
O. McDermott
Eliza, George, Edward, Harriett, Emma, John, and Sidney Fuljames
John, Eliza, George, Eliz (2), Hedley, and Tim. Manners
Thos. Greenfield
Geo., Anne (2), Eliza, and Mary Hayter
Wm. Turton, Wm. Shortleffe
W. G. Aspinall
Thomas, Anne, Sarah, Harriett, Emma, and Ol.. Booth
Wm. Powell, J. Clarke
Peter, Ellen, Mary, Susan, and Peter Barley
J. Scott
Jas. Faulkner
Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay and 2 children
W. and Isabella Hough
Anne James
Wm. and P. Whateley
Thomas Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Anderson
Mary and Margaret Anderson
Alf. Sharpe
R. J. Moude
James Kayle
Edward Daly
Joshua Rowland
A. Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Spittle and 2 children
R. Smith
Miss Wilks
Wm. Smithson
J. Oldham
Al. Milne
George Booth
Thomas Cromie
Jas. Hill
Mr. and Mrs Harris and 3 children,
Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair and child
J. Paterson
Thos. Redfern
Henry and Stanley Carr
J. W. Thackelton
J. Dawson
Wm. Moffatt
Mr. and Mrs. Masters
Mr. and Mrs. Holdsworth
Ad. Craig
Wm. Shuttle
Elizabeth, E. H., Lucy, Wm., John, Francis, Robt., and Samuel Bramley
T. H. Jones
M. Waitford
S. Clarkson
J. Wallace
J. Fortune
Jas. Morgan
Seacombe Fox
Mr. & Mrs. Clarkson
Jas. McLaren
Peter Matson
James Williamson
Wm. and John McLennan
Wm. McDonald
Arch. Rutherford
Henry, Adelaide, Caroline, and Eliza Gason
J. Dyte
J. Law
William Ebery
James Moulson
Jas. Arnold
M. Cottor
James and Anne Coxen
J. Herbertson

The 'MotoakaSeptember 26 Motoaka, ship, 1092 tons, Stevens, from London.  Bain, Grahame and Co., agents
Passengers Cabin : Mr. Stubbing, Rev. Thomas Ball and 3 children, Messrs. Hudson, Coleman, and Stickland. Steerage :
G., F., S., and A. Whitehead
R., Eliza, Charles, Wm., Mary, and John Ringrore
Wm., Ann, M. A., Emma, Ellen, William, Joseph, and Bessey Frear
John, Martha, Bessey, and Ellen Frear
Chas., Margaret, and John W. Hewson
Ann Maria, Alfred, and W. Hewson
Charles, Hannah, George, Charles, Sarah Ann, Alice, Robert, Maria, and Matilda Thompson
Robert, Elizabeth, and John Britiff
Thomas, Carol, and Fanny Wilkinson
William, Mary, M. Ann, and Eliza Johnson
G.B., Ann, and Louisa Smale
Isabella Baldock
Joseph, Anne, J. R., Richard. Elizabeth, Joseph A., Sarah, Lucia, Anne, and Catherine Reid
Wm. McKay
John Stunock and family (5)
Wm. Gorson
G. Storke
William Eddington
Wm. Roe
James and George Seymour
George Thomas
Thomas Hart
G. Hale
George A. Gelding
Isaac Marshall
Wm. F. Hewitt
Edward and Wm. Shelton
Alfred Erdington
Robt. Wood
J. Hewitt
Samuel Alp
Edward Paddison
Charles Cortois
Sam. Greene
Alfred Wilson
John Thomas
H. Heal
S. Seymour
M. Fowler
Maria Willingham
Martha and Mary Spencer
Ann and Emma Shelton
Mary Brocklesly
Robert Cliff & family (5)
John and Mary Hollingsworth
Anna Maria and Charles (2) Waddingham
Wm. and F. Frosser
Geo. and Eliza Goddard
Charles Ellis and family (3)
Robert Otter and 2 others
William Whitehead and family (7)
Samuel and Hannah Somes
J. H. Smith and family (5)
Wm. Platts
Samuel Somes, jun.
Elizabeth A. and Louisa E. Somes
John and Marg. Wyles
Ann Hunter
Ann Stokes
James Parkinson
Thomas Banks
William and Mary Pritchard
G. Graer
James Lamb and family (6)
Anne Goddard
Charles Hooper and family (6)
William and Fanny Headman
Thomas and Elizabeth Cunningham
Robert and Janet Thomson
Eliz. White Thomson
James Bishop
Edward Walsh
Thos., Sarah, and Harriet Brighouse
John Button
R. E. Knowles
Edward and Walter Taylor
William Stokes
John Moss
G. A. Venay
David and Arthur Roberts
Geo. Boyd
David Taylor and family (4)
Ch. H. Smith
Robt. Craig
Wm. H. Fort
Edw. Wood
Charles and Mary Landsberg
George Ship
H. Walstat
Mary Esmonds
John Fraser
W. N. Barton
Edw. Hay
William Baldock.

Mary Ann

September 26 Mary Ann, ship, 723 tons, Ashby, from Lyttelton, with 122 water casks and 62 3/4 tons coal, part of original-cargo from London. Passengers Cabin : Mr. Howard. Steerage : Messrs. Smith, Sanderisn, Wright, and Phillips.

The Mary Ann, Captain Ashby, arrived within a short time after the Matoaka, from Lyttelton, which the left on the 14th instant. She was becalmed' off Port Cooper heads until the evening of the 16th, when a light N.E. wind sprang up. She subsequently experienced fearful gales from N.N.W., and was blown out 200 miles from land. On Thursday last she made the East Cape, and -the following night anchored off Tiri Tin Matangi. The Mary Ann was 96 days between London and Lyttelton ; and we see, from the Canterbury papers that the passengers who arrived by her marked their high opinion of Captain Ashby by presenting him with valuable testimonials" and a most complimentary address on arriving in that port. We congratulate Captain Ashby, after his 10 months' absence from Auckland, on so speedy and satisfactory a return.

'Speed my bark,1 as the ocean greyhound said.'