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Arrival of the R.M.S. Tongariro, from London, 1890

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Reference online: Papers Past Images online. NZ National Library. 
The Evening Post
, a Wellington, New Zealand newspaper.

Evening Post Monday 21st April 1890

The Tongariro anchored in harbour at 12:20 this morning. She left London on 6th March, and Plymouth on the 8th; met with high sea and strong winds across the Bay of Biscay. Arrived at Teneriffe on 18th. Crossed the Equator at 4 pm on the 19th. Arrived at the Cape on the 28th. Reached Hobart on the 15th instant. Usual entertainments were got up for the amusement of the passengers. The drowning of Sir Howard Elphinstone (age 60), off Ushant, on the 8th March was the only occurrence to mar the pleasure of the voyage. The following are the names of the officers: -

Captain Bone
Chief officer 	C.A. Millward
Second officer 	R. Denton
Third Officer 	G.R. Hall
Fourth Officer 	J. Giles
Chief Engineer 	Mr Waring
Surgeon 	Dr C.E. Thomas
Purser 		W. Chippendale-Aston

The steamer was berthed at the wharf at 8:30 this morning. The following are the names of the passengers:
For Wellington:

Saloon -
Fraen 		Mr C 
Jonas 		Miss and maid

Second saloon
Case 		Miss C.
Carwick 	Mr H

Albones 	Messrs (2)
Hancock 	Mr
Hurnsteen 	Mr
Johnston 	Misses (2)
Macdonald 	Mr
Porter 		Mr
Pounder 	Mr
Shimer 		Messrs (2)
Shimer 		Misses (3)
Sigrue 		Miss
Shimer 		Mrs
Vass 		Mr
For other ports:
Dixon 		Mr S
Hart 		Colonel and Mrs 
Lee 		Miss Bertha
Taunton 	Mr C

Second saloon -
Bacon 		Mrs 
Bacon 		Miss
Bailey 		Misses (3)
Barley 		Mr S
Barry 		Mr
Bebb 		Mr 
Carlsone 	Mr
Culting 	Mr
Cusp 		Mr W
Drawbridge 	Messrs (4)
Franks 		Mr
Green 		Mr 
Greer 		Mr J
Greer 		Mr J
Grenar 		Mr
Gray 		Miss
Gray 		Master
Hanna 		Mr
Inglis 		Mr
Jarman 		Messrs (4)
Jarman 		Mrs
Lawrence 	Mr
Leslie 		Mrs
Leslie 		Masters (2)
Mann 		Mr A
Miller 		Mr R
Nibett 		Mr
Payne 		Mr W
Petterson 	Mr
Rutherford 	Mr
Stevens 	Mr C
Tait 		Mr
Tait 		Mrs
Tait 		Miss
Tait 		Master
Turner 		Mr
Wallenstein 	Mr
Whyte 		Mr
Woodcock 	Mr B

Hawkes Bay Herald 1890 March 19th
Cable News London - March 16
It is now suspected that Sir Howard Elphinstone, was a passenger by the R.M.S. Tongariro to Teneriffe, and who was reported to have been swept overboard by a heavy sea, committed suicide.

Who was Major General Sir Howard Elphinstone, VC KCB CMG CB?

Sir Howard Craufurd Elphinstone, Bart of Sowerby, Cumberland, a Major-General of the Peninsular War was born in Sunzel near Riga, Lithuania (N. Russia), 12 December, 1829. He was washed overboard on 8 March 1890, and drowned in the Bay of Biscay, while on the passage to Teneriffe for the benefit of his health. (The Bay of Biscay being known as having some of the worst sea weather in the world ). Elphinstone did not commit suicide.

Major Howard Elphinstone, of the Corps of  Royal Engineers, exhibited his fearless nature by volunteering, on the night of the 18th June, after the unsuccessful attack on the Redan, to command a party of volunteers, who proceeded to search for and bring back the scaling-ladders left behind after the repulse; a task he succeeded in performing. He also conducted a persevering search close to the enemy for wounded men, twenty of whom he rescued and brought back to the trenches.

Sir Howard Elphinstone, dashing military hero of the siege of Sevastopol, Crimea, was awarded the Victoria Cross on 2 June1858, aged twenty-nine. As he recuperated from injuries he'd received during the campaign, Queen Victoria installed this paragon of military valour at heart of her court at Windsor as guardian to her third and favourite son, Prince Arthur. Victoria wanted a soldier alongside her, as an antidote to the ageing ministers and courtiers who stalked the corridors.  Elphinstone was for 30 years Governor, Controller and Treasurer to Prince Arthur of Connaught and an intimate of the Royal Family.  His medal is located in the Lord Ashcroft VC Collection.

There is a magnificent brass plaque to his honour in the Nave of the Exeter Cathedral, which names the people who attended Elphinstone's memorial service in the cathedral - a large number were royalty and Queen Victoria sent a representative.

The Illustrated London News 1890 March 22nd
Obituary - General Sir Howard Elphinstone KCB


Evening Post 5th May 1890
Arawa left Plymouth 31 March for Port Chalmers.
Duke of Sutherland left London 2nd April
Aorangi left Plymouth 5th April, Hobart 19th May.
left Plymouth 19th April
Morayshire left Las Palmas 18th March
Monowai left Glasgow 5th April
Otaki left London 18th March
Assaye left London 15th Feb.
Diana left Liverpool 2nd Feb.

Evening Post, 27 September 1904, Page 5
LONDON.-l2th August.
Yesterday the as. Tongariro, commanded by Captain Sutciffe, left London outward bound for New Zealand, via the Cape and Hobart.  She is to sail tomorrow from Plymouth. Dr. W. E. Godber is the surgeon on board. The Tongariro carries a number of passengers, those in the saloon, according to the official list which has just reached me, being:
The Rev. D. T. Hailey and Mrs. Hailey
Major Spencer,
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Caesar, Miss Caesar and Master Caesar
Mr. and Mrs. P. Croft and Miss Croft
Mr. and Mrs F. D. Luckie and Miss Luckie
Mr. and Mrs. C. Howard Tripp, Miss Tripp and Master Tripp
Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Watts
Mr. T. G. Brown
Mr. R. E. Greenwell,
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Brown, the Misses Brown (4) and Mr. P. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. T. Dyson,
Mr, and Mrs. T. James and Miss R. James
Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. John Payne
Mr. and Mrs  F. Storey and son
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Waterhouse and the Misses Waterhouse (2)
Mrs. Cameron and the Misses Cameron (2)
Mrs Hulme, the the Misses Hulme (3), Mr. W. J. Hulme,
Mrs. Masefield
Mrs. Mason
Misses E. Battley, B. Cayton, H. Dexter, N. Kelsall, O. Meeks, M. Noyse, F. Shapland
Messrs. H. Campbell, J. A. Hamilton, N. G. Hawthorn, R. G. King, A. M'Kenzie, H, Nesbitt, ~ Pennington, G. Rae, S. Smaill, P. H. Tighe, and F. A. Williamson.
The steerage the Tongariro carries 140  passengers. Among those in the saloon will be noticed the names of several members of the New Zealand Bisley rifle team.

West Coast Times, 29 April 1904, Page 3
Wellington. April 28 The Athenic sailed this afternoon for London. Large numbers of volunteers, riflemen and others assembled at the wharf to give a send off to the Bisley team. The following is the personnel of the team :— Lieut-Col. Collins, Wellington, in charge ; Sergts Ching and Irvine, Nelson ; Captain Domigan, Gore ; Corpl. Sanford, Christchurch ; Sergt Shanks, Gore : Colour-Sergt. M'Kenzie, Oamaru; Sergt Smaill, Dunedin ; Sergt Drummond, Dannevirke ; Privates W. Cox, Auckland ; Hawthorne, Karori Rifle Club ; R. King, Opaki Rifle Club. In addition to the above C. Speck, of the Petone Club, goes as a private competitor.

Otago Witness, 19 October 1904, Page 60
WELLINGTON, October 17. One of the passengers by the Karamea, which arrived at Wellington from London to-day, was Colour-sergeant Irvine, of the Waimea Rifle Club, who was a member of the New Zealand rifle team which won the Eolapore Cup at the Bisley rifle meeting. Colour-sergeant Irvine won £35 in cash, three valuable pictures, and three medals, in addition to the silver bowl presented to each member of the team which won the Kolapore Cup, the King's badge for sixth place in the King's Hundred, and the St. George's badge for sixth place in the St. George's Match. Colour-sergeant Irvine states that the New Zealand team was generally acknowledged by leading shots as being the most successful oolonial team that has ever competed at Bisley, and they were well received everywhere. Sergeant Ching, of Nelson, and Private Cox, of Auckland, who returned by the Suez route, intend competing at the Sydney meeting. The Kolapore Cup is being brought out by Colonel Collins on the Corinthic.

Evening Post, 9 April 1908, Page 6
ARRIVAL OF THE TONGARIRO. In plenty of time to berth first thing this morning, the New Zealand Shipping Company's steamer Tongariro dropped anchor in the harbour after completing a pleasant journey across the oceans from London. The voyage is reported as having been uneventful, and the weather exceptionally favourable. On the 20th February the Tongariro left London, and two days later bade farewell to England at Plymouth. The fine weather did not desert the ship, and arrival was made at Wellington at 7 o'clock this morning. Captain Sutcliffe, who is in command, has associated with him the following officers:— 
Chief, Mr. A. H. Ryley
second, Mr. H. Wynward
third, Mr. A. Revers
fourth, Mr. H. L. Penny
surgeon, Mr. A. H. Curtis;
chief steward, Mr. F. S. Tripp
In the engineering department Mr. J. Thomas is in charge
Mr. W. Thomson, second
Mr. G. P. James, third
Mr. A. Dick, fourth
Mr. B. Gammon, fifth
Mr. A. L. Davidson, sixth
The chief refrigerating engineer is Mr. B. A. Collinge
second, Mr. W. Graham
electrician, Mr. I. Bissef

Passengers by the Tongariro are as follows: —
First saloon: For Wellington — Rev. P. Galligan.
For Lyttelton — Miss H. M. Cocks, Mrs. Burden, Messrs. C. M. Burden, G. Hall, Masters Burden (2).
For Napier — Misses Walker (3), Mrs. Mowbray St. John, Hon. Mowbray St. John.
Second saloon.: For Wellington — Misses D. Broom, E. Richardson (2), Mesdames N. Broom, F. Corpe, H. King, S. Richardson, Messrs E. Alden, W. Blair, G. Broom, A. Chapman, W. Corpe, W. Martin, P. Naleh, H. King, G. Humphries, J. Smith, T. Williams, Master G. Broom.
For Auckland — Misses R. Barrell, A. Dunn, G. Kempton. Mesdames Kempton, Rev. R. H. Kempton, Rev. J. Laird, Masters R. Kempton, Murray (2).
For Lyttelton — Messrs. Atyeo, W. Cragg, W. McKelvey, H. Wells.
For Napier — Mrs. N. A. Holmes, Mr. H. Beivor.
For Wanganui — Mrs. Seaward, Messrs. D. Seaward, P. Skelton.
For Nelson — Dr. V. Usher.
For Bluff — Misses K. Browning
Steerage: For Wellington: — Misses L. Bairstow, M. Cochrane. J. Cook, D. Edwards, E. Fowler, D. Gaskell, L. Kinsley, A. Nowell, E. Pannifer, L. Smith, E. Snell, C. Aitken, E. Collis, H. Davidson R. Day, W. Fowler, R. Gidlev, J. Hooper, H. Howard, A. Huntingdon, H. Inketer, Eidd? (2), H. Kinsley, W. Parkinson, C, Robson, J. Rodder, W. Rumble, H. Sears, J. Spencer, G. Webster, T. Wright, Masters Barber (2).
The Tongariro has 3350 tons of cargo to put out at Wellington. Subsequently she is to proceed to Lyttelton to discharge the remaining 1030 tons.

Hawera & Normanby Star, 5 March 1884, Page 3
CHRISTCHURCH. March 5. The New Zealand Shipping Company have received the following cable : — London, March 2 —Julius and Lady Vogel.

Hawera & Normanby Star, 15 April 1884, Page 2
HOBART, April 14. The steamship Tongariro from London arrived yesterday, and sailed again last night for Port Chalmers. Sir Julius Vogel is a passenger by the Tongariro for New Zealand. His health has somewhat improved, but he is still an invalid.

North Otago Times, 15 January 1885, Page 2
Sir John Hall returns to England by the N.Z.H.S. Co. steamer Tongariro, which leaves Lyttelton on the 17th inst. The Tongariro left Plymouth for Port Chalmers at 5 p.m. to-day.