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to Port Chalmers 1879

The image below is off the wonderful NZ National Libraries website  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

Otago Witness Saturday 11 October 1879 pg 13

Arrivals, October 2nd
The following is a list of the passengers on board the ship Timaru, 1306 tons (Messrs Cargills, Gibbs, and Co., agents), Captain J.H. Taylor, which cleared from Glasgow on the 30th July last for this port with 374 statute adults, besides a general cargo:

Barrie 		Mr N.H. 
Barrie 		Mr J
Elder 		Miss Annie
Lesile 		Mrs and family
McDonald 	Mrs and family
Menzies 	Mr A
Young 		Mr J

Steerage (including Government immigrants)

Otago Witness 25th October 1879

A ship to the southward was signalled from the Pilot station at Otago Heads on the morning of Sunday October 19th. She proved to be the Albion Company's ship Timaru, from Glasgow, and was towed into Port Chalmers in the afternoon by the p s Koputai, anchoring off the Railway Pier at 4.50pm. The ship comes into port in splendid order and reflects great credit both on the commander and his indefatigable chief officer, Mr Kerr, who has been ably seconded by Mr McDonald, the second officer; the third officer is Mr White, and the chief steward is Mr Pollock. She bring only a very little cargo, some 400 tons of dead-weight and 390 tons of measurement goods comprising the total she has on board. We must congratulate Captain Taylor on having made the smartest passage of this season - viz, 76 days from land to land and 80 days for anchor to anchor. She brings 433 passengers, equal to 374 statute adults, under the medical superintendence of Dr Neill, late of H.M. 5th Lancers. Although bringing nearly 500 souls on board, the Timaru comes into port in every respect a specially healthy ship, nothing like disease of an epidemic nature having occurred throughout the voyage. The mortality has been light, and entirely confined to children, of whom 5 have died.

The following are their names and the causes of death:
McCann		Mary 		aged 6 months of hydrocephalus, August 14th
Cairns		Alexander 	aged 3 months of meningitis, August 15th
Nicholson	Alexander 	aged 2 months of gastritis, August 22nd
Forsyth	 	William 	aged 1 year of intestinal catarch, August 31st
Weir	 	William 	aged 4 years of pneumonia, September 15th

The births have equalised the deaths, and were as follows:

Walker 		Mrs of a daughter, 30th August
Lees 		Mrs of a son, 13th October
McKernan 	Mrs of a son, 13th October
Padfield 	Mrs of a son, 14th October
Amos 		Mrs of a son, 17th October

There have also been two casualties during the voyage. The first occurred on the morning of September 25th, when one of the ship's boys, named Thomas Nimmo, fell from the rail on to the deck during heavy weather, and sustained a fracture of the left arm, dislocating his elbow joint at the same time. The second case was that of a passenger, Robert Forsyth, who on the 29th September had his left leg fractured below the knee by the slop-box on the main deck being carried away by a heavy sea. He is now, we are glad to say, recovering from the effects of his accident. We are glad to see that both boat and fire drill, with a constant watch at night, have been strictly observed throughout the passage, while Divine service has been performed by Dr Neill, who only a week since, at the request of the mothers, baptised 2 of the infants born on the voyage. Both Captain Taylor and Dr Neill speak in favourable terms of the immigrants, and state that a better class of persons have never come under their observation. Indeed, from their appearance we should say that they are peculiarly fitted for settling down in our midst. In all, the passengers amount to 433 souls, including 15 cabin passengers; of these there are 61 married couples, 50 single females, 152 single males, and 94 children and infants. The nationalities of these persons are described as 54 English, 233 Scotch, 93 Irish, 3 Germans; and they are equal to 374 statute adults. Of these, 126 persons have paid their passages, and are equal to 112 statute adults, leaving 292 Government immigrants. The people, one and all, seem extremely comfortable, and speak in favourable terms of the kindness displayed both by Capt Taylor and Dr Neill. It will therefore suffice to state that the single females were, as usual, berthed in the after part of the ship, and have been placed under the control of Miss Charles, the matron, who speaks favourably of them, on the whole. They are principally of the domestic servant class. The married people have the midship compartment, and beautifully clean and well kept it is, showing the evident care the medical officer has bestowed upon his charges, of whom no less than 226 persons are located in this part of the vessel. The single men, as usual, are stationed forward, and this compartment is wonderfully neat and clean.

The following vessels were spoken on the passage:
Barque Elizabeth Dougal, for Melbourne on August 15th, in lat. 28.12 N., long 21.12 W
Ship County of Kinross, from Cardiff to Bombay, 16 days out, on August 17th, in lat. 22.35 N., long 24.54 W
Ship Silver Owl, from Sheilds to Bombay, 33 days out, on August 26th, in lat. 6.18 N., long 22 W
Ship Saint Margaret, from London to Mauras, 24 days out, on August 27th, in lat. 5.2 N., long 22 W
Barque Cape Clear, from Newcastle (NSW) for San Francisco, in at 47.42 S., long 165.16 E, 10 days out
all well.

Timaru was launched in 1874 for Patrick Henderson's Albion Line. She was one of eight such vessels. Her sisters being the Oamaru, Dunedin, Auckland, Nelson, Invercargill and Canterbury. She came under the Shaw Savill control when the two companies merged in 1882, to become the Shaw Savill and Albion line.

My count  - 423 souls in steerage, plus 15 cabin, equals 438 souls.

Alexander 	William
Alexander 	Marion
Alexander 	Marion
Alexander 	Archie
Alexander 	Janet
Alexander 	John
Amos 		Thomas
Amos 		Jane
Amos 		William
Amos 		Margaret
Amos 		James
Amos 		Jane
Amos 		Anna
Amos 		George
Amos 		Georgina
Amos 		Andrew
Anderson 	Hugh
Anderson 	Mary
Anderson 	William
Anderson 	Hugh
Anderson 	Thomas
Anderson 	John
Armstrong 	James
Armstrong 	Jane
Austin 		Jeanie
Bennie 		James
Bennie 		Mrs
Bennie 		Bella
Bennie 		Janet
Bennie 		William
Bennie 		Grace
Bennie 		Gilbert
Bennie 		Agnes
Bennie 		James
Binley 		Robert
Blackie 	William
Borland 	D
Brodie 		John
Browne 		R B
Bryer 		James
Burke 		Michael
Burke 		Mary
Burton 		Samuel
Cairns 		Thomas
Cairns 		Annie
Cairns 		Thomas
Cairns 		Adam
Cairns 		Alex
Campbell 	William
Cannus 		Thomas
Carnody 	Michael
Caskie 		Robert
Canningham 	Jessie
Charles 	Alice
Clatworthy 	James
Clums 		Donald
Clums 		Mrs
Corcoran 	Johanna
Colgin 		Susan
Colgin 		James
Colgin 		Jane
Colgin 		Eliza
Colgin 		William
Colgin 		Isabella 
Colgin 		Jane
Connelly 	P
Connor 		Sarah
Connors 	Peter
Connors 	Johanna
Connors 	Edmund
Connors 	Ellen
Connors 	John
Connors 	Peter
Connors 	Michael
Cowie 		Alex
Craford 	Robert
Craig 		John
Craig 		Mary
Crossing 	John B
Currie 		Edward
Currie 		Margaret 
Currie 		Margaret
Curtin 		Thomas
Davies 		Edward
Davies 		Elizabeth
Dempster 	John
Dempster 	Mary
Dempster 	John
Dewar 		David
Dillion 	John
Donald 		Neil
Donnell 	Sarah 
Donnell 	Mary
Douglas 	Mary
Douglas 	Robert
Drennan 	Walter
Duncan 		George
Dunsmore 	Andrew
Dunsmuir 	John
Dunsmuir 	David
Duthie 		James
Duthie 		Mrs
Dwyer 		John
Dwyer 		Thomas
Dwyer 		Mary
Early 		Michael
Farrar 		Samuel
Farrar 		Eliza
Farrar 		Bella
Farrelly 	A
Ferrier 	Alex
Ferrier 	R
Ferguson 	John
Ferguson 	Anne
Ferguson 	Isabella
Ferguson 	James 
Ferguson 	George
Ferguson 	Jane
Ferguson 	Robert
Ferguson 	George
Ferguson 	Jane
Fleming 	A
Fletcher 	Isaac
Flindster 	James
Forleith	D
Forleith 	Edward
Forsyth 	Robert
Forsyth 	Elizabeth
Forsyth 	Sarah
Forsyth 	Helen
Forsyth 	William
Freeman 	James
Freeman 	Mrs

Garland 	Thomas
Garland 	Jessie
Garland 	Jessie
Gibson 		William
Gilchrist 	William
Gilliespie 	Alex
Gillespie 	James
Grant 		Annie
Gray 		Alex
Gray 		Flora
Gray 		David
Gray 		Margaret
Grorson 	L
Griffin 	Thomas 
Griffin 	James
Griffin 	Esther
Griffin 	Annie
Griffin 	Mary
Griffin 	Esther 
Haggart 	Joseph
Hamilton 	Alex
Harrison 	Mary
Hart 		Alex
Harvey 		John G
Haynes 		Mary R
Henderson 	W
Henderson 	Mabel
Henderson 	Thomas
Henderson 	Richard
Henderson 	Andrew
Henderson 	Mabel
Hetherington 	John
Hetherington 	Sarah
Hetherington 	Mary
Hetherington 	John
Hetherington 	Margaret
Highet 		Gilbert
Highet 		Mary
Hopson 		Anna
Jackson 	John
Jackson		Margaret
Jeffrey 	George
Johnston 	William
Kelsh 		Alex
Kilso 		John
Kilso 		Thomas
Kirkwood 	George
Kirkwood 	Agnes
Kitson 		Abraham
Langskail 	James
Lawton 		Robert
Lawton 		James H
Lees 		James
Lees		Agnes
Lees		James
Lees		William
Lees 		Margaret
Little 		John
Lytle 		Thomas
Lytle 		Elizabeth
Lytle 		Thomas
Lytle 		James
Lytle 		Eliza
Lytle 		Susan
Lytle 		Kate
Lytle 		Annetta
Lytle 		William
Macdonald 	John
Macdonald 	Alex
Macdonald 	Margaret
McAllister 	Agnes
McAllister 	Mary
McAlpine 	George
McCann 		Alfred
McCann 		Hannah
McCann 		Margaret
McCurdy 	D
McDonald 	Alex
McDonald 	K
McDonnell 	John
McFarlane 	John
McGregor 	James
McGettigan 	William
McGillivary 	Duncan
McGillivary 	Alex
McHaig 		WB
McInness 	William
McKenzie 	Donald
McKenzie 	Jane
McKenzie 	Alfred
McKenzie 	Duncan
McKenzie 	Jane
McKenzie 	Catherine
McKenzie 	D
McKenzie 	M
McKenzie 	M
McKenzie 	Alexander
McKinnon 	Peter
McKinnon 	Mary
McK 		Nicol
McLachlan 	John
McLeod 		Neil
McMillan 	John N
McMillan 	William
McMillan	T
McNeill 	D
McRae 		M
McRae 		Ann
Mackie 		Archibald
Mackie 		George
Mann 		William
Martin 		John
Marshall 	D
Marshall 	James
Melrose 	Thomas
Merriman 	Thomas
Miller 		James A
Mills 		Samuel
Moffat		James
Moffat		Margaret
Moffat		James
Moffat 		John
Moffat 		Andrew
Moore 		William
Moonie 		William
Moonie 		Maggie
Montgomery 	Mary
Morris 		John
Morris 		Alfred 
Morris 		Clara
Morris 		Alfred
Morris 		Anne
McKenzie 	Annie
McKenzie 	Clara
Mowatt 		F W
Munro 		Donald
Munro 		Betsy
Murnane 	Thomas
Murry 		Peter
Murdoch 	R
Nelson 		Archibald
Newlands 	George
Nicolson 	Alex
Nicolson 	David
Nillins 	Robert
O'Brien 	James
O'Donnell 	Helen
Ormiston 	Thomas
Ormiston 	Mary
Owen 		William
Owen 		Sarah
Owen 		Lawrette
Padfield 	Sidney
Padfield 	Mary
Padfield 	Polly
Padfield 	Edith
Page 		Robert 
Paterson	William
Paterson	Margaret
Paterson	James
Paterson 	Jane
Paterson	Anna
Paterson	George
Paterson	Georgina
Paterson	Catherine
Paterson	Georgina
Paterson	Andrew
Pringle 	William
Pringle 	Elizabeth
Pringle		Robert
Pringle		Thomas
Pringle		William
Pringle 	Margaret
Pringle 	David
Pringle 	Walter
Printice 	James
Proctor 	George
Proctor 	Anne
Proctor 	Mary
Proctor 	Isabella
Race 		Thomas
Race 		Mary
Race 		George
Race 		Helen
Race 		Elizabeth
Reid 		John
Reid 		David
Ridsdale 	Henry
Roberts 	Anne
Robertson 	Thomas
Routledge 	Henry
Russell 	George
Russell 	Jane
Russell 	Isabella
Ryan 		Patrick
Ryan 		John
Ryan 		Mary
Ryan 		Johanna
Ryan 		Julia
Ryan 		Denis
Ryan 		Patrick
Sammon		Anne
Sehmohl 	William
Scott 		James
Scott 		Adam
Scott 		Mary
Scott 		Charles
Scott 		Walter
Scott 		Kenneth
Scott 		Thomas
Seaton 		Patrick
Severn 		Franz
Severn 		Max
Shields 	John 
Shields 	Mary
Shields 	John
Shields 	Jane
Shields 	Margaret
Shields 	Sarah
Shields 	Martha
Shields		Ann
Simpson 	Goe
Simpson 	Catherine
Sinclair	William
Sinclair	Ann
Sinclair	James
Sinclair	Elizabeth
Sinclair	Margaret
Smart 		Andrew
Smart 		Barbara
Smart 		Andrew
Smart		Jane
Smith 		John
Smith 		Francis
Smith 		Anne
Smith		Margaret
Sowerby 	Jane
Sowerby 	John
Sowerby 	Henry
Spence 		James
Spence 		Alexander
Spence 		Janet
Spence 		William
Spence 		Agnes
Spence 		Andrew
Spence 		George
Stanger 	William
Stephens 	Clara
Stewart 	James
Stewart 	William
Stinson 	Robert
Stinson 	Sarah
Stinson		Lizzie
Taylor 		George
Taylor 		Mrs
Templeton 	William
Templeton 	Jane
Templeton 	John
McLachlan 	Elizabeth
Templeton 	Jane
Templeton 	Margaret
Templeton 	William
Templeton 	David
Tonnant 	James
Tuloch 		S
Turnbull 	James
Walker 		William
Walker 		Mary
Walker 		John
Walker 		James
Walker 		Patrick
Walsh 		Patrick
Walsh 		Mary
Walsh 		Bridget
Walsh 		John
Walsh 		Elizabeth
Weir 		John
Weir 		Mrs
Weir 		William
Weir 		John
Weir 		Jessie
We_sh 		John
Williamson 	James
Wilson 		James
Wilson 		William
Wilson 		Mrs
Wilson 		Mary
Young 		James
Wilson 		James
Wilson 		Margaret
Wilson 		Robert
Wilson 		Margaret

Otago Witness  1879 Shipping Intelligence
Timaru  1879 partial listing

Otautau Standard and Wallace County Chronicle, 7 September 1915, Page 5
Mrs Edward Henderson passed away on Friday night after a comparatively short illness. The late Mrs Henderson was a woman of strong character, and one of the type that has helped to build up our young nation. Mrs Henderson, when quite a young girl, arrived in New Zealand with her parents, the late Mr and Mrs William Templeton by the good ship, "Timaru," in 1879. The "Timaru," which in her time was one of of the fine class of sailing ships so familiar in the ports of the colony in the '70s and '80s: sailed from Greenock with 500 souls aboard on 31st July, 1870, and dropped anchor in Port Chalmers 81 days later on 19th October of the same year. Mr Templeton settled at Waimatuku in what is now Mr Southern's farm, subsequently removing to Limestone Plains. From here in 1884, Mr Edward Henderson brought, his young bride of less than 19 summers to the Yellow Bluff, and settled in the little cottage which stands on the banks of the Aparima to the left of the Yellow Bluff bridge. After a companionship of 31s years on the same property, he has laid the loved helpmate to rest, overlooking their original home. Mr Henderson, it may be said, came out to New Zealand in the subsequent year to the arrival of the of young lady who became his wife, he landed in New Zealand on 4th August, 1880 in the ship "Potosi," his first work being on the Little Bush Estate, Waianiwa. In 1881, he came to Otautau under engagement to Mr Robert Cupples, who owned part of "Strathmore,". Mr Henderson has never since left the district. A member of the Presbyterian Church. She is survived by her husband, two sons and four daughters. The remains were interred in the New Cemetery, Otautau. The services were conducted by Rev. A. Macdonald.

[probably wrong arrival year]
Otautau Standard and Wallace County Chronicle
, 18 July 1916, Page 5
The late Mrs Small was born in Carrick Brown, County Galway, Ireland, 57 years ago, and came out to New Zealand when a young woman with the late Mr John Crowe, of South Hillend, and his family in the ship Timaru in 1879, landing in Lyttelton, afterwards coming south with the family to South Hillend, then better known, as it remains to this day, the 'Turi district. The district at that time was in its natural state, and those who never travelled it can scarcely realise the difference that now exists to its then abate of bog and crabholes. Miss Julia Birmingham, as she then was, took service with several old families in Southland until married to Mr James Small by the late Rev. Father Kehoo at Riverton in 1881, With the exception of two years at Wreys Bush, Mr and Mrs Small have resided continuously in Otautau since their marriage, and their children were educated in the local school. Mrs Small was a hard-working and energetic woman, very kindly and neighourly in her disposition, a good wife and mother. She is survived by her husband, two sons and one daughter. Jack, the eldest son, is with Messrs J. Johnston and Son, engineers, Invercargill, and is married ; Mary, the only daughter, is Mrs Rowlett, and resides in Foxton ; while Henry, the youngest is a member of the 10th Reinforcements now serving in France. The interment takes place to-morrow in the Otautau (old) cemetery. Mr Small and his family have the sympathy of a very wide circle of friends all over the district.

Press, 18 December 1899, Page 5
PURCHASE OF A REFRIGERATING SHIP. Messrs Weddel and Company have sold the Langton Grange's cargo of Queensland meat, as provisions for the British troops at Durban, and also sold to the Imperial Government the ship Timaru, which will be used as a refrigerated store.

Otago Witness Friday 6 December 1867 page 10

A wind came up out of the sea,
And said, "O mists, make room for me."

It hailed the ships and cried, "Sail on, 
Ye mariners, the night is gone."

And hurried landward far away,
Crying, "Awake! it is day."