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'Star of India'

New Zealand Bound
to Wellington in 1874

The 'Star of India' official No. 43,925, tonnage 1064, a 3-masted, square-rigged ship, built at Dundee by Alexander Stephen & Sons for the London ship owners Somes Brothers, and launched in July 1861 was in New Zealand waters 1873-74.  She departed London 30th July 1874 and arrived Wellington 10th November 1874.  The Star of India only made two trips to New Zealand and that the 1874 trip was the second. It was common in those days to have two or three vessels sailing the oceans with the same name. Another Star of India was built in 1863 at Ramsey in the Isle of Man as Euterpe, a full-rigged iron ship.

Evening Post, 10 November 1874, Page 2 Port of Wellington
Nov 10 — Star of India, ship, 1004 tons, Captain C. Holloway, from London was worked into harbor this morning very skillfully by Pilot Holmes and anchored a short distance from the wharf. She has made the passage out in. 104 days mid experienced fine weather throughout. She has had a remarkably fine, although rather long, passage of 104 days. She bring 374 immigrants, who are reported in excellent health. Five deaths occurred during the passage, two being those of a father and child, the former committing suicide by jumping overboard with the child in his arms.

Passenger list transcription pdf 255k Count 375 passengers.
Reference: Family Search browse -Wellington -1874

Wellington harbour, Nov. 2011, 137 years later.