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The Re-emigration
New Zealand Bound
 Auckland to  
San Francisco 1850

The Southern Cross. Jan. 8. 1850.  It is to be regretted that so many of our settlers feel it to be for their advantage to leave us, for the more tempting prospects of California, but great as the loss, it is perhaps of removing, rather than sit still here in apathy and despair, useless for any good either to themselves or to others.

The recent discovery of gold in California and discontent of the colonists and had induced a re-emigration.

December 1849. The Californian gold rush caused a stampede to San Francisco, the forty-niners, mainly single men, coming in from all points of the compass leaving the harbour cluttered with ships deserted by crews. The population of San Francisco was estimated at 100,000 including 35,000 people who came by sea, 3000 sailors who deserted ships and 42,000 who came overland. Prices rose to absurd figures for most ordinary commodities. Onions and potatoes sold for a dollar a piece. Storekeepers and traders often reaped bigger harvests than the prospectors themselves.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 9 March 1850, Page

New Zealander, 1 September 1849, Page 1
FOR CALIFORNIA DIRECT. THE "FREDERICK," 90 tons, Captain Burns - has room for Two (2) cabin passengers and one steerage passenger.- Will sail on the 6th proximo. Apply to J. Salmon & Co, Aug. 28, 1849.

FIRST VESSEL FOR CALIFORNIA. THAT Fast Sailing Schooner "THOMAS LORD," Henry Cain, master - will sail for San Francisco direct the end of the ensuing week. Has room for a few passengers only, and will positively sail as above. Every attention will be paid to render the voyage agreeable. Early application is requested to the master on board, or to Brown & Campbell, August 27, 1849.

Auckland to San Francisco 1849-1850 (opens in a new window)

Daily Southern Cross, 20 July 1849 Arrivals — Foreign.
July 18. — "John Bull," 71 tons, Thos. Robinson, From Hobart Town 26th ultimo, bound for California. Passengers for Auckland, Mr. T. Pratt, wife and 2 children ; Mr. W. Harris, wife and 2 children , Messrs. Geo. Tansley, H. Carder, J. Coleman, Thos. Jones, W. S. Curry. — For San Francisco, Mr. John Reeves, Miss Steward, Mr. James Bayley, Messrs. H. Rowland, J. Atkinson and wife, Honeywood, Watson, R. Millhouse, T. Ashmore, D. McMillan, C. Smith, T. Roberts, C. Ainsworth, R. Prinock, Dillon, Russell, W. A. Sutherland.

Daily Southern Cross, 30 November 1849 Arrivals — Foreign.
Nov. 29. — "Wanderer," schooner R.Y.S., 4 guns, B. Boyd, Esq., from Sydney, via Monganui and the coast en route for California.

The Southern Cross 1 January 1850 pg1
For San Francisco
1. The fine barque "Avon," 300 tons burthen, Silver, commander.
2. To follow the "Enterprize", the fine A1 barque "Josephine," 310 tons register, Capt. Smith, now discharging coals at the Smelting works, Kawau.
3.The well known fast sailing A1 schooner "Shamock," W.D. Gray, Commander. No more than 10 passengers can be taken.
4. The teak built brig "Fanny," Captain Lidwell.
5. The splendid A1 clipper barque Reaper, 422 tons, James Rose, Commander. To arrive from Sydney
The brig 'Salacia,' Capt. Armstrong, sailed from Sydney for Hokianga, Dec. 13th, to load timber for San Francisco. Passengers - Mr Shore and Mr Wray.

The Southern Cross 1 January 1850 pg1  - Sydney Ship Gazette, Dec. 8
The 'Phoenician' left Sydney for Tahiti on the 30th Aug. and arrived there after 20 days. She brings the following information The 'Duchess of Clarence,' and the 'Thomas Lord,' from New Zealand, had touched at Tahiti, and resumed their voyages for San Francisco. A small schooner called the 'Speculator', commanded by Captain Whitfiled (well known in Sydney), had left Tahiti for San Francisco, but, on the tenth day, a squall struck her, and she capsized. All hands saved by taking to the boats in which they remained for 28 days and nothing to subsist on but a few candles which floated from the wreck. At length they reached the Navigator Group. Some of the crew have come on to Sydney by the 'Phoenician.' The 'Phoenician' is an Aberdeen built vessel, with the peculiar bow, now known by the name of that port. She is at present on her first voyage. The 'Swallow' left San Francisco, California on the 31st August. The barque 'Louisa,' from Sydney 26th May arrived in San Francisco on the 28th August. She spoke to the 'Volunteer' from Sydney on the 3rd Aug. Captain Macdonald, formerly of the 'Rebecca,' had died of fever. The schooner 'Joseph Albion' from Adelaide had touched at the Sandwich Islands, and resumed her voyage to San Francisco on 4th Oct. Capt. Seagrove spoke to the 'Star of China,' from Sydney 28th June, for San Francisco.

The Southern Cross. 11 January 1850 pg2
The barque 'Volunteer,' hence the 24th May, had arrived at Monterey, where the crew deserted, and the passengers had been compelled to walk overland to San Francisco. Upon this being made known, H.M.S. 'Inconstant' despatched some men to take her on.
The schooner 'Union' had arrived in California from Port Phillip, and was to leave for Sydney on the 1st Nov.
The barque 'William Watson' from Port Phillip, had arrived in San Francisco, and would sail for Valparaiso in a few days.
The 'Star of China' and 'Elizabeth Archer,' from Sydney, had arrived at San Francisco on the 10th November.
The brigs 'Margaret' and 'Giraffe' were at Oahu on the 6th November. Sydney Herald, Dec. 28th.
The schooner 'Flash' sailed from San Francisco for Tahiti and NSW on 24th Sept.
The 'Harriet Nathan,' 110 days from Hobart Town, arrived in San Francisco on Set. 17th.
the barque 'Lindsays' had been sold at San Francisco, for 2,500 dollars.
The brig 'Louisa', Capt. Milton, arrived at Honolulu, Oct. 27th, in 21 days from San Francisco.
The brig 'Regis', Capt . Johnson, arrived at the same port on the 31st Oct., in 18 days, from San Francisco, and sailed for China on11th Nov.
The 'Thomas Lord,' Capt. H. Cain, arrived at Honolulu, via Tahiti, on 16th Nov., in 64 days from Auckland. Her passengers are all reported well in the custom-house lists.
The cutter 'Thomas Nixey,' is reported among the vessels in Honolulu harbour on 3rd Nov.
The schooner 'Amason', Capt. Howell, sailed form Honolulu for New Zealand on 3rd Nov.

The Southern Cross Tuesday 15 January 1850 pg2
Departures - January 12 - Brig 'Enterprize', 253 tons, Capt. E. Lovering, for San Francisco. Passengers:

Candish 	Mr M
F?ogg 		Mr
Graham 		Mr D
Hooper 		Mr
Levey 		Mr S.H.
McVay 		Mr
Moffitt 	Mrs and two daughters
Reynolds 	Mr R.
Sibley 		Mr

The Southern Cross Tuesday 22 January 1850 pg2
Departures - Foreign
Jan. 21 - 'Fanny' 171 tons, Capt. Twohey, for California. Passengers -

Carson J
Cox C
Oakley E
Polack J.S.
Partiage Mr and Mrs 
Smyth D.R. H.
Trounce Mr and Mrs

The Southern Cross January 29 1850 Arrivals
Jan. 25 - "River Chief," 159 tons, Captain Matthews, from Hobart Town, Dec. 7th and Melbourne 2nd Jan. for San Francisco, via Tahiti.
Jan. 8 - "Ilio-mama" (Greyhound), 121 tons, of Honolulu, Capt. J.J. Church. Passenger - George Risly, Esq.

During the heavy gale on Friday last, the Hawaiian Schooner, 'Ilia-mama, (Grayhound), Captain Church, of Honolulu, in making for this port, was driven upon a ledge of rocks running out from the west head of the Tamaki where she bilged and went nearly on her ends. Attempting to refloat. Built at Baltimore, on the celebrated model of the clippers. On one occasion she made the passage from New York to Valparaiso, round the Horn, in the winter season, in 60 days. In the Pacific she saw some service in privateering, which was put a stop to by her capture by the Peruvian Government, who had her for several years under their flag, equipped as a war schooner, under the name 'Galga.' From their her agents in San Francisco she was purchased by her present owner Mr Risely, in September last, and had only performed two successful trips among the Sandwich Islands when she sailed for this port for a cargo of produce. We regret her loss the more on account of her not being insured, and from the fact of her having undergone repairs to the extent of nearly £2000 a short time previously to her disposal by the Peruvian Government. A finer model of a vessel has never been seen in our waters, and convinces one at first sight of her extraordinary sailing capabilities. Her passage from the Sandwich Islands has been the quickest ever made in 3 1 days, out of which her log book shows her to have been becalmed 8 days, during which she did not make 600 miles.
The chief cause of the accident may be attributed to the want of a pilot station on Tiritiri-matangi, which island ten vessel passed in safety. No charts of the coast, or the Hauraki Gulf, being procurable at Honolulu, Captain Church was obliged to make for the harbour without these preliminary requisites. .... [Repaired but  wrecked at Hawkes Bay on 5th July 1853 ]
Full report Southern Cross March 5 1850 pg2. Mr Risely, Kaala (steward), Robert Moubray, and Kamaka.

Cleared out
Jan. 28 Gloucester, 247 tons, Capt. T. Tandiff for San Francisco.

Passengers - 
Cook 	Dr
Nagle 	Capt.
Smith 	Mr , 69 males, 22 female adults, 13 female children,
Smith 	B. and 5 children, 2 male adults.


The Southern Cross Friday 1st Feb. 1850 pg 4
Governor Grey is one of those bubbles which the Colonial-office blows off from time to time to float in distant dependencies. The tiny vesicle, inflated and buoyant, sails along in safety for a time, but it is broken by a breath, and soon descends to the earth, a mere drop of suds, eliminated from "Hawes' best." Captain Grey was appointed governor of South Australia at a critical juncture. ... Like most other rulers, he was no more the means of prosperity than the man in the moon, but he obtained the entire credit of change, and hence his nomination to New Zealand.
    He was sent to tranquilize, we intimi dated at the time that Honi Heki would prove unsatisfactory and set in blackness. He has drawn large drafts on English capital. Both have hitherto been punctually honored; but "doubts have arisen" at home - discontent has been excited in New Zealand, and the empire is about to witness the extinction of another of its "best governors" in palpable darkness and disgrace. The sham cannot go on all fours, must ultimately tumble and moulder on the nearest dunghill.....the recent discovery of gold in California had aggravated the evils and discontent of the colonists, and had induced a re-emigration injurious to New Zealand, which would not have occurred had the colony been prosperous; that there was an urgent necessity for opening up the lands of the colony to the enterprise of the colonists...These Anglo-New Zealanders have not entirely lost the free spirit of their ancestors.

Tuesday 5 February 1850
Feb. 1 - Sarah 130 tons Capt. Lewis Grant, from Sydney via Newcastle. Imports: 40 sheep, 50 bars iron, 60 bags flour, 9 half barrels gunpowder, 140 tons coals, 6 boxes candles.
Feb. 4 - Two Friends brig, 206 tons, Captain E. Courteney from San Francisco 4th Dec. Made an average run of 56 days. Imports 138 kegs nails, 55 boxes tobacco, 5 puncheons rum.

Gold in California is not quite so plentiful as reported.

Feb. 2 - Moa 237 tons, Capt. L.D. Norris, for Sydney. Passengers, Lieutenant Wynyard, Captain Henderson, Ensign Cooper, Thomas Heale, Esq., Mr and Mrs Wright, Mrs Pringle and family, J. Woodhouse, Esq., and 4 in steerage.

Departure - Coastwise
Feb. 4 - Children, 31 tons, Reed to Bay of Islands. Passengers - Mr Thomas Williams, Mr and Miss Clendon.

Friday 8 February 1850 Departures
Feb. 5 - Shamrock, 85 tons, Captain Gray, for San Francisco - Passengers - Messrs Napier, Monk, Serangue, Owen and Spencer. Exports: 25,000 ft sawn timber, 124 packages (a house), 20,000 shingles, 16 cases pork, 220 boxes potatoes, 55 boxes onions, 3 bundles lines, 31 bags oats (98 bushels)

Tuesday 12 February 1850 Arrivals
Feb. 9. 'Noble', 251 tons, Capt. Parker, for San Francisco. Exports: 17 hhds brls. ale, 60 tons coal, 25,000 shingles, 3 wheelbarrows, 203 bundles containing 7 houses, 10 bolts canvas, 9 doors, 6 shutters, 67 doors, 21,000 shingles, 2,500 bricks, 51 cases onions, 21 boxes carrots, 3 bales slop...

Passengers - 
Brodie 		Mr Walter
Carleton 	Mr Hough Esq. 
de Thierry 	Baron
Shoveller 	Mr T.E.
Taylor 		Mr Allan
Vaile 		Mr Samuel

Tuesday February 19 1850 pg 2
Vessels for California
The Colonist, 350 tons, Capt. Marshall ready to sail on Thursday next.
The Josephine, 310 tons, Capt. Smith, will sail in a week. Mr Risby, the owner of the unfortunate schooner 'Ilio-Mama,' returns a passenger by her to Honolulu. Mr Henry and Mr McFarlane have also taken passage by this vessel.
The schooner Sir John Franklin, 70 tons is ready for sea, and will sail in a few days.
The ship Johnstone, 600 tons, Capt. Harrison has now fast filled up her cargo and has several intermediate and steerage berths engaged.
The barques Reaper, 420 tons, Capt. Rae, and Hamlet, 450 tons, Capt. Wilson, have commenced loading. The former is chartered by Messrs Henderson and McFarlane, and both will have quick despatch.
The ship Commodore, 600 tons, Capt. Broadfoot, chartered by Messrs Gardiner, Stone and several other parties conjointly will be ready to take cargo in the course of a few days.
The schooners 'William and James' 90 tons Capt. Currie and Eagle, 120 tons, Capt. Winter will commence loading on discharge of their inward cargoes.
The new schooner Eclair  49 tons built by Mr Peppercorn, at Coromandel, is also to proceed to Tahiti and San Francisco on her return from a trip to the Great Barrier.

Feb. 26 1850
Feb. 23 - Colonist, 261 tons, Capt. Marshall, for California. Passengers
Hayes Dr
Hay Capt.
and 108 in steerage, as shipped from Adelaide
From Auckland Mr and Mrs McGuire?, Mr Shank.

Friday 1 March 1850 Departures
Feb. 27 - Josephine 310 tons H. Smith for San Francisco. Passengers
Henry Mr John
MacFarlane Mr John
Ricely Mr and Mrs
Smith Mrs

Southern Cross Tuesday 5 March 1850
Arrivals -Foreign
Feb. 4 - Barque "Smyrna," 272 tons, John Ankers, from San Francisco 26th Dec. Passengers, Messrs Townsend Harris, & Elijah Hart.

March 2 - "Sir John Franklin," 52 tons, J. John Church, for San Francisco. Passengers: Mr J. Campbell, and Mr B. Newell. Exports: 16 tons timber, 8000 feet, in 795 pieces, 1Ό tons timber, 1 house, in 10 packages, 10 tons potatoes in 200 boxes, 2 tons carrots in 16 casks, 6 tons flour in 110 bags, Ό ton onions in 16 cases, 5 tons coal in bulk, 2 cases Geneva, 7 ½ gallons. 1 barrel gin, 28 gallons.

Friday 15 March 1850
Departures -Foreign
March 13 - Reaper, 423 tons, Capt. Rose, for California. Exports - 20 bags flour, 12 bags sugar, 30 casks bottled beer, 2 casks refined sugar, 4 cases pictures, 85 tons coal, 13 casks lime, 2 casks coal tar, 24,000 feet cedar boards, 12 grindstones, 2 wooden houses, 1 boat frame, 3 cases window sashes and doors, 1 case seeds, 1 jar quick silver, 19 tons scantling and boards, 2 tons beetroot, 1 package harness, 6,000 feet sawn timber, 1 wooden house, 1 tent and poles, 5 bales blankets. Passengers -

Badkin 		Mr
Brown 		Mr
Donald 		Mr
Downing 	Mr
Forbes 		Dr
Forman 		Mr
How 		Mr
Levindich 	Mr
McGhee 		Mr
Marshall 	Miss
Mayo 		Mr
More 		Mr
Morton 		Mr
Murray 		Mr
Rumlander 	Mr
Sampson 	Mr
Smith 		and wife
Smith 		C.
4 aborigines, and 43 others in steerage.
Brown and Campbell, agents

March 13 - 'William and James' 75 tons, Capt. Currie for San Francisco. Exports - 34 boxes of potatoes, 3 cases pickles, 1 case mustard, 3 coils rope, a cask salad oil, 1 bag nuts, 2 bags biscuits, 457 bags oats, 15 bags flour, 8 cases 1 package (windows), 3 bags gunny bags, 5 cases slops, 60 pieces sawn timber , 10,000 feet sawn timber, 15 cwt. beef, 656 boxes potatoes (18 tons,) 3 tons potatoes. Passengers -

Constable 	Mr E
Cummins 	James
Cummins 	Mrs
Currie 		Mrs
Jeffries 	J
Jeffries 	T.
Watson 		J.

Friday 22 March 1850
The Spec had a fine run of 59 days from San Francisco.
The brig Spence for Sydney left San Francisco 14 days before the Spec.
The Ebenezer arrived at San Francisco 9th Dec, after a passage of 65 days from Sydney.
The Margaret had also arrived in San Francisco.
The Mazeppa cleared this port on 24th Dec.
The Giraffe from Sydney arrived at San Francisco on the 5 Dec.
The Inchinnan had been chartered to proceed from San Francisco to Panama.
The Fair Tasmanian from Launceston arrived at San Francisco on the 26th Dec.
Several vessels were about to sail form California to Newcastle (NSW) for coals.
Captain Paine of the Maitland reports the arrival of the barque Spartan, Capt. Pain, at Newcastle from San Francisco, 53 days out. Passengers - Mr Bowden and son, Messrs Griffiths, Webb, Anchor, Rudeforth, McSweney, and Capt. Procter, of the breeze, schooner.
The Spartan will take coals at Newcastle and proceed too Launceston to fill with cargo for California.
The Coquette from Sydney and Thomas Lord from New Zealand had arrived at Sydney prior to 1st January.
The Spencer cleared out for Sydney on the 31st Dec.

The Southern Cross Friday 29 March 1850
Departures - Foreign
March 27 - Hamlet, 420 tons. Capt. Wilson for San Francisco. Exports - Original cargo from Sydney; 90 bags flour, 55 cases oilman's stores, 79 bags oats, 1 case (ice machine). Shipped at Auckland: 2 casks acids, 1 case alley balls, 149 bags barley, 97 bags barley and oats, 78 bags flour, 143 boxes potatoes, 4 cases sardines, 11,178 pieces sawn timber, 29,000 shingles, T. Henderson; 40 bags flour, 4 casks onions, 307 boxes potatoes, 1 case (pianoforte), W. Hart; 240 packages house timber. Passengers - Cabin

Carnegie 	Mrs and 3 children
Christian 	Mr
Clarke 		Mr R.
Hart 		Mr and Mrs
Hart 		Mr jun.
McDonald 	Mr R
McKenzie 	Mr R
Scott 		Capt. R.N.

Aitken 		James
Aubrey 		W
Clarke 		John
Hall 		Benjamin
Hay 		David
Newman 		T wife and son
Owen 		W. and wife
Smith 		John
Smith 		Thomas
Stokes 		W and wife
Wilson 		William

Daily Southern Cross, 9 April 1850, Page 2
Departures — Foreign. April 6 — 'Post Boy,' 31 tons, Capt. Parker, for San Francisco. Passengers — Messrs. Tutty, Fishwick, Henessy and Son, and Legget. John McDougall, agent.

Daily Southern Cross, 16 July 1850, Page 2
Departures — Foreign. July 15 — Inchnan, 565 torn, Capt. Peartr, for San Francisco. Passengers— H . McDouall , Esq. , Mrs. Smith and 3 children, J. Macky, agent.
15. — Moa, Capt. Noiris, for Sydney. Passengers —Mrs. FitzGerald & family, Mr. Bludden, Mr. Somerville, Mrs Meville. W. S. Grahame, agent.

Daily Southern Cross, 30 April 1850, Page
Arrivals — Foreign. April 28. Inchinnan, 565 tons, Henry Pearse, from San Francisco. Passengers, Messrs. McDuall, Harrison, McCann, Yates. — James Macky, agent.

Daily Southern Cross, 7 June 1850, Page 2
Arrivals — Foreign. June 5. — Emma, 121 tons, Captain Fox, from Sydney the 20th ulto. Passengers — Mr. St. Hill, Mr. C. Ashby, Mr. & Mrs Thompson, Messrs. F. Owen, J. Ayres, W. Smith. J. Woodhouse, agent.
Departures — Foreign. June 4. — Constant, 535 tons, Captain Coombes, for San Francisco. Passengers — Capt. Devlin, Mr. P. Devlin, Mr. W. Paul, Mrs. Beatson and child, Mrs Faucett & 4 children, Mr. McCarfee. J. Macky, agent.

Daily Southern Cross, 21 June 1850, Page 2
Arrived — Foreign. June 19 — Maukin, 146 tons, Capt. Bowden, from San Francisco, via Tahiti. Passengers — Messrs Cleghorn, S. A. Wood, Sutherland, and Welch. W. S. Grahame, agent.

Daily Southern Cross, 19 July 1850, Page 2
Departures — Foreign: July 18. — Lord Stanley, 336 tons, Capt. McKay, for San Francisco. Passengers — A. W. Bottomley, Esq., Dr. Carter and lady, Mrs Prior and 3 children, Mrs. Bush, 3 daughter, and son. T. Lewis, agent.

Daily Southern Cross, 2 August 1850, Page 2
Arrivals — Foreign. July 31. — Kiwi, 86 tons, Capt. McLean, from San Francisco 10th April, and from Honolulu June 7th. Passengers — Mr. Heath and Mr. Walton. W. S. Grahame, agent.

Daily Southern Cross, 13 August 1850, Page 2
Departures — Foreign. August 9 —  Sarah Scott 383 tons, Captain Spedding, for San Francisco. Passengers — G. O. Ormsby, Esq., Mr. Brereton. Henderson & Co. agents.

Daily Southern Cross, 23 August 1850, Page 2 MARRIED
On the 12th of June, at Grace Church, San Francisco, by the Rev. John L. Ver Meyer, Robert Graham, Esq., of Auckland, New Zealand, to Miss Sophia Swann, fourth daughter of Edward Swann, Esq., Royal Ordinance Surgeon, of Weedon, Northamptonshire, England.

Daily Southern Cross, 24 September 1850, Page 2
Entered Inwards. September 21. — Ellen 39 tons, P. Cooney, from San Francisco the 17tb of July and the Hawaiian Islands on the 12th of August. Passenger: John Cuthbert. J. Macky, agent.

Daily Southern Cross, 1 October 1850, Page 2
Entered Inwards. Sept. 28. — Glencoe, 214 tons, John Lilewall, from San Francisco 10th, and Honolulu 28th August, in ballast. Passengers, Messrs. Fitz, Fishwick, Gollicar, Tibley, Craig, and Moore. — Thomas Lewis, agent.

Daily Southern Cross, 11 October 1850, Page 2
October 10. — Barque, Helen S. Page, 271 tons, Joseph J. Church, commander, from San Francisco 15th August, arrived at Oahu on the 28th August, whence she sailed for this port on the 2nd of September, in ballast. Passengers, Mr. Robert Graham, Mrs. Graham and a Sandwich Island boy.

Daily Southern Cross, 19 November 1850, Page 2
Entered Inward November 18th. — Arabia, 92 tons, Alex. Young, from San Francisco. — Passengers, Messrs. John Williamson, John Alfred Langford, John Keesing, J. Young, John Henry, John McWaters, Wm. Ladd. — Stone, agent.

Daily Southern Cross, 24 December 1850, Page 3
Entered Inwards. December 23.— Camilla, 201 tons, Captain F. B. Chilcott, from San Francisco, in ballast. Passengers - Messrs. George and Charles Cooper, Dr. G. B. Phillipson, Messrs. Thomas Handcock, John Corless and wife, Charles Robinson, John Moon, ___ Cox, Mrs. Turner and three children, Mr and Mrs M'Clever and three children, Alexander Cott, Alexander White. Captain, agent.

Daily Southern Cross, 31 December 1850, Page 2
Entered Inward. December 30. Daniel Webster, 296 tons, Capt. J. S. Macfarlane, from Sydney. Passengers Mr. Partington and Mr. Bewes. Salmon & Co. agents.
30. — Novelty, 255 tons, Captain John Harrison from San Francisco, in ballast. Passengers — Mr. G. Murray, Mr. and Mrs. Badkin and child. Brown & Campbell, agents.

The Southern Cross Thursday January 21 1864
Death. On October 9th last, at his residence, Stockton-street, San Francisco, California, Mr P. Monro, formerly of Auckland, aged 70.

Mystic Seaport  whalers
Passenger Lists
1893--1934 search
California Bound  
Lookup San Francisco Passenger Lists Volumes 1, 2, and 4; by Louis J. Rasmussen. 
Volume 1 1850-1864 Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1978.

Bateson, Charles, Gold Fleet for California, forty-niners from Australia and New Zealand. Michigan State University Press, East Lansing, MI. June 1964. Includes index and appendix listing the vessels that sailed carrying between seven and eight thousand people from Australia and New Zealand for 'Frisco' from January 1849 to December 1850, many via Honolulu.  By 1851 the tide was turning and many returned as gold was discovered in NSW in 1851. First edition (?) from Minerva publishing Auckland. Ure Smith, Sydney (1963). He compiled appendixes in the back of the book from various official shipping and newspaper sources. Honolulu arrival and sailing dates are from the Harbourmaster's records, Hawaiian Archives, Honolulu. Sailings for California from New Zealand with a Honolulu connection:
a. Sailed Auckland 14 Jan. 1850 "Enterprise" Bg 253 tons Capt. E. Lovering. Arrived Honolulu 5 March, departed Honolulu, 15 April. No. of passengers 13.
b. Sailed Auckland 21 Jan 1850 "Fanny" Bg. 171 tons Capt. Wm Twohey. Arrived Honolulu 7 May, departed Honolulu 10 June. No. passengers 9.
c. Sailed Auckland 5 Feb. 1850 "Shamrock" Sch. 80 tons. Capt. W. Gray. Arrived Honolulu 30 Apr. departed Honolulu 14 May. No. passengers 3.
d. Sailed Auckland 10 Sept. 1849 "Thomas Lord" Sch. 70 tons, Capt. Henry  Cain. Arrived Honolulu 15 Nov. departed Honolulu 27 Nov. No. passengers 12.
e. Sailed Auckland 17 June 1849, "Clyde" Sch. 40 tons. Capt. Alex McLean. Arrived Honolulu 6 Sept. departed Honolulu 10 Sept. No. passengers 25. 

"I'll scrape the mountains clean, old girl,
I'll drain the rivers dry.
I'm off for California, Susannah, don't you cry.
Oh, Susannah, don't you cry for me,
I'm off to California with my wash bowl on my knee!"

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