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New Zealand Bound
to Otago in 1859

The following is a transcript from the Otago Witness 10th December 1859, page 4  

Shipping News.
Arrived. Dec. 2 Sevilla, 598 tons, Kerr, from Glasgow, with 231 bars, 22 bundles, and 18 pieces iron, 350 tuns pig iron, 4 bundles sheet iron, 1 do. hoops, 12 sole plates, 18 pieces plough metal, 1 bundle and 3 pieces steel, 15 pieces threshing machine, wheels and 2 axles, 1 bag chain, 2344 boards, 100 casks ale, 2 chests and 3 half-chests tea, 30 tons coal, 1 bale shirts, 6 boxes fish, 2 barrels preserves, 3 casks whisky, 20 cases Geneva, 27 boxes 9 bales, 20 kegs, 14 barrels and 9 puncheons merchandise. Passengers 304
Charles Abbot, wife, son, and daughter
James Adamson,
Geo. Addison and wife
Ann Aitchison
Jessie Aitken
Jas. Alexander
Archibald Allan, wife, son, and daughter
James Allan
William, Elizabeth and Harvey Allan
Gavin Amos
Peter Arnot  [of Shag Valley, d. 1906]
Wm. Ballantyne and wife
Alexander Black, wife, 3 sons and 4 daughters
George Blacklock
Wm. and Andrew Boyd
James Bunt, wife, son, and daughter
John Clarke, wife, and 2 daughters
John Cameron
Hugh Cameron and wife
Duncan Campbell and wife
Mary Ann Campbell
James Carson
James Christie, wife, son, and 3 daughters
Martin Collins and wife
Robert Cotton
Robert Crawford, wife, 2 sons, and 2 daughters [(Robert d. 1901, age 78, Pt Molyneux and Bluff]
Rachel Dick
George Denham
John Dodds
Robert Donelly
Robert Douglas, wife and two daughters
James Duncan, wife, 2 sons and 2 daughters
Wm. Davidson
Elizabeth Eason
William Ewing
Robert and Mary Forsyth  [Mary - Mrs Wm A. Ewing d, 1906, age 71]
Wm. Gallon and wife
Peter Gallon
William Galloway, wife and 2 sons
James Geddes, wile, ?4 sons and 2 daughters
Margaret and Elizabeth Gibson
WM. Glover
Jas. Gowans
Miles Green
Thos. Greig
Robert Hardie
Patrick Henderson
John Howie, and wife
Andrew Hewitson, wife, 4 sons and 5 daughters [Andrew  b. Maybole, Ayrshire, d. age 92 - obit. Otago Witness, 19 June 1907, Page 29, m. Margaret Farquhar]  [William Hewitson, died 1905, (60), Lovell's Flat] [Mrs Andrew Hewitson, 83 (Margaret Farquhar), Milton, sister of Robert Farquhar, Warepa]
William and Honor Hurren
Robert Hutton
John Knox
Henry Knott and wife
Francis Krull, wife, and son
Adam Landels
Charles Lees
James Little and wife
Jas. Lochead
John Mauglun
Wm. Merrilees
Elizabeth and Betty R. Mitchell
William Mitchell, wife, son, and 2 daughters
Isabella Moir
John Morrison, wife, son, and daughter
Finlay and Catherine Murchson
Charlotte Murison
Robert Murray
Henry McCormick, wile, son, and daughter
John and Ann McGilvray
James McGregor
Peter Murray McGregor  [died 1904] and wife
Neil McKinnon, wife, 2 sons, and 7 daughters
Alexander McKenzie, wife, ?4 sons and 3 daughters
John McKenzie and wife
Thomas McKenzie and wife
Malcolm McLean and wife
Murdo McLean, wife, son, a
John McMillan and wife
Archibald M'Neur
William McSwan, wife and son
James Neill, wife, 2 sons and 2 daughters
Robert Neil
Matthew Paterson  [d. age (70), Kaihiku, Clutha, first job - bush felling Green island then Anderson's Bay. Obit. - Otago Witness 25 Nov. 1903, Page 37]
Margaret Philip
James Pittillo, wife and son
John Reid, wife, 3 sons and daughter
John Reiley
Rebecca and Mary Ann Reoch
James Ritchie
Margaret Robertson
Richard Sanderson
Charles Scott, wife, and 2 sons
James Scott, wife, and son
Alexander Simpson
Wm. Sinclair, wife, 3 sons and daughter [d. 1905, aged 89, Dunedin]
David Smith and wife
Andrew Smith
John Strachan, wife, and 3 sons
Mary Strachan
Alex. Sutherland, wife, son, and daughter
Henry and Frederick Tansley
Rebeeca Tansley
Thomas Thomson and wife
John Thomson, wife, son, and daughter
Samuel Thomson
John and Barbara Tolme
Wm. Turner, wife, and daughter
William Urquhart
Thomas Walshe, wife, son, and daughter
Jas. Watson, wife, 5 sons and daughter
George Woods, wife, 4 sons and 3 daughters

Macandrew & Co., agents. The above List comprises 50 married couples, 68 single men and 31 single females; 46 male and 40 female children between 1 and 12 years of age ; and 10 male and 9 female infants; making a total of 304 souls, equal to 212 adults.

ANALYSIS Or OCCUPATIONS. Baker 1, Blacksmiths 4, Brassfounder 1, Cabinetmaker 1, Carpenters 17, Clerks 8, Druggist 1, Engineer 1, Farmers 7, Farm Servants 2, Gardeners 2, Labourers 32, Masons 3, Merchant 1, Miner 1, Ploughmen 16, Shepherds 3, Storekeeper 1, Sawyers 4, Tailors 2, Dairymaids 3, Dressmaker 3, Domestic Servants 10, Laundress 1, Nurse 1.

Sept. 20, Mrs. William Turner of a son, which died on the 7th October
Nov. 21, Mrs Francis Krull of a son
Nov. 29, Mrs. Alexander McKenzie of a son.

Catherine Douglas, aged 7 months, died Aug. 26.
Peter McGregor, aged 8 months, died Aug. 28
Henry McCormick, aged 10 months, died Aug. 29
Mary Jane McCormick, aged 10 months, died Sept. 7.
William McKenzie aged 9 months, died Oct. 2
John McKenzie aged 2 years, died Oct. 2
Alexander Galloway aged 9 months, died Oct. 4
Agnes Elspeth Scott, aged 8 months died Oct. 4
Elizabeth Turner aged 20 months, died 4 Oct.
William Duncan, aged 4 months, died Nov. 9
Elizabeth Ballantine, aged 2 years died 18.

The "Sevilla," immigrant ship, arrived on Thursday last, from the Clyde, which she left on the l9th of August, having thus made the voyage in 103 days. On the 22nd day after her departure she sighted the Cape de Verd Islands, and 15 days thereafter crossed the line. Remarkably fine weather was experienced until the meridian of the Cape was passed on the 3rd of October after which strong westerly weather prevailed. Land was made on the New Zealand coast on the 28th ult., and the anchor was dropped outside the Heads at 10 a.m. on the 1st. instant. By this arrival we have an addition of upwards of 300 souls to our population. The voyage has been on the whole a pleasant one.

The following Testimonial was presented to Mr. John Black, on board the Sevilla:
We, the undermentioned emigrants, having now nearly completed our voyage from Glasgow to Otago, New Zealand, and being about to separate, each to our different destinations in that colony, we consider it a duty incumbent on us, before we finally take leave of each other, to bear witness to the uniform kindness and civility shown to us by Mr. John Black in his capacity as passengers' cook on board the "Sevilla;" and when it is considered that he had about 300 persons, including children, to serve, it will at once be apparent that his duties were arduous, and his place no sinecure ; yet in spite of numerous difficulties attending his situation, he has given us all manner of justice and entire satisfaction. We therefore beg, in this public manner, to tender to him our heartfelt thanks for his exertions in our behalf, and we pray God to grant him health and prosperity in all his undertakings.
[Signed by 102 passengers.]

Otago Witness, 3 December 1859, Page 5
The "Sevilla," from Glasgow, with immigrants, arrived at the Heads on Thursday afternoon, and was towed up to Port Chalmers by the steamer "Geelong" yesterday morning. She brings us an addition to our population of 304 souls, of whom 249 are Government immigrants. From the list it would appear that the immigrants have been well selected as to occupations, and will be a very seasonable addition to our labour market. The whole of the passengers were brought up and landed at Dunedin by the steamers " Geelong" and " New Era' yesterday.

Otago Witness, 14 January 1860, Page 5
Wednesday, January 4. (Before J. H. Harris, Esq., R.M.)
Thomas Nelson was charged with absconding from the ship "Sevilla," and sentenced to ten weeks' imprisonment, with hard labour.
Friday, January 6. William Laing, seaman, was charged with absconding from the ship "Sevilla," and was sentenced to eight weeks' imprisonment, with hard labour.

Otago Witness, 11 February 1860, Page 3
On Tuesday an inquest was held at Port Chalmers, before E. Hulme, Esq., coroner, and a jury, on the body of Charles Henry Lee who destroyed himself the previous day by 4 cutting his throat while labouring under delirium from the effects of excessive drinking. ... Deceased was an immigrant by the " Sevilla" a few months since, and was sawing in Sawyers' bay with a mate named Jones. The jury returned a verdict of " Temporary insanity."

Otago Witness, 14 April 1898, Page 23
James Watson, Waitaki, says that he came out in her on her maiden trip under Captain Keir, that he kept a diary, and that the entries show that the vessel sailed from Gourock on February 19, 1859, and that after a passage of 104 days they landed at Port Chalmers on the night of Thursday, December 1, 1859.

Otago Witness, 15 September 1909, Page 26
There passed away on August 31, at her residence, Castle street north, an old colonist in the person of Mrs James Pattillo, who {arrived by the ship Sevilla on the 2nd December, 1859, with her husband and eldest child a boy of 18 months, their second son being born 11 days after their arrival. The first cottage was a small house in George street, on the ground at present occupied by Dr Ritchie, where Mr and Mrs Pattillo resided for about 12 months, thence removing to their own house in Upper Regent road, abutting on the Town Belt. The timber for this house was carried from George street, near to Dundas street, up a rough track through the scrub, this being the first house on that part of the hill facing the then village of Dunedin. Mr Pattillo (who is now in his seventy-ninth year) states that when they arrived in Dunedin the present Octagon was covered with flax bushes, and George street from the Octagon to Frederick street had only a dray road in the. centre, the rest of the roadway being in its natural stat. The late Mrs Pattillo, with her husband and child, were amongst the first passengers carried from Port Chalmers by the p.s Geelong, which anchored about 100 yards off the old jetty at Jetty street, the passengers then having to go ashore in small boats. Mr and Mrs Pattillo celebrated their golden wedding on the 12th June, 1907. The deceased lady is survived by her husband, four sons, and three daughters, and had she been spared for another three months her period of residence in Dunedin would have reached the half-century.

Otago Witness, 21 February 1906, Page 27
Mrs McKay, who died at Mosgiel last week, was an old resident of the district, having arrived there more than 46 years ago. She came to New Zealand in the skip Sevilla, in 1859.

Mrs Samuel McKay (83), Mosgiel, Sevilla, 1859, died 1906 - OESA