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New Zealand Bound
The Lyttelton Times December 18, 1861
Dale Album, Canterbury Museum.

Passenger list pdf and

On Saturday afternoon the ship Sebastopol arrived in harbour, after a fair passage, which has occupied 99 days from the Downs.  She sighted the Snares on the 7th, and has been detained a week beating up the coast.  Made a fair passage to the Line, but met with light and baffling winds till she got well down south, when she made good way till her arrival within sight of coast.  She brings about 186 souls (all ages) on account of the Provincial Government and several other passengers, with a moderate amount of cargo.  Some sickness occurred when in the tropics and four deaths have taken place during the voyage--three adults and one infant--Thomas McFARLANE, aged 19;  John HAINES, age 25; Louisa DETHER, aged 5 months; and a young man named Alexander SOUTER, not a Government immigrant.

Sailed -- September 6, 1861 from London
Arrived --December 14, ship Sebastopol, 992 tons, J.A. Frazer


Chief Cabin
BATT, Mr and Mrs  and child
BENNETT,  Mrs and Miss
THOMSON, Mrs  and two children


Government Immigrants

Married Couples
ARMSTRONG 	Walter	 24 blacksmith		 Westmoreland	 and wife Dorothy 22
BIRD		Thomas	 23 farm labourer	 Westmoreland	 wife Mary 20
BRISCOE		James	 31 farm labourer	 Shropshire	 wife Caroline M.A. 33 and Caroline M.A. 8, Eliza 6, Hannah 4, Lucy 1
CLARK		Donald	 43 shepherd		 Invernesshire	 wife Isabella 36 and Janet 8, James 6, John 4, Wilhelmina 9mths
CONNER		Michael     farm labourer	 King's County	 wife and child
DEMPSTER	William  32 farm labourer	 Antrim		 wife Mary 34 and child Mary E. 1
DETHIER		Theodore 42 carpenter		 Middlesex	 wife Jane 37 & Theodore 3, Edward 1, Louisa 2mths died
DICKSON		James	 27 ploughman		 Lanarkshire	 wife Mary 20
DOBSON		Robert	 32 bootmaker		 Middlesex	 wife Sarah Ann 35 and child Mary Ann 1
EATON		James 	 30 farm labourer	 Yorkshire	 wife Hannah 32
ECKHOFF		Henry	 46 farm labourer	 Hanover	 and wife Wilhelmina 36
ELLIOT		Joseph	 25 ploughman		 Lanarkshire	 and wife  Mary 20
FABLIN		William  21 cow-keeper		 Kent		 Margt. 29, Wm 9, David 7, Henry 3, Margt. 3mths, Jane 7 (sister) 
FERGUSON	George 	 26 carpenter		 Perthshire	 wife Marjory 20, and Margaret 2 and George 8mths
GREIG		John	 25 shepherd		 Rosshire	 and wife Christina 26 from Invernessshiire
HEUZE		Henry	 38 farm labourer	 Hanover	 wife Johanne 28	
HOWELL		Edmund	 31 iron moulder	 Staffordshire	 and wife Sarah 31
HAYNES 		John	 25 farm labourer 	 Leicestershire  wife Sarah Anne 25, and Thomas 2 William 10 mths. 		
HUGHES		James	 27 farm labourer	 Tyrone		 and wife, sarah 21 
HUNTER		Robert	 38 sawyer		 Aberdeenshire	 wife, Barbara 36, and child Elizabeth 9
JOHNSON		Thomas	 43 farm labourer	 Nottinghamshire wife Mary 442 and fanny 1 Emma 5, Lucy 1, Joseph 1
LEGGET		Robert	 24 farm labourer	 Armagh		 and wife Mary and infant
LUSK 		David	 joiner			 Buteshire	 wife and three children
MASON	 	John	 26 farm labourer	 Westmoreland	 wife Margaret 23 and infant Jane
MATTHEWS	John	 46 schoolmaster	 Oxfordshire 	 wife Emma 29 and Mary 9	
NOONAN		Thomas   21 carver		 Lancashire	 wife, Emma J. 18, and child Theresa 3mths
O'SHAUGHNESSY	William  28 farm labourer	 Kildare	 and wife Mary 27
POWER		John	 24 domestic servant	 Tipperary	 and wife Alice 22  
POWER		Michael  24 farm labourer	 Waterford	 wife, Mary 22 and child John 8mths
RAINEY		Robert   20 farm labourer	 Antrim 	 and wife Mary 21
ROCKETT		Thomas	 28 farm labourer	 Dorsetshire	 wife Elizabeth 29 and Frederick 1, Emma 6 weeks
ROUND		Elijah	 36 blacksmith		 Staffordshire	 wife Grace 35 and Louisa 9  and female infant R.
THOMAS		Charles	 44 butcher		 Gloucestershire wife Elizabeth 45 and Elizabeth 11 and Mary 7
WILLS		Richard  36 farm labourer	 Staffordshire	 wife, Amelia 40 and Stephen 10, Peter 8, Amelia 3

Single Men
ADAMS		David	 30  farm labourer	 Down
ANGUS 		Alex.	 29 labourer		 Clackmannanshire
ARNOTT		Robert	 40 farm labourer	 Armagh
ARNOTT		Thomas	 20 farm labourer	 Armagh
BROUGH		Wm.	 32 farm labourer	 Perthshire
COLLIER		John	 20 farm labourer	 Carlow
CONNER		Cornelius 29 farm labourer	 Down
CONNOR		Edward Jno. 20 farm labourer	 Middlesex
CASSIN		Michael	  25 farm labourer	 Queen's County
DAVIDSON	Alex.	  21 farm labourer	 Aberdeenshire
DONOVAN		Cornelius 21 farm labourer	 Cork  
DOWNOR		Cornelius 29 farm labourer	 Cork  travelling with Cornelius Hickey
DUNN		Martin    21ploughman		 Galway
FALLOON		Arthur	  28 ploughman		 Armagh
FARQUAR		John	  19 ploughman		 Armagh
HAZELHURST	John 	  29 farm labourer	 Notts
HAYWARD		Wm.	  30 farm labourer	 Brecknockshire
HAYES		Wm.	  27 farm labourer	 Down
HAYES		John	  18 farm labourer	 Down
HICKEY		Cornelius 28 farm labourer	 Cork travelling with Cornelius DOWNOR
JOHNSON		Samuel	  16 farm labourer	 Nottinghamshire
KERR		Edward	  16 shepherd		 Midlothian
KERR		Henry	  14 shepherd		 Midlothian
KERR		Henry	  40 blacksmith		 Midlothian
KOENAN		Michael	  19 labourer		 Fermanagh
LALOR		Daniel	  28 farm labourer 	 Queen's County
LALOR		Michael   22 farm labourer	 Queen's County
LORD		William   20 labourer		 Yorkshire
LOWRY		Robert	  19 schoolmaster	 Down
MAY		George    30 labourer		 Somersetshire
McFARLANE	Thomas	  19 farm labourer	 Down			died
McLACHLAN	John	  22 bricklayer		 Buteshire
MILNE 		Alex.	  19 carpenter		 Forfarshire
MOORHEAD	Michael	  25 farm labourer	 Down
NOONAN		George	  17 labourer		 Lancashire
POPE		John 	  36 blacksmith		 Lanarkshire		Travelling with Henry Kerr and the Kerr boys
RENNIE		Andrew	  21 farm labourer	 Perthshire
RENNIE		John	  19 carpenter		 Perthshire 
ROUND 		Ebenezer  14 farm labourer	 Staffordshire 		(parents on board)
RUDDOCK		Edward	  21 farm labourer	 Armagh 
RUSSELL		Archibald 22 shepherd 		 Argyleshire
SAUNDERS	Benjamin  22 gardener		 Gloucestershire
STEELE		Samuel	  22 ploughman		 Londonderry
TENNANT		Thomas	  23 farm labourer	 Carlow
TENNANT		John	  21 farm labourer	 Carlow
THOMAS		Robert	  16 blacksmith		 Gloucestershire 	(parents on board)
WILLS		David	  13 farm labourer	 Staffordshire 		(parents on board)
WILSON		John	  23 farm labourer	 Armagh			Travelling with James Wilson
WILSON		James	  20 farm labourer	 Armagh			Travelling with John Wilson
WILSON		Meredith  22 farm labourer	 Armagh

Single Women
ALMOND		Sarah	  17	  domestic servant	 Middlesex	
BROWN		Caroline C. 18	  domestic servant       Oxfordshire
COOK		Maria	   30	  cook			 Somertsetshire		
CRACKE		Eliza 	   19	  domestic servant	 Oxfordshire [with travelling with the John Matthews family]		 
CAMPBELL	Elizabeth  15 	  domestic servant	 Oxfordshire		 
DALEY		Julia	   18	  domestic servant	 Glamorganshire
FALLOON		Elizabeth  26	  domestic servant	 Armagh
GEOIKE		Adeilheirh 28	  cook			 Hanover 		(Goecke)
HOPKINS		Sarah Jane 17	  domestic servant	 Gloucestershire
JOHNSON		Ann	   21	  domestic servant	 Nottinghamshire 	(parents on board)
JOHNSON		Elizabeth  20	  domestic servant	 Nottinghamshire 	(parents on board)
JOHNSON		Martha	   18	  domestic servant	 Nottinghamshire 	(parents on board)		
JOHNSON		Sarah	   14	  domestic servant	 Nottinghamshire 	(parents on board)
LOUIS		Martha	   49	  nurse			 Staffordshire
MAY		Mary Ann   27	  domestic servant	 Gloucestershire
MAY		Alice	    3	  and child		 Gloucestershire
McKEOWN		Elizabeth  19	  domestic servant	 Londonderry
McKEOWN		Margaret   17	  domestic servant	 Londonderry	
McKEOWN		Mary	   15	  domestic servant	 Londonderry
McKEOWN		Richard    12	  domestic servant	 Londonderry
MOORHEAD	Mary Ann   21 	  domestic servant	 Down
POWER		Barbara	   45	  housekeeper		 Waterford
POWER		Catherine  14	  domestic servant	 Waterford 		(travelling with Margaret Toppin)
READ		Mary	   21	  domestic servant	 Aberdeenshire
RENNIE		Isabella   65	  domestic servant	 Perthshire		(travelling with 3 children)
RENNIE 		Ann	   25	  dairy woman		 Perthshire
RIDDELL		Sarah	   20 	  domestic servant	 Armagh
ROUND		Hannah	   16	  domestic servant	 Staffordshire   	(parents on board)
RUDDOCK		Margaret   23	  domestic servant	 Armagh 
THOMAS		Anne	   20	  domestic servant	 Gloucestershire 	(parents on board)
TOPPIN		Margaret   23	  domestic servant 	 Waterford     
POWER		Catherine  14	  domestic servant	 Waterford
WARD		Elizabeth  22	  domestic servant	 Leicestershire
WHEELER		Anne	   29	  domestic servant	 Oxfordshire
WHEELER		Fanny	   27	  domestic servant	 Oxfordshire
WOODWARD	Esther A.  25	  domestic servant	 Middlesex

The above information courtesy of Peter Dillon.  Peter has information re the HUNTER family and welcomes enquiries. Barbara Farney came to NZ in 1861 on the Sebastopol with her husband Robert Hunter and child. Robert was a carter at Kaiapoi. Descendants of Robert and Barbara are MAPLES & MOXEY. Posted 12 May, 2000

Analysis--31 married couples and children equal to 79 adults;  single men 46, single women 35.  Total 160.
27 were colonial nominated

Ellesmere Guardian
, 30 December 1899, Page 3
We very much regret to hear of the death of Mr William Fabling, Leeston, which occurred at his residence on Wednesday morning last. The deceased gentlemen was born in Kent, England, but lived in Peckham Rye, London, for some years before leaving for New Zealand. He arrived in Lyttelton by the ship Sebastopol on December 10th, 1861, and was employed for many years by the late Joseph Brittan. In 1873 Mr Fabling left Christchurch and bought a farm at Brookside, where be resided until about five years ago when he came to Leeston. He was married twice, leaving grown-up family by the first marriage. Mr Fabling was naturally of a quiet, reserved disposition, but was always recognised as an upright, conscientious man, and his death will cause a large circle of friends to mourn.

The Cyclopedia of New Zealand
[Canterbury Provincial District] pg 989
Mr. Edward George Kerr, Proprietor of the Timaru Herald, was born in 1845, in Glasgow, Scotland. He arrived in Lyttelton by the ship Sebastopol, in 1861, and engaged in storekeeping at Kaiapoi for some years. For ten years he was on the staff of the Lyttelton Times, as its agent and correspondent for North Canterbury. In 1877, he removed to South Canterbury to extend the circulation of his paper in the district, and in North Otago, and there he acted as its agent and special correspondent till 1881, when he bought the South Canterbury Times, an evening paper, which he carried on for six years. He acquired the Timaru Herald in 1887, and ran it and the Times together for twelve years. In 1901 he discontinued the evening paper, and has since confined his attention to the Herald. Mr. Kerr was mayor of Kaiapoi for five years, and was connected with the Waimakariri Harbour Board and other public bodies. He was chairman of the Kaiapoi school committee from the time of its institution until he left Kaiapoi. He resides at Harlan. Kingsdown, where he owns 650 acres of land, on which he keeps sheep and grows grain. Mr. Kerr was married, in 1861, to a daughter of the late Mr. S. Goldthorpe, of Cheshire, England, and has four sons and six daughters.

McLACHLAN, John (1840�1915)
John was born in Ardrossan, Ayrshire, Scotland, in 1840. He learned his father's trade as a plaster. He came to New Zealand in 1861 by the ship Sebastopol and arrived at Lyttelton. After some time spent in looking around the country, he chose land near Lake Ellesmere and became a farmer. His brothers, sister and his mother followed him to New Zealand. Mr. McLachlan married Miss Robb, of Perthshire, Scotland, and has a family of five sons and seven daughters, of whom four sons and two daughters are married. Mrs McLachlan died on the 15th of May, 1902. For many years member for Ashburton in the House of Representatives, died at his residence, Bogside, Doyleston and was buried in the Presbyterian portion of the Ellesmere Public Cemetery.

Ellesmere Guardian, 31 August 1943, Page 1
Arising out of the publication in recent issues of incidents in the early days of Ellesmere, Miss Mary McLachlan, now of Christchurch, but who formerly lived at Doyleston, has supplied us with some references to her family's association with the district, thus helping to build up the picture and to fill in a few of the gaps, of life in the pioneer days. Miss McLachlan wrote that the young woman who was afterwards her mother was born in Scotland and came to New Zealand in 1862. She came out in the company of relatives and of Mr and Mrs Peter Peebles, who afterwards settled in Cust. On the voyage out the captain of the ship assigned the young women duties to assist the mothers with the care of the children. Among the passengers on the ship were Mrs L. E. Harte's people. Miss McLachlan's mother was under engagement as a dairy maid to Rev. Orton Bradley, of Charteris Bay. Her work was to make cheese and to teach the art to any woman, Maori or pakeha, who desired to learn. Contemporaries of those days included Mr and Mrs John Barrett, the Mansons and Petries, of Lakeside,, John Small, John Doyle. John McLachlan, who married the dairy maid in May, 1863, was born in 1840 and came out to New Zealand in the "Sebastopol" in 1861. He was was plasterer by trade arid the newly married couple made their first home in Moorhouse Avenue, Christchurch near the site of the Dominion Yeast Company's factory, and there their first son, John, was born. The call of the land was too great to be resisted and soon after that they settled at Strathlachlan, Doyleston, where Mrs McLachlan again commenced making butter aid cheese ,and coaching all ,who wanted to learn.
    About 1866 they acquired Bogside which was then in its original swamp condition, rushes and niggerheads. Hard work in breaking in the land and draining it had its reward in the establishment of a prosperous dairy farm. There was a large family, five sons and seven daughters and all helped in the farm work. Writing of social activities, Miss McLachlan said she. had many happy memories of those early days, of church and, Sunday school work at Doyleston and Leeston in which Mr John Barnett took a prominent part. The annual tea meeting was a big event and residents all helped to prepare the good things to eat, whether they belonged to the' congregation tor not. Among those who took an active part in this work I mentioned by Miss McLachlan were Mrs H. O. Amos and her mother, Mrs Manhire.

Press, 15 July 1919, Page 2
MRS J. LOWTHIAN WILSON. General regret was felt yesterday morning by a wide circle of people on seeing the unexpected announcement of the death of Mrs Lowthian Wilson, at her home, "Marston," Kaiapoi. Mrs Wilson was a native of Oxfordshire, England, and arrived with her parents, the late Mr and Mrs John Matthews, in the ship Sebastapol, at Lyttelton, in 1861. Mr Matthews was appointed by the Ecclesiastical Trustees, headmaster of the Kaiapoi Church of England day school, and held the position for over twelve years, and Miss Matthews became his assistant till 1875, when the district school was taken over by the Board of Education, and for a time till her marriage with Mr Wilson, in 1876, she was an assistant-mistress of the early West Christchurch school. It was projected some weeks ago by the old scholars of Mr Matthews's school to hold a reunion, with Mrs Wilson as their guest, but her delicate health was a reason for holding the project in abeyance. Mr Matthews died in 1884, and Mrs Matthews in 1908, both having been earnest church workers, and their names were associated with the Kaiapoi Church of England for fifty-six years. For some weeks Mrs Wilson had been confined to her house, but was thought to be gradually regaining strength, when an unexpected seizure on Sunday evening caused her death at the age of 68 years. She leaves her husband, well known as a veteran journalist, a son Mr L. L. Wilson, and two daughters � Mrs T. R. Loithead and Mrs G. H. Oram, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

The Star
Wednesday 19 July 1899 Page 4
Obituary - MOORHEAD
Mr Michael Moorhead, who died at Southbridge at the age of 64, was much respected in the Ellesmere district. He was a native of County Down and came to New Zealand in the ship Sebestapol in 1861 and took up land near Southbridge. He leaves a widow, one son and 6 daughters. The funeral which took place on Tuesday was largely attended. The Rev. J.P. Cocks. Conducted the burial service.

Michael Moorhead
Event: Passenger
Event Date:14 Dec 1861
Marital Status: Single
Origin: Down
Occupation: Farm Laborer
Estimated Birth Year: 1836
Ship :
Departure Date: 2 Sep 1861

Arrived: Dec. 14 1861
Also on board was Mary Ann Moorhead a domestic servant.

Michael Moorhead married Jane Adams in 1862.

The Press 23 August, 1934  The Press 23 August 1934

Press, 13 October 1905, Page 1 Marriage.
FOX  MOORHEAD  On September 21st, 1995, at Cashel street, by the Rev. Dr. Elmslie, Joseph, seventh son of John Fox, Christchurch, to Fanny, youngest daughter of Thomas Moorhead, Brookside.

Press, 23 February 1891, Page 7
Parsons Moorhead On December 25th 1890, at St. James', Southbridge, by the Rev. Mr Whitehouse, George William James, eldest son of the late Charles Parsons, Sydenham, to Mary Jane, eldest daughter of Michael Moorhead, Maymoore, Southbridge

Press, 11 July 1892, Page 2
Lowery  Moorhead On May 24th, at St. James Church, Southbridge, by Rev. Whitehouse, John, eldest son of Wm. Lowery, Esq., Killinchy, to Sophia second daughter of Michael Moorhead Esq., Maymoore, Southbridge.

Press, 15 February 1898, Page 1 Birth.
MOORHEAD - On February 12th, at Killinchy, the wife of Thomas Moorhead of a son.

Press, 21 March 1899, Page 1
Moorhead On March 19th, at Killinchy, Charles Stuart, son of Thomas and Mary Moorhead aged fourteen months.

Marriage - Jackson Edward BRYDGES & Elizabeth Moorhead m. 15 February 1905 at res. of Mrs Moorhead, Southbridge
    ages: 43/29, widower, 3 September 1904/spinster, born: London, England/Southbridge
    parents: Walter Jackson & Georgina Brydges nee LARMUTH, furnishing warehouseman
                Michael & Jane Moorhead, nee ADAMS
    witness: G.W. Parsons, Christchurch, Monumental Mason, Maggie Moorhead, Southbridge

Press, 24 April 1911, Page 9
An old resident of Southbridge, Mr William Moorhead, a tanner at Bishop's Corner, was found drowned in a pond near his home on Friday morning. Mr Moorhead complained of having had a restless night when he arose in the morning, but he had breakfast and went outside. He was outside for some time without any notice being taken of his absence, as he had been in the habit of walking about with the aid of two sticks. At about 9.30, however, he was found in a pond near the house, by a member of the family who promptly reported the case to the police. The late Mr Moorhead had been a sufferer from chronic rheumatism for a long lime, and had lately been attended by Dr. Withers. He was a native of Killinchy, County Down, Ireland, and had resided in the Ellesmere district for forty-one years, He was held in high esteem by all who knew him, and much sympathy is felt for the widow and members of the family in their bereavement. An inquest was held on Friday afternoon by Mr. H.W. Bishop, District Coroner. He returned a verdict of found drowned.

The Cyclopedia of New Zealand
[Canterbury Provincial District] page 453
Zuppicich, Antonio, Farmer, Woodend. Mr. Zuppicich was born in Slovakia, Austria in 1841, was brought up to a seafaring life, and came to Lyttelton, by the ship Sebastopol, in 1861. After a short time in the Timaru district he settled at Woodend in 1862. He was married 17 April 1863, Mary Ann, to a daughter of Mr. Henry Cleaver, of Woodend, who came out in The Cressy, one of the first four ships, and has three sons and four daughters. [Mary Ann's obituary in Star, 17 January 1908, pg 3]

Canterbury Museum Library:
Lyttelton Shipping - Passenger Index

Robert HUNTER 38, sawyer, wife Barbara 36, daughter Elizabeth 9, Aberdeenshire.

Copy of a diary by John McLachlan, 840-1915
Canterbury Museum Library:
4 pages held at: Christchurch City Libraries. Abstract of a log (4 pages) kept by John McLachlan during his voyage to New Zealand as an assisted single emigrant on the 'Sebastopol' which reached Lyttelton, 14 December 1861; written out and dated, Christchurch, January 2nd, 1862. McLachlan was a twenty-two year-old bricklayer from Buteshire in Scotland, who became M.P. for Ashburton, 1893-1908. This copy is a photo print of the original abstract copied and presented by Mr D. Richardson of Photo Process Printers Ltd, Christchurch, 13 February 1972.

Other voyages:

Capt. James A. Fraser commanded the SEBASTOPOL which arrived July 1859 Victoria, Australia.
Capt. Taylor commanded the SEBASTOPOL which departed UK 17 January, 1863 and arrived Lyttelton 21 May, with 235 passengers. Another listing.

Lyttelton Times 23 May 1863 Page 4
May 21, Sebastopol, ship, 993 tons, Taylor, from London. Passengers—Mr. and Mrs. C. Knowles, Miss Fanny Bailiff, Mrs. Blackie, Mrs. Jameson and family, Messrs. Bedford, Proctor, Harvey, Stanley, Doyle. Second cabin—Mr. and Mrs. Hooper, Mr and Mrs. Tisch and family, Mrs. Pearce and family, Mrs. Walters and family, Mrs. Ashmin and and family. Miss Wheeler, Mr. Smithson; and 215 Government immigrants.

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