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The Southern Cross - An Auckland Newspaper  

New Zealand Bound

December 1863

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 
Image from Southern Cross 31st. December 1863 page 10. All the ship news is summarized in The Southern Cross, at the end of the month.

Port of Auckland
Entered Inwards. DECEMBER
9 - Bombay, 937 tons, Sellars, from London, with general cargo and passengers.

12- Lady Jocelyn, 2,142 tons, Ker, from Calcutta, in ballast. Passengers -21 officers, 646 rank and file, 48 women and 93 children.

15- Green Jacket, 1,053 tons Capt. S. Mitchell, from London with a full cargo and passengers.

Southern Cross, 10 December 1863
Mary Ann, brigantine, from Hobart Town, Captain J. Valentine, dropped anchor after a most tedious passage of nineteen days. She took her departure on the 20th. Messrs Burnslem, McGuinness and Frederick Crowther are her passengers.

Southern Cross 11 December 1863 pg4  Marks on gold and silver manufactured in the UK.

Dec. 14  s.s.
Wonga Wonga arrived from the  South. Passengers: Mrs Muirhead and child, Mr L. Sarten, Mr Falwasser and Mr C. Turner.

Southern Cross, Dec. 17, 1863 Port of Auckland Arrivals
Corio, s.s., from Napier, Capt. Baker. Messrs Shearson and Ford are passengers by her from Napier.
Severn, ship, 856 tons, from Sydney, commanded by Captain Henry King. A comparatively a new vessel, having made only one voyage to Sydney, with immigrants from Plymouth, prior to her departure from Auckland. She took her departure from Sydney on the 29th ultimo and came to anchor off the Watchman. She brings 500 sheep and 200 head of cattle, in fair condition consigned to J.S. Macfarlane and Co.
Jessie, schooner, from the Thames, Captain Ruwald.

Southern Cross 19th Dec. 1863 Port of Auckland Arrivals
Uranus, barque, 223 tons, Peterson, from Hamburg, via Wellington. She made the passage from Hamburg to Wellington in 141 days. She made the passage from Wellington (16th) to Auckland in eight days. She sighted the American ship, Adelaide Bell off Tiri Tiri. The Uranus brings a large cargo of spirits, wines, &c. consigned to Messrs Bucholz and Co. She has brought from Wellington a quantity of ammunition and arms transhipped from the John Bunyan. No passengers have arrived by her.
Tauranga, schooner, from Tauranga.

Southern Cross Dec. 21 1863
Port of Auckland Arrivals
H.M. s.s., Miranda, from the Thames
Rangatira, s.s., 164 tons, Mundle, from Southern Ports. Four passengers only, viz, Mrs Moffit and two children and Mr S. Hunter.
Jessie, schooner, returned to port.
Fairy, schooner, from Mongonui
Sea Breeze, schooner, Fernadez, from Russell. Passengers: Bishop Williams, Mr and Mrs Henry Williams, Mr Thomas Williams, and Mr William Sanderson.
Coral Queen, schooner, Capt. Trayte, returned to port. Mate met an accident.
Planet, cutter, Jones, from Poverty Bay.

Corio, s.s., 116 tons, Baker, for Napier
Owen Glendower, ship, Captain Norris, for Guam
Severn, ship, 856 tons, Capt. Henry King, for Sydney, in ballast.
Fanny, schooner, McGregor, for Sydney.

Southern Cross 22nd Dec. 1863
Susannah Cuthbert launched. Built by Mr Cuthbert. Dimensions: length of keel 125 feet; length over all 136 feet, beam 19 feet, depth of hold 10 feet 3 inches. The steam register is 136 tons; gross register 177 tons, with a carrying capacity of 200 tons coal in a draft of water of only eight feet. Her steam power consists of 50 hp verted description and direct action, fitted with gear to disconnect when sailing, driving a three-bladded screw. She has a flush deck, the cabin for her officers being placed abaft the engines; similar accommodation for the crew in the fore part of the vessel. She was christened by Miss Dawson, Mr Cuthbert's niece, and the dogshores being knocked away, she at once shot from the ways. Sydney Herald, Dec. 1.

The Southern Cross Friday 25th Dec. 1863
The steamer
Beautiful Star, commanded by Capt. Morwick, entered Waikato harbour on Wednesday, Dec. 23. The steamer was piloted up the harbour by Lieut. Coddington. She took her departure from Sydney on the 15th, making a good passage in eight days. The Beautiful Star brings the first of the Waikato river steamers lately built at Sydney, under the supervision of James Stewart, Esq. The second follows in a month's time. She also brings a cargo of coal for the Colonial Government and the following passengers: - Mr J. Stewart, Mr J. Laing (engineer), and nineteen mechanics.

Southern Cross Friday 25th Dec. 1863
Eclipse, Captain Kelly's new schooner, arrived in Sydney from Auckland where she was built to his order by Mr Nicol. A top sail schooner measuring 100 tons, length 100 feet; beam 21 feet 6 in; depth of hold 10ft, affords storage for 180 tons coal on a draught of 9ft. She is fitted with wire rigging, patent blocks &c. Hull has a smart yacht like appearance. The Eclipse, Captain Kelly, left Auckland on the 2nd for Sydney. One seaman, named James Smallwood, died on Wednesday last, from natural causes.

Shpping Cleared Outwards from the Port of Auckland December 1863The Southern Cross Monday 28th Dec. 1863
Port of Auckland Arrivals
Auckland, s.s., from Sydney (19th) with horses, cargo and passengers:

Brag 		Mr and Mrs
Demestre 	Mr
Gerrard 	Mrs
Gibson 		Captain and Mrs
Goodwin 	Assist. Surgeon, Staff
Harrison 	Mr
Horan 		Captain 43rd Regiment
Ireland 	Mr and Mrs
Kitchen 	Mr and Mrs and four children and servant
Lane 		Mrs
Mabin 		Mr
Matson 		Mr and two children and servant
O'Hagen 	Mr
Raymond 	Mrs and Miss
Richardson 	Captain, 12th Regiment
Rolleston 	D.A.C.G.
Russell 	Mr
Spring 		Mrs
Valentine 	Mr
Webb  		Mr	
 Ligar		Mr, surveyor general of Victoria, and formerly so of NZ
and thirty in steerage

Success, schooner, from Napier
Diamond, cutter, cargo boat, from the Thames

Constance, barque, for San Francisco

Southern Cross Monday 28th Dec. 1863 Port of Onehunga
Cleared Outwards
Dec. 26 -
Phoebe, 613 tons, Kennedy, for New Plymouth

Adamson 	Mrs
Biss 		Mr
Buchanan 	Miss
Caddell 	Captain
Carrington 	Mr
Elliot 		Mr
Falk 		Mr
Franklin 	Mr
Fraser 		Captain
Gabb 		Mr
Hunter 		Captain
Johnson 	Captain
Menzies 	Dr
Percival 	Lieut.
Pitt 		Colonel
Pitt 		Lieutenant
Schomberg 	Captain
Tatterman 	Mr
Walker 		Mr
Wayne 		Mr and Mrs
Williams 	Mr
Yates 		Mr
Hon Postmaster-General

Second Cabin:
Badley 		Mr J
Chase 		Mr and Mrs
Hawkes 		Mr
Hay 		Mr W
Johns 		Mr
Lowar 		Mr and Mrs and child
Marshall 	Mr J
Pickley 	Mr
Smith 		Mr J
Tatlon 		Mr

26 Dec. - Abeona, 44 tons, Fairchild, for Waikato, with 25,000 feet timber.
26 Dec. Excelsior, 52 tons, Davis, for raglan, with 34 head of cattle.

31 Dec. 1863 Southern Cross, page 10The
Alice Cameron, barque, 347 tons, Barron, had sailed from Sydney (15th) for Auckland. Passengers: Mrs Jones, Messrs Fitzpatrick, Flood, T. Munro, J. Stephenson and one in the steerage.

The Government has purchased the steamer
'Alexandra' for a sum of 13,000. She arrived in the Manukau from Auckland after a run round the North Cape of 56 hours. Her carrying capacity is 273 tons. The 'Kangaroo' steamer, has been chartered by the Government, also for the transport service.

The Southern Cross Tuesday 29th Dec. 1863
The s.s.
Wong Wonga, Captain Cellem, arrived in the Manukau yesterday from Wellington (22nd).
Passengers: Messrs Jones, Fletcher, Bishop, Fisk; Mr and Mrs Alexander; Mrs Cellem and child, and eight in the steerage.

The Southern Cross Thursday 31st Dec. 1863 - Summary 12 pages.
Arrival - Dec. 30 -
Lord Ashley, 296 tons, Thomas Randall, from Southern Ports. Passengers: Messrs Robinson, Stone, Campbell, McCombe, Ferguson, Ensign Jackson, Messrs Cameron, Shearer, Stone, Williams, H. Hill, Jacobs, Seaton, Frazer, Grassey, Robinson and 80 volunteers.
30 -
Western Star, 179 tons, A.W. Webb, from Adelaide
30 -
Harriet Armytage, from Newcastle.

Entered Outwards
Dec. 30
Kate, 341 tons, Sherlock, for Sydney
Auckland, 800 tons, Machin, for Sydney
Pet, 223 tons, J. McArthur, for Melbourne via Maraitai
Harriet Armytage, 295 tons, Stephens, for Sydney.

The steamship
Xanthe, 579 tons register, being another new edition to our inter-colonial traffic, arrived with stock from Newcastle (12th). Lost 187 cattle out of 247. The Xanthe is a new steamer, built at Hull, and only arrived at Sydney on the 10th ult. This is her first inter-colonial trip.

The Southern Cross Thursday 31st Dec. 1863 - Summary 12 pages.
Page 10 Ship News for the Month.
A new paddle steamer. The keel was laid on the beach at Onehunga, for Mr John Mcleod, of Kaipara and which was intended for trading purposes on the Waikato or Kaipara rivers. What was sought was a steamer with the strength of the ocean and the lightness of the river steamer. It is expected she will be launched next week and named 'Bluenose." Captain James, well known as the popular commander of the
'Salcombe Castle," will command her. Her dimensions are: 84 feet is length, 15 feet beam, and 25 feet through the guards. Carrying capacity est. 75 tons, with a draught of water with crew and fuel on board of 15. 2-26 inches. She is flat bottomed, the planks being 2 inches thick, and the timbers 5 inches deep. The three keelsons, running fore and aft are 6 inches square, bolted through and through the bottom timbers and plank, the bilge pieces on each side, running fore and aft, being 9 inches by 3 inches, bolted through the throat of the knees, and the lining in the centre diagonal. ... The paddles are 12 feet diameter, with 13 floats .. Daily Southern Cross. Dec. 22. Launching details SC 12 January. 1864 and the "Great Eastern"  previous page. The Blue Nose is the first steamer built at the Manukau.

Mr Henry Niccol, boat-builder, of Mechanic's Bay, has just entered into a contract with the Government, to build five boats for the use of the transport service at the Waikato. They are to be constructed upon the new principle, viz., the planking is to run diagonal from gunwale to gunwale. The effect of this is to float them in about two or three inches of water, when unloaded, and thus enable them to carry a large cargo, and only drawing fourteen inches when full. The dimensions are: length 40ft; width 10 feet; depth 2 ft six inches. Three of the boats are already in their stocks at Mr Niccol's yard, and the other two will be so in a few days. The whole of them are, by contact, to be completed and ready for sea within a fortnight from the present time. Several other boats for private parties are also on the stocks. one is a pilot-boat for the government of Queensland and the other two are cargo boats for the firm of Cruickshank, Smart and Co. Last week, a little cutter, named the
'Mary Ann', of 20 tons, register, was launched by the same builder. She was built for Mr Bacon of Chancery-street, and appears to be well adapted for conveying cargo, for which purpose she has been built. Her dimensions are 43 ft keel and 43 ft beam. Daily Southern Cross, Dec. 22.

Southern Cross March 1864 

The Southern Cross Monday 2nd Feb. 1863
Arrivals - Alice Cameron, barque, from Sydney (15th), J.G. Brown, commander.

Passengers -
Bailey 		Mr and Mrs
Blackmore 	Mr
Hartley 	Mr
Milard 		Mr and Mrs
Newbry 		Mr A
and 18 steerage.

31 Jan. Wildfire, schooner, 40 tons, R. Mair, from Mongonui, with 12 head of cattle, 10 bales wool, 180 bushels maize, 1 box eggs.

Cleared Outwards
31 Jan. Claud Hamilton, s.s., 530 tons, H.S. Machin, for Sydney, with the homeward mail.

Passengers - 
Abraham 	Mr and Mrs A.B.
Gledhil 	Mr and Mrs Geo.
McDuff 		Mr
Russell 	Miss
Edwards 	Mr Thomas 
Webster 	Mr and Mrs
2 soldiers, 2 women and 5 children. 
I.C.R.M.Co., agents.

31 Jan. Novelty, barque, 375 tons, Phillip Jones, for Sydney.

Passengers - 
Carter 		Mr H.M.
Henderson 	Mr T. jun.
Lloyd 		Mr
Niccol 		Mr T
Richardson 	Mr
Sullivan 	Mr J
Trythall 	Mrs
and a seaman belonging to H.I.M. barque 'Bonite.'
Henderson and Macfarlane, agents. 

The American barque 'Glimpse' Captain Thomas Boyling, sailed for Newcastle, NSW.

The 'Caroline' left Hokianga on the 14th for Sydney, Captain Hays, left and on the 16th in lat. 35 S., and long 168 E. passed a six top-sail yard ship, standing to the eastward, apparently with troops on board, showing Marryat's signals No. 17 under third distinguishing pendant, which by the code-book is the Shalimar.