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New Zealand Bound

Daily Southern Cross, 11 July 1856, Page 2
Port of Auckland

Entered Inwards. July 9 Sandford, ship, 624 tons, Capt H. R. Hughes, from London.

Passengers (Cabin) 
Bracy 		Clementina  
Bracy 		Wm. 
Constable 	Edward 
Constable 	Esther 
Farmer 		Robert 
Fleming 	David  
Knowles 	Edward  
Meldum 		Alex.  
Ogilvy 		Ann  
Ogilvy 		Walter  
Mould 		Lieut.   
Sharp 		Susan  
Sharpe 		Mary A. 
Wyatt 		Col. 
Allen 		Jane
Adams 		Richard 
Appleby 	Emma, Ann, and John 
Burtand 	George 
Castillo 	Catharine 
Castillo 	Mary C. 
Cawell 		Thomas, Elizabeth, and Helen E. 
Charman 	Henry 
Constable 	Jane 
Cronkshaw 	Betsy and Ann 
Dwyre 		John 
Fitzsimmons 	Elizabeth and Ann 
Fitzsimmons 	Thomas, Andrew, and John
Fleming 	Charles C. 
Fleetwood 	John, Caroline, Caroline, and John 
Fyson 		William 
Galvin 		James, Mary, Hannah, Mary, and John 
Garsides 	David 
Gill 		Joseph 
Grace 		Pierce, Catharine, Bridget, Michael, Mary, Jeremiah, Patrick and Patrick 
Gyde 		Joseph, Mary Anne, Emma, Sarah, Julia, and Albert 
Gyde 		Wm. 
Hall 		Fanny and Margaret 
Harris 		George 
Holden 		Jonathan 
Kennedy 	Catharine May, and Budget 
Jones 		Robert
McIvers 	James, Thomas, Mary Ann, Anne, and Betsy 
Macleod 	Ann and Catharine 
McCleod 	Hugh 
McCormack 	Michael, Catherine, Ellen, Owen, Ann, Michael, and John 
Miller 		Thomas, Peggy, Mary, and Thomas 
Palmer 		William, Martha, Louisa, Ellen Anne, William, Frederick, Charles, and Arthur 
Ralph 		George 
Ralph 		Sarah Ann 
Smith 		John and Isabella
Stevenson 	James 
St John 	John 
Sutton 		John William, Mary Ann, John William, and Mary Ann 
Thompson 	James and John
Tucker 		James 
Tucker 		William 
Turnbull 	John and Isabella 
Webber 		Joseph, Elizabeth, Temperance, Robert, Ann, George, Hester, and William 
Williams 	Henry 
Wright 		Walter 
93 for Auckland, 26 for New Plymouth.

Daily Southern Cross, 11 July 1856, Page 2

Among the passengers by the Sandford are four -of those who survived the wreck of the ill-fated Josephine Willis : Miss May (related, we believe, to Mr. Joseph May,) who was saved in the ship's boat ; Mr. Fleming (related, we understand, to Mr. S. Fleming, of Onehunga) Mr. Wright, and Mr. Garsides. There is now on hoard the Sandford, a man, a native of Prussia, whose escape from a watery grave may be said to have been almost miraculous. The Sandford, on her way down the channel, took her departure from Start-point, at 4a. m., on the 11th March. At noon on the same day, a singular object was descried on the surface of the water, which, on coming up to it, proved to be a human being floating on a small portion of a ship's poop. The I ship was hove-too, a boat lowered and the man rescued, literally, from the jaws of death. He proved to be a seaman belonging to a Prussian vessel, which had been run into by an English brig, and which had sunk immediately. All hands were lost but himself.

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