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The following is a transcript from the Otago Witness, 28 July 1877, Page 11. 
Reference: Papers Past

ARRIVAL OF THE LADY RATHVEN. A close race for first honours has been run between this fine ship and the smart Taranaki, and that the event proved to close is certainly creditable to the latter, for she succeeded in taking the race against odds. It was, however, a very near thing, for both  vessels sailed on the same day, May 2nd, the one from London, the other from Glasgow, and both arrived on the same day, the Glasgow ship being some 16 hours in advance The Lady Ruthven is no mean opponent for any ship that sails the seas, for she is a remarkably handsome and powerful vessel , beautifully lined, most faithfully built, and liberally appointed. When we say that she was turned out of the yard of' those noted builders, the Messrs R. Steele and Company, of Greenock it will be understood that no pains were spared to render her perfect at all points.  She is next to a new ship, having been launched in 1875, was built for the Calcutta trade, and made two voyages in it, and is now on her third. She is a half-poop and topgallant-forecastle ship, with a magnificently roomy main deck, and her passenger accommodation, if limited, is exceedingly comfortable. Amongst her equipments is a powerful steam winch, a first-rate condenser, and a patent windlass, workable by either steam or hand. Her dimensions are : Length, 254 ft. keel, 270 ft. overall ; beam, 39ft.; depth of hold, 23ft. ; registered tonnage, 1691. She is very like that fine ship the Baron Blantyre, lately here, and is owned by Mr G. Adams and others, of Greenock. Her commander, Captain Welsh, is on his first visit to this port, and we have to thank him for the substance of the following report : The Lady Ruthven left London on May 1st, dropped down to Gravesend and shipped seven tons of powder, and sailed on the 2nd. Had light variable but leading winds down Channel, and cleared the land on the 5th, then taking her departure from the Lizard....

The Koputai picked her up ten miles off shore, and towed her in. The Lady Ruthven ran her longitude down between the 44th and 50th parallels, and sighted no ice during the passage, nor communicated with any vessels. She has brought a large cargo of over 3000 tons, of which 1000 tons is deadweight. Her passengers numbered 50 when she left London, but death levied tribute by the way, carrying off two of them. The first to leave was Mrs North, an old lady aged 72, who succumbed to her fourth attack of paralysis on May 15th. On July 20th, Mr Gilbert Nevill, a saloon passenger, who was on his way out to New Zealand in search of health, died of consumption. He was related to Bishop Nevill, and was coming to him was aged 28 years. Dr Cupiss, surgeon of the ship, attended to him to the last, but his care was hopeless.

Lady Ruthven, ship,  1591 tons, D. Welsh, from Gravesend -May 2nd. New Zealand Shipping Company, - agents. Passengers : Dr Cupiss, Mr Mills.
Second cabin Mr and Mrs Gilford and family, Misses Foreman, Wood (2), Parratt (2), Messrs Harding, Hulme, Fitch, Dowrand, Barnett, Plant, Woolf, Bruce, Perks, Fawcett, Mitburn.
Steerage Mr and and Mrs Doyle and family, Mr and Mrs Taylor and family, Mr and Mrs M'Donald, Messrs Briston, Palmer, Higgins, Bamford, Bell, Rundell, Hudson, Smith, Duval, Henderson.

Otago Witness, 23 June 1877, Page 8
Vessels from Port Chalmers: Arrived in London,
April 22nd, Timaru and Mataura;
April 23rd, Elizabeth Graham.

Sailed for Port Chalmers :
April 20th, Pomona;

Apri1 28th, Lady Ruthven. 
Barnford 	Robt.  
Barratt 	Miss Mary  
Barratt 	Miss Susan
Bell 		George  
Bennett 	Hugh  
Bristow 	E. B. 
Bruce 		Ernest
Capeso 		Dr 
Doyle 		John wife, and family 
Drund 		A. 
Duvall 		H. W.  
Fawcett 	William  
Finch 		Sidney 
Forman 		Miss 
Gifford 	Mr E. A. and wife and  family
Gilbert 	Mr 
Gordon 		Mr  
Harding 	Mr W. 
Henderson 	Jas., 
Higgins 	Wm. Henry 
Hudson 		Thomas
Hulme 		Henry N. 
McDonald 	Mr and Mrs John
Milburn 	Jas. 
Mills 		Mr 
Neville 	Mr  
North 		Mr and Mrs 
Palmer 		Thos. 
Perks 		Walter  
Plant 		Wm. Jas. 
Russell 	Geo., 
Smith 		Henry  
Taylor 		William, wife, and family 
Wood 		Miss Isabella  
Wood 		Miss Fanny
Woolfe 		Jas.