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'R.M.S. Ruapehu'

New Zealand Bound

[Colonist], 26 April 1886, Page 3
Dunedin, April 21. The Ruapehu arrived at 6.40 a.m. from Plymouth, bringing 2500 tons of cargo, 125 passengers, and 265 bags of mails, 164 of which were sent North by the express train. The Ruapehu has made the voyage in 40 days 5 hours and 25 minutes from Plymouth. All the passengers are in good health, and Captain Greenstreet was this morning presented with a flattering testimonial.

The following is a transcript from the Otago Witness 30 April 1886 page 16

Ruapehu, R.M.S, 4163 tons, Greenstreet, from Plymouth 13 March via Madeira and the Cape of Good Hope. NZ S Co, agents. Arrived Port Chalmers 24 April 1886. image 98 plus 23 children = 121 passengers.

Baldwin         Miss
Davenport       Miss
Fowler          Miss
Greenstreet     Mrs
Hamerton        Miss
Hooper          Mrs and family (7)
Jam             Miss
Leatham         Miss
Paget           Miss
Pharazyn        Mr
Pharazyn        Mrs
Pharazyn        Miss
Pharazyn        Miss
Pharazyn        Miss
Pharazyn        Master
Russel          Miss
Young           Miss
Young           Miss
Weston          Miss [Wiston]
Second Saloon: 

    Auster           Mr
    Auster           Mrs  [Anster]
    Banks            Miss [Brooks]
    Brooksmith       Mr
    Buckland         Mr
    Costello         Mr
    Costello         Miss
    Crabbe           Mr
    Crooks           Mrs [Coop]
    Fenwick          Mr  
    Freeman          Mr
    Hasluck          Mr [Hishich]
    Koop             Mr
    Levesy           Mr
    Lawson           Mr
    Lawrence         Mr
    Matthews         Miss
    Millward         Mrs
    Neall            Mr
    Roberts          Mr
    Roberts          Mr
    Smith            Rev T
    Stewart          Mr
    Wilson           Mr
    Wynnatt          Mr [Wynall]

    Arthur           Mr
    Baker            Mr
    Black            Mr
    Bowater          Mr [Bawater]
    Chandler         Mr
    Cole             Mr
    Cox              Mr
    Cox              Mrs
    Cox              Family (8)
    Downer           Mr  [Cownes]
    Dunn             Mr
    Edwards          Mr
    England          Mr
    England          Mrs
    Euston           Mr
    Fisher           Mr
    Fisher           Miss
    Flanders         Mr [Flinders]
    Fleming          Mr [Mrs no Mr]
    Gibson           Mr
    Grant            Miss [Mrs no Miss]
    Hailwood         Mr [Harbrood]
    Hailwood         Mr
    Haley            Mr [Harley]
    Haywood          Mr
    Holwark 	     Mr
    Hunter           Mr
    Imbrant          Mr
    Jones            Mr
    Jones            Miss
    Lawsens          Mr
    Lawsens          Mrs
    Lawsens          Family (4) [Lawson]
    Lowry            Mr [Lawrey]
    Martin           Mr
    Monday           Mr
    Mountford        Mr
    Mountford        Mr
    Nelson           Mr
    Nelsson          Mr
    Owen             Mr
    Palmer           Mr
    Palmer           Mrs (and 2 children)
    Rouse            Mr
    Rouse            Mrs (and 2 children)
    Sharp            Mr
    Smith            Mr
    Smith            Mr
    Thiele           Mr [Thickle]
    Ure              Miss
    Whitaker         Mr [Wisher]
    Whitaker         Mr
    Woolford         Mr
    Woolford         Mrs