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Arrival of the "Royal Stuart" 1864

New Zealand Bound
Captain Thomas Cornwell

The Southern Cross  27th January 1864 page 2
Port of Auckland Arrival
Royal Stuart, ship, from London.
28 Jan - Otago, s.s., 700 tons, Smith, from Sydney - I.C.R.M. Company, agents.

The Royal Stuart, of London, 761 tons register, Captain Thomas Cornwell, consigned to Messrs Brown, Campbell and Co., left the Downs on October 20th, passed the Eddystone on October 25th, crossed the Equator on November 19...

The Royal Stuart brings 14 cabin, 13 second cabin and 42 steerage passengers. A cabin passenger, Miss Wrigg, whose father and family are passengers, died from consumption, on the day the ship lay at Deal. Her body was taken ashore and buried near Deal. No births on board.

Southern Cross newspaper 27 January, 1864Chief Cabin:
Murphy 	Burges
Proule 	George and Robert
Simpson Captain
Weeks 	Annie and Bessie
Wrigg 	Henry
Wrigg  	Frederick
Wrigg  	Lionel R.
Wrigg 	Alfred A.
Wrigg  	Lavina S.A.
Wrigg  	Fanney E.
Wrigg  	Henrietta
Wrigg  	Emma
Wrigg 	Mary
Second Cabin:
Berry 	William
Berry 	Henrietta
Berry 	William
Berry 	David G.
Bovey 	Edward
Bovey 	Herbert
Bovey 	Ellen
Craig 	Burney
Dorey 	John
Hargrove Alfred
Hughes 	Henry
Williams F.J.
Wilson 	Andrew
Enclosed Steerage:
Bays 	Sarah
Crawford John
Crawford Martha
Crawford Lettia
Crawford Joseph
Crawford John
Holmes 	William
McBinn 	Richard
Morley 	Robert
Morley 	Douglas
Morley 	William
Morley 	Mary
Morley 	Frank
Morley 	Mary
Morley 	Emma
Symonds Henry
Symonds Mary
Open Steerage:
Avis 		George and Mrs
Bale 		William and Mary
Boardman 	Abraham, Esther, Mary B. Alfred
Gartlan 	Jacob
Johnson 	Robert
Legg 		George
McDonald 	Alexander
Mager 		Robert
Murphy 		John, Alice, Elizabeth, Manrice, Annie and Robert H.,
Peyton 		Thomas
Smith 		Thomas, Thomas, William, Henry
Vuglar 		John
Willis 		James