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'Royal Charlie'

New Zealand Bound
 to Auckland in1867

Reference: 'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website.
Daily Southern Cross, 1 June 1867, Page 8


Beckett 	Kate
Blades 		Jas, Mary and Alice child
Bowden 		Charles, Harriet, Charles and Alfred sons
Briton 		Janet
Briton 		John
Byrne 		Ann
Byrne 		Mary
Campbell 	Mary Ann
Carroll 	Ellen
Cowie 		Edward
Curreen? 	Margaret
Doyle 		Mary and Margaret
Ewinton 	Eliz
Fitzgerald 	Margaret
Fogarty 	Cornelius
Gibson 		William
Gilpin 		Lizzie
Gilpin 		Mary Ann
Gilsham 	Edward
Gore 		Mary Ann
Gow 		Peter and Jessie
Grace 		Catherine, Michael and Mary
Grace 		Thos
Grant 		Ellen
Hayes 		Margaret
Henley 		John W
Henley 		Edward
Henley 		Morris
Holland 	Mary
Jacques 	Edward
Kennedy 	Margaret
Kennedy 	William, Elizabeth wife, Margaret daughter and Thomas son
Keys 		Mary
Kinneen 	Thomas
Knowles 	John and Selina Ann
Leigh 		Mrs Agnus, Ellen daughter, Joseph and James sons
McIntyre 	Donald
McMath 		Andrew
Maher 		Margaret
Maher 		Margaret, Mary, Johanna and Catherine
Morris 		Jane
Murphy 		Catherine
Murray 		James
Nicholas 	James
Nicholas 	James, Catherine wife, Sarah, Ruth, John, Matthew and Phillip sons, Mary daughter and Thomas
Peacock 	Thos
Quinn 		Francis
Rattray 	Thomas
Reilly 		Barbara
Reynolds 	Margaret
Robb 		James
Ryan 		Margaret
Ryan 		Thos
Scott 		Samuel
Sheridan 	Deborah
Smith 		Richard
Stemson 	Isaac
Stewart 	John
Smith 		Rose
Swainson 	William
Swift 		John
Thompson 	Elizabeth
Toohey 		Margaret
Tuff 		W
85 - total

Daily Southern Cross,  6 August 1862, Page 3
Brenn 		John 
Connelly 	Francis 
Craig 		Geo., and child,
Craig 		Mary 
Gilroy 		Wm. Sinclair 
Keegan 		James 
Long 		Joseph 
Thorns 		John 

Daily Southern Cross, 2 August 1862, Page 3 ARRIVAL OF THE 'BLUNDELL.'
The barque 'Blundell,' 529 tons, Captain Richard May Lean, arrived here yesterday, after a passage of 154 days from London. Sailed "from the Downs on the 16th February, with strong southerly and westerly gales, beating down channel. On the 21st February, about 20 miles S. W. off Scilly, earned away the iron tiller of the rudder. Bore up for the nearest port, Fowey, and arrived there on the 23rd. Executed repairs with all dispatch, and sailed on the 27th February, at 4 p m.  Testimonial signatures-
George Craig
Francis Connelly
Mary Craig
John Brenn
James Keegan
Joseph Long
There were only 8 adult passengers, the other passengers, beside those who signed the testimonial, being John Thorns, John Sinclair Gilroy, and Wm. Craig, a child. We regret that the mortality has been great among the live stock on board the ' Blundell.' There were 10 merino sheep on board, for Mr. Walter Grahame, to which, reference has been made by advertisment in this paper. There is now nine sheep and one lamb. His Excellency the Governor had the following animals and birds on board : 6 fallow deer, 6 hares, 11 pheasants, and 9 partridges. Of these two deer remain a buck and a doe ; 1 hare a male ; and there are only 4 birds living. A doe gave birth to a fawn on board, but both died. It appeals that due precautions wore not taken by the shippers of the life stock for his Excellency. The deer were too confined, and there was no way of cleaning out the boxes in which they were placed without so disturbing them as to cause the creatures to injure themselves. The same remark applies to the hares and birds. No care was taken to have a person on board to feed them," a task which appears to have been performed by Captain Lean himself. The ' Blundell 1 is one of the famous old fleet of teak built East Indiamen, which, although 20 years in active use; is still in prime condition, and considering the weather and detention, has made a fair voyage. Her last passage to Honduras, with Captain Lean, was accomplished in 29 days from land to land.