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"Robert Henderson"

New Zealand Bound

Otago Witness Saturday October 12, 1861 page 4

Shipping News 

Arrived Oct. 8 - Robert Henderson, 552 tons, Logan, from Glasgow, with general cargo. 369 passengers 

This beautiful Clipper Ship arrived at the Heads on Saturday, at 9, a.m., after one of her usual rapid passages' this being the third voyage she has made from the Clyde to this port with Immigrants. She left the Tail of the Bank on Thursday evening, the 11th July, and experienced fine weather to the Line, which was crossed on the 31st day; the Cape was passed on the 30th, and the Snares was sighted on Friday last, thus occupying 84 days from land to land, and 85 days from port to port. The Barometer went down to 28 on one occasion in the South Seas. The greatest distance made during the course of one week being 1,750 nautical miles. Only one casualty being the death of one of the females from consumption. A series of concerts were given during the fine weather, and amongst other startling novelties a band of Ethiopian Serenaders caused much amusement. Dr. Somerville was the Surgeon. The following is a list of the passengers.

Cabin: - Mr G.O. Sinclair, Mr and Mrs John Cargill and 3 children, Miss Prior.

  Intermediate and Steerage;
Adain		James	 wife and 4 daughters
Aitken		Mrs	 and son
Allan		James
Anderson	Daniel
Anderson	Robert
Anderson 	Thomas	 wife, son and daughter
Auld		Christina
Baillie		James	 wife and daughter
Bain		James
Barclay		John
Baxter		Thomas	 wife and son
Begg		Charles	 wife [Jessie] and 2 daughters
Blue		Dugald
Bompianui 	Mary	 and daughter
Boyd		Charles
Burke		Patrick and John
Burns		Robert
Cadzon		James	 wife son, and 2 daughters
Cahill		John	 wife and son
Cameron		Jane
Campbell	Ann
Cane		Hugh, Peter and John
Carmichael	Ann
Carswell	Hugh
Cormack		John
Coutts		Alex.	 and wife
Cuthbertson	Hugh	 and wife
Dick		Sydney
Douglas		Donald A.
Douglas		William
Duncan		John
Duncan 		Catherine
Eglin		David
Fairley		John
Falconer	W.
Ferguson	John
Fraser		John
Finaughty	William
Gall		Robert
Gallon		Alex.	 and wife
Gibson		John S.
Gillespie	John	 and wife
Gorman		George	 wife, 1 son and 2 daughters
Granger		William
Greig		W
Grimmell	Robert
Gunn		Robert
Hamilton 	Andrew and John
Hislop		W. Sen.
Hislop		W. Jr.
Hislop		Fanny and Isabella
Hood		James	 wife 2 sons and 2 daughters
Hunter		John
Jack	 	Alex.
Jamieson	Ann
Jarvie		John
Johnston	Alex.
Johnston	Thomas
Kerr		Samuel D
Kirkland	George
Knox		George	 and wife
Lang		Ann
Lanel		William
Law		Alex.
Lindsay		W.L
McCallum	Archibald	 wife 1 son and 2 daughters
McDonald	Alex.
McDonald 	John and Ann
McDonald	Donald	 wife and 5 sons
McDonald 	Ronald	 wife and 1 son and 4 daughters
McDonald 	Mrs
McDonald 	Simon
McGill		James	 and wife
McGraw		W.	 wife and daughter
McIntyre	Daniel	 wife 2 sons and 1 daughter
McKay 		Catherine, Anguina, Johan, Alexander and Mary Ann
McKay		John	 and wife
McKay		William
McKenzie	Jessie
McKinlay	Robert	 and wife
McIntosh	Daniel
McLean		James
McLellan	John
McMinn		Robert	 and wife
McMorron	Robert
McPake		Thomas	 and wife
McPhail		Mary
McPherson	Robert	 wife and 5 daughters
McRae		Alex.
Macgewan	R.P.
Mathieson 	Mrs	 and son
Miller		Alex.	 wife, son and daughter
Mitchell	Robert
Moylon		Thomas
Mullowney	John	 and wife
Murray		George	 and wife
Murdoch		James
Murdoch		John	 wife and daughter
Murdoch		William	 wife and 3 daughters
Nicholson	I.M.
Noble		Alex.
Parker		Alexander
Pryde		Patrick
Purdie		Gavin	 wife and son
Rea 		James
Rea		Janet
Reid		James	 wife and daughter
Rodger		John and Robert
Ross		Catherine
Ross		Duncan
Russell		John
Scully		Michael	 and wife
Shepherd	Margaret
Simpson		Ann	 and daughter
Sheridan	Michael
Somers		Henry
Somerville	Catherine
Souttar 	John	 and wife
Stevenson	John	 and wife
Stewart 	William
Sugar 		Lockhart
Sutherland	C.C.B.
Sutherland	Daniel
Sutherland	Lily
Sutherland	William
Taylor		Robert	  wife, son and daughter
Taylor		William
Tawse		James and Andrew
Thomson		Isabella and James
Turnbull	R.
Watson		Archibald	 wife and daughter
Watson		Henry
Waugh		James	  wife 2 sons and 2 daughters
Waugh		John	  and wife
Wilson		Mrs	  son and daughter
Wright		Hugh
Wright		William	  wife, son and daughter
Young		George	  wife son and daughter
Young		Ann and Margaret

The foregoing list comprises - 
29 ploughmen	19 shepherds	 36 labourers
2 farmers	 2 wrights	  1 smith
1 dyer		 2 slaters	  1 shoemaker
3 painters	 1 grocer	 25 domestic servants

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