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R.M.S. Rangitata

The passenger vessel Rangitata, MV, 16,969 tons, 553ft, breadth 70ft 3", draught 33ft 9" was built by John Brown, Clydebank, Yard No 517, in 1929, at a cost of Cost £577,300 and scrapped in 1962. She was operated by the New Zealand Shipping Company between London and Wellington, New Zealand, via the Panama Canal. During World War II, the Rangitata operated as a troopship, for example in convoy US1 taking New Zealand troops to the Middle East in January 1940. She had returned to civilian service by 1949. Reference: Clydebank database. On her final departure from Wellington, N.Z. the departure was change and put back so more people could send her off.

R.M.S. Rangitata. Photos and passenger list courtesy of Richard Hall, the second officer.
Photo of the Rangitata in the English Channel during an earlier voyage.

ON 12th JANUARY, 1962

Commander A. Hocken
Chief Officer R.B. Hood Chief Engineer W.T. Mackay
Second Officer R.S. Hall Second Engineer K.F. Saville
Senior Third Officer P.B. Snow Third Engineer J.R. Wilder
Third Officer P.J. Henderson Fourth Engineer J.S. Jamieson
Fourth Officer R.M. McNair First Refrig. Eng. D.M.C. Simmons
Surgeon R.J.C. Walkey, M.B., B.S. First Elect. Eng. J. Burton
Nursing Sister M.J. Drew, S.R.N., S.M. Purser T.D. Pearce
First Radio Officer F.W. Fowler, M.B.E. Chief Steward A.B. Baldwin
Second Radio Officer R.D. Lockwood Asst. Purser P.G. Taylerson
First Class
Admore Mrs D F
Allen Mrs D L

Bierhof Miss B F M
Birks Mr A L
Brooke Mrs S M
Brown Mrs M B
Brown Miss DM

Cadman Mrs E
Capes Mrs C M A
Capes Miss F M
Church Mr F

Elliot Mrs E A

Faber Mr
Faber Mrs
Faber Master G W H C
Fitzgerald Mr L W
Forde Major F C
Fowler Mrs C H

Grant Mr A
Grant Mrs
Greenwood Mrs B
Greenwood Miss C
Greenwood Miss J
Grewcock Mrs N

Halligan Mr G J
Hodson Mr D H
Hodson Mrs
Hodson Miss J M A
Kempson Major P M
Kempson Mrs
Kempson Master R M
Kempson Miss C J M
Knowles Mr A D
Knowles Mrs
Knowles Mr W R
Knowles Miss L J

Lawrence Mr J
Lawrence Mrs
Lowth Miss I N
Lunn Mr G O
Lye Miss D R

Maxwell Lt Col E H L. RNZA
Maxwell Mrs
Maxwell Miss J E A
Maxwell Miss R J
Mayhew Mrs E
Mizen Mr E O
Mizen Mrs
McArthur Mrs D

Naish Mr G
Naish Mrs
Naish Master T N
Nash Miss M W
Newham Mrs M L
Newman Mrs D
North Dr K A K
North Mrs
North Master J K
North Master M K
Palmer Mrs E E
Pearce Mr E
Pearce Mrs
Plimmer Mr J D
Prestwich Miss M E

Ritchie Mr M N

Schofield Capt. N. C. RNZA
Shorter Mr R J
Styles Miss J

Tait Mr P K
Tait Mrs
Tait Master P B
Tait Master J J
Thompson Mr J E F
Thompson Mrs

Van Hamme Mr E W
Van Hamme Mrs
Viner Mrs E

Ward Mr C A L
Whitton Miss J M
Whyte Miss M
Wilson Miss W C
Wilson Miss E J
Winch Mr A B M B H
Winfield Miss E A E
Worman Mrs M
Wright Mr L J

To Madeira
Lawford Capt E D W DSO RN (Retd)
Lawford Mrs
Redman Mrs F E

To Kingston
Errington Sir Eric JP MP
Errington Lady
Green Mr A E
Green Mrs
Hemans Mr A D K
Hemans Mrs
Harford Mr W
Harford Mrs
Jacobs Capt B M C
Jacobs Mrs
Raeburn Mr R
Riley Rev P A
Riley Mrs
Riley Master D M

To Panama
Hempson Miss D M
Radcliffe Miss P M
Radcliffe-Platt Miss N G
Ward Mr H R
Ward Mrs
Ward Miss K

From Kingston
Jones Mr R
Phillips Mr G A
Phillips Mrs

From Panama

Hurrows Miss D

Tourist Class

Abel C A Mr
Abel Mrs
Allan K B Mrs
Armitage D E Mr
Armitage J M Mrs
Armitage J M Miss
Aspden P G Mr
Atkins B W Mr
Atkinson C Mrs
Atkinson J E Mrs
Aylett J M Mrs
Aylett T R Master

Backwell B M Mrs
Berry M A Mrs
Bigg M Mrs
Billing J Miss
Bingham A Mr
Bond B J Miss
Bowman H A Miss
Brainwood C Miss
Brannigan P Mrs
Brannigan P D Master
Brannigan D F Master
Brookes A Mrs
Brooking M S Mrs

Call J M Miss
Campbell J Miss
Campbell J A Mr
Campbell Mrs
Campbell I A Master
Campbell H M Miss
Campbell M Master
Chesterfield O M Mr
Clark J Mrs
Cole H F Mr
Cole Mrs
Colvin W F Mr
Colvin Mrs
Comyn D J Master
Cook E C Mrs
Cooper D Mrs
Cox S Miss
Cruttenden E J Mr
Cruttenden Mrs
Cruttenden R E Master
Cruttenden Y M Miss
Cruttenden M B Miss
Cusse J M Mrs

Donald S J Miss
Duck B W Mr

Easthope L J Mr
Easthope Mrs
Easthope AM Miss
Eaton E Mrs
Elliot J L Mr
Elliot Mrs
Elliot I Miss
Evans C E Miss

Faulkner R Mrs
Fenner B J Mr
Fenner Mrs
Fenner D W Master
Fenner H D Miss
Forster T A Mr
Gibbons W Mr
Glennie V M Mrs
Glennie D A Master
Goater G M Miss
Goodier A R Mr
Gow C Mrs
Graham R N Mr
Graham Mrs
Grant A Mrs
Guiness F M Miss

Hannaford W K G Mr
Hannaford Mrs
Hatton D R Mr
Hatton Mrs
Hatton J S Miss
Hawkins J Mrs
Hawkins E Miss
Hazelwood B M Mr
Heald E Mrs
Hewson W H Mr
Hewson Mrs
Hill J F Mr
Hill Mrs
Hill C A Mr
Holder J N Mr
Houston W Mr
Houston Mrs
Hubbard V M Mrs
Hubbard J E Miss
Hubbard J E Master
Hurley K C Miss

Jolley J R Mr
Jones K R Mr
Jones Mrs
Kahaki L W Mr
Kelly E V Mrs
Keogh J Mr
Keogh Mrs
Keogh P V Master
Keogh B Master
Keogh P Master
Kettel J W Mr
Kettel Mrs

Lawson I Mrs
Leenen J Mr
Leenen Mrs
Leenen A P Master
Levett A R Mr
Levett Mrs
Lindsay J Mr
Lindsay D R Master
Lindsay J J G Miss
Linfoot J Miss
Lockwood W E Mr
Lomax F Mr
Lomax Mrs
Longley R K Mr
Longley Mrs
Lovekin E A Miss
Lynn I D Miss

Maher C A J Mr
Main P A Miss
Mainsbridge W M V Miss
Manson J D Snr Mr
Manson Mrs
Manson J D Jnr
Matley R Mr
Middlebrook The Rev F
Mills Mrs N F
Mills Miss A K
Mills Mr J I
Mills Miss C M
Millward Mr R B
Millward Mrs
Milne Mr M S
Mitchell Miss P
Morris Mr D
Morrison Mrs M
Muir Mrs F M
Muir Master B P
Munro Mr D
McFadyen Mr J
McFadyen Mrs
McFadyen Miss C
McFadyen Miss M
McFadyen Miss M
McGaughey Mr R
McGaughey Mrs
McGaughey Mr J
McLean Mr J D
McLean Mrs
Newman Mr W R
Newman Mrs
Newman Mr D A
Nicholls Miss J P

O'Callaghan Mr F`
O'Callaghan Mrs
O'Callaghan Mr J M
O'Callaghan Miss M

Parry Mrs D M
Paul Mrs V M
Pearce Mr A L
Pearce Mrs
Pearce Miss M K
Pedersen Mr P H
Peters Miss K M
Petherick Mr H
Petherick Mrs
Pritchard Mr G
Pritchard Mrs
Pritchard Master S
Pudney Mr C P

Quigg Mr J
Quigg Mrs M

Radcliffe Mrs A
Rankine Mr G
Rankine Mrs
Rankine Miss K L
Rankine Miss R M
Ranson Mr T N
Richards Mr K J
Ridge Mr J P
Ridge Mrs
Ridge Miss S M
Ridge Miss M E
Roberts Mr P A
Robinson Miss B
Robinson Mrs E M
Robinson Mr J E
Robinson Mrs
Robinson Mr D
Roff Mr E
Rolley Mr D D
Rosling Mr A
Royce Mr G
Royce Mrs
Royce Miss M J
Ryder Miss S M
Scott Mr I
Scott Mrs
Scoular Mrs G
Sharpe Mr W
Shaw Mr J W
Shaw Mrs
Shaw Miss D J
Simpson Mr A
Simpson Mrs G P M
Sinton Mr F
Sinton Mrs
Sinton Miss B C
Sinton Miss M G
Slavin Mr M
Slinn Mr D J
Smart Mrs I M
Smee Mr T H
Smee Mrs
Smith Mr AL
Smith Mrs
Smith Mr A M
Smith Mr J R
Smyth Mr T G H
Smyth Mrs
Smyth Miss S C
Smyth Master S F
Snoeks Mr W
Snoeks Mrs
Stephenson Miss S
Stevens Mrs K A
Sullivan Mr R
Sullivan Mrs
Sumpter Miss J C M
Swan Miss E A
Swanson Mr I
Swanson Mrs
Swift Mrs F M
Taylor Mr O
Taylor Mrs
Taylor Miss M L
Taylor Master G O
Taylor Miss D M
Taylor Master B J
Thornton Miss J
Turner Mrs B E
Van Es Mr T C
Van Es Mrs
Van Es Miss C E
Van Gogh Mr T F
Van Gogh Mrs
Wall Mr A
Wall Mrs
Wallace Mr G
Ward Mr C F
Watson Mr J
Watson Mr G
Watson Mr M
Weatherall Mr P A
Webster Mr D V
Webster Mrs
Webster Master K H
Webster Master S J
Whale Mrs P
Whale Master R M
Whiting Miss A T
Wilkins Mr S C
Wilkins Mrs
Woods Mr R J
Woods Mrs
Woods Master M B

Pitcairn pdf. Extract from the “Pitcairn Miscellany” dated 31st March 1962 written by D.H. Davies, Pastor.
The wind had howled all night. Few had slept really well. Most were pondering what the sea would be like by 4 a.m. when the bell was expected to ring in preparation for the coming of the “Rangitata” ...

January 1957, the ocean liner the Rangitata at London's East End docks.
Other souvenirs

The ship Rangitata leaving Wellington on her last voyage, 24 March 1962
Source:  "The Dominion Post Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library"

Rangitata at her best for farewell. Crew of the Rangitata worked almost up to the last minute, painting and sprucing up the ship ready for her farewell to Wellington. Funnels, hull and even the white numbers on the bow were touched up, and she glistened like a new pin as she slipped away from the Glasgow Wharf at 5 p.m. to the strains of Auld Lang Syne and an accompaniment of ship's sirens. The Rangitata was flanked by several yachts and other small craft, which criss-crossed her bows as she reversed from her berth. Her crews lined the rails, to give her a fitting send-off. The 33 year old, 16,960 ton Rangitata leaving Wellington for the last time on Saturday afternoon for Southampton (arrived April 30th) and Spanish breakers' yards. Hundreds of people gathered on the wharves and thousands of cars lined the harbour roads for her departure. The ship's 552ft paying off pennant drooped in the sea from the main mast until she reached enough speed to trail it behind her. This last voyage is the Rangitata's 87th and she has steamed more than 2,000,000 miles. The Rangitata arrived at Auckland on her maiden voyage on December 29, 1929. Except during the World War II, she remained on the NZ  UK run, for which she was designed.

M.V. Rangitata souvenirs