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The following is a transcript from the FamilySearch.  The ship 'Rakaia', arrived in Lyttelton, Canterbury, New Zealand Sunday 3rd September 1882.

Papers Past
4 September 1882, Page 3
The New Zealand Shipping Company's fine ship, Rakaia, 1032 tons, Bone, from London April 15, arrived at Lyttelton from Plymouth yesterday with 151 nominated immigrants for this port. In addition to the number for this district, the Rakaia brought a few for Messrs Grant and Foster's settlement at Te Aroha, Auckland. The Rakaia will be berthed 1 at the Gladstone prior early this morning, be that those who have friends on board can go and meet them at once. The Te Aroha settlers by the ship Ashmore (at Auckland), from London, have left for the Thames, as well as most of the Ashmore s passengers.

Delay of the RAKAIA.

The Rakaia is in command of Captain Bone, who has graduated in the Company's service, and who is well known here, though this is his first trip to this Port as master. The ship first left London on April 15, and embarked her immigrants at Plymouth on April 19, preceding to sea on April 20. Very heavy weather was experienced, strong westerly gale: prevailing to April 25, on which date Dr Crawford, the then surgeon superintendent on board, reported that one of the crew was sick with smallpox. The man was ordered into the hospital. On the second day after leaving Plymouth, Dr Crawford farther reported that, owing to his own ill health (he was suffering from rapid consumption), he could not possibly cope with the extra work that the epidemic would entail should it spread, and he urged Captain Bone to return to Plymouth, which he accordingly did. Plymouth was reached on April 27, but it was not until the evening of April 29 that the sick man could be sent to the hospital hulk, owing to bad weather. Next day the forecastle and hospital were thoroughly fumigated, and it was earnestly hoped that the disease was stamped out, but a few days later the carpenter of the ship was attacked, and subsequently another of the crew and one of the steerage passengers [Barry Brown per Timaru Herald]. These were transhipped to the hospital, and the ship and passengers and crew were all thoroughly fumigated. The passengers were then put on board a steamer, and spent, a day in Plymouth Sound while the ship was thoroughly whitewashed. The Rakaia lay at Plymouth until May 28, Dr Crawford resigning his position, which was filled on May 25 by Dr Husband, a veteran immigrant dargoon superintendent, who is well-known here. Dr Husband has made a large number of very successful passages to this Colony, and the one just completed is another to be added to his already long list. On May 28 another start was made from Plymouth with the following nominated immigrants:— l51 souls, equalling 125½ adults, for this port. 25 specially nominated for Messrs Grant: and Foster's settlement Te Aroha, and six steerage passengers for here. The division of those for this port are families, 45 single women, 62 ; and single men 31. One death occurred, that of William [sic. It was Walter who died] ater Best, from heart disease and dropsy, on July 29, at the age of 19 and two births. The passengers were all very comfortably quartered with an abundance of room, ventilation, and light, and their quarters were found moat scrupulously clean and is excellent order.

Sailed 28th May 1882 Arrived 3rd September 1882

Names of Emigrants 		Age Country 	Occupation
Families & Children
Bell 		John 		28 Cumberland 	Iron Moulder
		Mary A 		27
		Thomas  	 7
		Henry 		 4
		Wm H 		 1
		Mary 		 1 mth Born at Plymouth after ship’s return
Best 		Isaac 		50 Yorkshire 	Clayworker
		Maria 		40 
		Walter 		18 Yorkshire 	Factory hand
		Sarah 		16 Yorkshire 	Factory hand
		Clara 		15 Yorkshire 	Factory hand
		Herbert 	 9
Brown 		Archibald 	26 Lanarkshire 	Joiner
		Mary 		25
		John 		 4
		Hugh 		 2
		Mary 		 9 mths
Long 		Thomas 		49 Antrim 	Gen Labourer
		Jemima 		48
Mathieson 	Alex’r 		32 Lanarkshire 	Joiner 		[Matheson]
		Susan 		26
		Alex 		 6
		Thomas 		 4
		Ellen 		 2
Milnes 		Joseph 		47 Yorkshire 	Painter  	[Milner]
		Emma 		40
		George 		16
		Wilfred 	 8
		Lilly 		 6
		Violet 		 4
		David 		 2
Murdock 	John 		25 Durham 	Policeman	[Murdoch]
		Mary 		22
Sinclair 	Archibald 	30 Argyle 	Farm Labourer
		Flora 		30
		Neilina 	 1
		Christina 	 1 mth
Smith 		Joseph 		30 Staffordshire Iron Worker
		Mary A 		28
Willoughby 	Matthew 	34 Cornwall 	Iron Moulder
		Eliza J 	34
		John 		 6
		Matthew Hy 	 4
		Florrie 	 2
		Ernest 		11 mths

Single Men
Blueman 	James 		17 Westmeath 	Farm Labourer  	for Westland, fwd at Govt.'s expense
		Michael 	15 		Farm Labourer	for Westland, fwd at Govt.'s expense
Brausch 	Oscar 		27 Germany 	Gardener 	[Bransch]
Brown 		Robert 		24 Armagh 	Smith
		George 		18 		Smith
Campbell 	Alex’r 		30 Antrim 	Farm Labourer
Corrigan 	Patrick 	21 Roscommon 	Farm Labouer
		Cath’e 		15 		Gen. Servant
Curren 		Daniel 		24 Leitrim 	Farm Labourer  [Curran]
Davidson 	Andrew 		27 Antrim 	Bootmaker
Doyle 		Laurence 	21 Wicklow 	Farm Labourer
Evison 		Samuel 		28 Herefordshire Shoemaker
Hedderman 	James 		20 Cork 	Farm Labourer
Hughes 		Enoch 		21 Lanarkshire 	Iron Worker
McDonald 	Patrick 	21 Cavan 	Farmer
		Mary 		27 		Housemaid
McDonnell 	Henry 		18 Londonderry 	Farm Labourer
		John 		16 		Farm Labourer
Mackle 		John 		23 Londonderry 	Farm Labourer
Murray 		John 		20 Westmeath 	Farm Labourer
O’Hara 		Patrick 	26 Antrim 	Farm Labourer
		Nancy 		21 		Gen. Servant
(Sweeney 	Michael 	22 Kerry 	Smith
(O’Sullivan 	Margt 		20 Kerry 	Housemaid
Scanlan 	Michael 	23 Kerry 	Farm Labourer
		Ellen 		27 Dom. 	Servant
Thompson 	Joseph 		20 Armagh 	Groom
Weir 		John 		17 Argyleshire 	Shepherd
Whalley 	Rob’t 		26 Armagh 	Labourer 
Lutz 		Wilhelm E 	28 Germany 	Butcher  	[Sutz]
O’Boyle 	Patrick 	23 Antrim 	Farm Labourer

Single Women
Allen 		Sarah 		24 Armagh 	Dom. Servant
Barr 		Jane 		38 Lanark 	Dom. Servant
		Andrew 		15 		Dom. Servant
		Alexander 	13 		Dom. Servant
		Wm 		11
		Eliz’th 	 9
		Mary 		 7
		Marg’t 		 5
		Isabella 	 3
Barry 		Bessie 		31 Cork 	Gen. Servant
Brown 		Johanna 	28 Kerry 	Gen. Servant  for Timaru
Cameron 	Eliz’th 	49 Dumbarton 	-
		Eliz’th 	18 Cloth 	Finisher
		Jessie 		16 		Servant
		Aleck 		12
		Lewis 		10
(Doyle 		Johanna 	33 Wexford 	Gen. Servant
(Gavan 		Kate 		20 Mayo 	Gen. Servant
( 		Bridget 	18 		Gen. Servant
Gray 		Mary A 		22 Tyrone 	Gen. Servant
		Eliz’th 	20 		Gen. Servant
Grimley 	Sarah 		36 Armagh 	Gen. Servant
		Mary J 		10
		Sam’l Jas 	 8
		Thos. G 	 6
		Jno. R 		 5
Harrington 	Cath’e 		16 Monmouthshire Gen. Servant
		Marg’t 		19 		Gen. Servant
		Ellen 		24 		Housemaid
Lavin 		Ann 		19 Roscommon 	Gen. Servant
		Mary 		22 		Gen. Servant
Lish 		Elizabeth 	18 Armagh 	Gen. Servant  [Lisk]
Loug 		Jemima 		22 Antrim 	Gen. Servant
		Maggie J 	20 		Gen. Servant
		Annie M 	18 		Gen. Servant
McDrury 	Kate 		20 Roscommon 	Gen. Servant
		Annie 		18 		Gen. Servant
Marshall 	May W 		43 Durham 	Housekeeper
		Robert 		21 		Farm Labourer
		James 		18 		Farm Labourer
		May W 		 5
		Maggie 		 3
		Cath’e 		 1
Mercer 		Jane 		19 Armagh 	Gen. Servant
Pearson 	Letitia 	17 Cavan 	Gen. Servant
		Louisa 		15 		Gen. Servant
Queenan 	Anne 		23 Sligo 	Gen. Servant
Redmond 	Kate 		20 Wexford 	Gen. Servant
Reynolds 	Nora 		18 Sligo 	Gen. Servant
Robinson 	Hannah 		50 Galway 	-
		Daniel 		21 		Miner
		Ellen 		19 		Dom. Servant
		Henry 		17 		Miner
Roper 		Sarah A 	29 Middlesex 	-
		Annie D 	 2
		Thomas D 	 1 mth
Share 		Florence 	18 Middlesex 	Nursemaid
Sharp 		Maybirth 	34 Yorkshire	 -		[Sharpe]
		Edwin 		11
		Hilda V 	10
		Ernest R 	 9
		Percival V 	 6
		Muriel A 	 3
Sloan 		Ellen 		24 Armagh 	-
		Bridget 	 3
Stubbs 		Martha 		24 Lincolnshire 		Matron
		Florence 	 3
Tweedie 	Mary 		19 Armagh 	Servant		[Tweddy]
Voyce 		Esther 		38 Middlesex 	-
		Thomas 		17 		Jeweller
		Edith J 	11
		Arthur E 	 8
		Wm E 		 4
Wallace 	Rebecca 	21 Cavan 	Dressmaker
White 		Jane 		26 Cornwall 	Nurse		for Marlborough to be fwd at Govt. expense
[Swan		Mrs and child]
[Drury		A &K ]
[E. Scanlan]

Iron Moulders 		2
Clay Worker 		1
Factory Hand 		1
Joiners 		2
Gen. Labourers 		2
Painter 		1
Policeman 		1
Farm Labourers 		14
Iron Workers 		2
Gardener 		1
Smiths 			3
Bootmaker 		2
Farmer 			1
Groom 			1
Shepherd 		1
Butcher 		1
Miners 			2
Working Jeweller 	1

Single Women etc
General Servants 	29
Housemaids 		 2
Cloth Finisher 		 1
Nurse 			 3
Housekeeper 		 1
Matron 			 1
Dressmaker 		 1
Factory hands 		 2
			40 79 

Men of 15 and above
England 		Scotland 		Ireland
Cumberland 	1 	Lanarkshire 	3 	Antrim 		4
Yorkshire 	2 	Argyle 		2 	Armagh 		4
Durham 		3 	Cork 		1 	Westneath 	2
Staffordshire 	1 	Londonderry 	3 	Roscommon 	1
Cornwall 	1			9 	Leitrim 	1
Herefordshire 	1				Wicklow 	1
Middlesex 	1 	Germany 	2 	Cavan 		1
		10 				Kerry 		2
						Galway 		2 

Women of 15 and above
England 		Scotland 		Ireland cont…
Yorkshire 	1 	Lanark 		1 	B fwd … 	14
Durham 		1 	Dumbarton 	3 	Armagh 		 4
Middlesex 	1 			4 	Cork 		 1
Lincolnshire 	1 	Ireland 		Wexford    	 2
Cornwall 	1 	Roscommon 	4 	Mayo 		 2
		5 	Cavan 		4 	Tyrone 		 2
Wales 			Antrim 		3 	Sligo 		 2
Monmouth 	3 	Kerry 		3 	Galway 		 1
Cont. fwd … 				14 			28

		Men 		Women 		English 	54
England 	10 		5 		Welsh 		 3
Wales		 - 		3 		Scotch 		29
Scotland 	9 		4 		Irish 		63
Ireland 	18 		28	 	Germans 	 2
Germany 	2		 - 		Welsh 		 3 ? 
		39 		40 		154

Star 4 September 1882, Page 2
[There is slight variations in the spelling of the above names in The Star; changes noted]  [ ]
For Grant and Foster's Settlement Te Aroha
Mr and Mrs Neill and family.
Mr and Mrs Madens and family,
Mr and Mrs Newsome und family,
Messrs C. Garlick, A. Thackeray, W. Wilkins.
Steerage passengers for Canterbury — Mr and Mrs Dove, Mr and Mrs Davis, Miss Gent, Miss A. Edgecombe.