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"Duke of Portland"

New Zealand Bound

The Duke of Portland, ship, 533t, built in 1842, arrived Lyttelton 26 September 1851 from Portsmouth, England.  List of Persons whom the Canterbury Association have authorized to embark for Canterbury, New Zealand per Ship "Duke of Portland", W.J. Cubitt, Commander, Powell, Surgeon- Superintendant, Frederick Young, Manger of Shipping. 10 June, 1851 Voyage Account

Chief Cabin

Adams       Mr       40   M   Y   for Auckland                                      
Adams       Mrs      36   F   Y   for Auckland                                      
Body        Miss E.  29   F       travelling with Mr. Jackson                       
Butterworth Rev'd    38   M       Chaplain                                          
Fleming     M. le    22   M                                                         
Hewell      J.D.     23   M                                                         
Hooper      John     20   M       for Auckland                                      
Jackson     Alex' I. 48   M   Y 2                                                   
Jackson     M.M.     12   F                                                         
Jackson     Robert I.11   M                                                         
Morrison    James    18   M       Forwarded to Nelson, for Wellington.              
Powell               30   M       Surgeon                                         

Second Cabin

Coupland   Richard   30   M       Grocer       for Auckland                                      
Humphries  James     22   M                                                                      
Lauder     Mrs       19   F   Y                                                                  
Lauder     Phillip   19   M   Y                                                                 
Palmer     Alfred    6    M                    for Auckland                                      
Palmer     Boyce     45   M   Y 9              for Auckland                                      
Palmer     Boyce     12   M                    for Auckland                                      
Palmer     Eliza     19   F                    for Auckland                                      
Palmer     Eliza     35   F   Y 9              for Auckland                                      
Palmer     infant    inf  F                    for Auckland                                      
Palmer     Joseph    8    M                    for Auckland                                      
Palmer     Julius    10   M                    for Auckland                                      
Palmer     Mary      2    F                    for Auckland                                      
Palmer     Matilda   13   F                    for Auckland                                      
Palmer     Stephen?  3    M                    for Auckland                                      
Pearse     John      42   M                    for Auckland                                                  
White      Mr        27   M   Y   Schoolmaster                                                   
White      Mrs       23   F   Y                                                                  

Steerage Cabin

Thomas J.H.    36   M   Y 1
Thomas M.Jane  inf  F      
Thomas Matilda 30   F   Y 1

Steerage (paid)

Hays     Robert    25   M Farmer    for Auckland                      
Linsley            13   M           for Auckland                      
Linsley            17   M           for Auckland                      
McKenzie Augusta   19   F Governess                                    
McKenzie Charlotte 17   F Governess                                    
Reas     H.Robert  22   M Gardener                                     
Siggs    James     16   M           for Auckland 
Siggs    Robert    11   M           for Auckland                    


Barclay     Alexander 5    M                                                                                
Barclay     Barbara   30   F  Y  3                                                                          
Barclay     Barbara   4    F                                                                                
Barclay     Roderick  2    M                                                                                
Barclay     Thomas    33   M  Y  3                                                                          
Bishop      Thomas    31   M        Shoemaker             married on board                                  
Blower      Adam      22   M  Y  3  Carter & Agr. Lab.                                                      
Blower      George    5    M                                                                                
Blower      Letitia   10   F                                                                                
Blower      Mary      28   F  Y  3                                                                          
Blower      William   2    M                                                                                
Chambers    Mary A.   19   F        Domestic Servant      married on board                                  
Dell        George    15   M        Agr. Labourer                                                           
Donaldson   Agnes     25   F  Y  1                                                                          
Donaldson   Robert    25   M        Shepherd                                                                
Grace       Catherine 38   F  Y  2                                                                          
Grace       Sarah     12   F                                                                                
Grace       William   33   M  Y  2                                                                          
Grace       William    6   M                                                                                
Going       Isabella  27   F  Y                                                                             
Going       James     31   M  Y     Farm Laborer                                                            
Goodwin     John      36   M  Y  2                                                                          
Goodwin     Lucy      34   F  Y  2                                                                          
Goodwin     Mary Ann  12   F                                                                                
Goodwin     Samuel     6   M                                                                                
Hall        Elizabeth 12   F                                                                                
Hall        Jane       8   F                                                                                
Hall        Mary      40   F  Y  3                                                                          
Hall        Samuel    10   M                                                                                
Hall        Thomas    40   M  Y  3  Farm Laborer                                                            
Hopsack     Agnes     25   F  Y  1                                                                          
Hopsack     James     35   M  Y  1  Farm Labourer                                                           
Hopsack     James     inf  M                                                                                
Jones       Robert    18   M        Agr. Labourer                                                           
Lunckall?   Ann       22   F                                                                                
Lunckall?   Ann       inf  F                                                                                
Lunckall?   John      35   M  Y  1  Farm Laborer                                                            
MacKay      Ann       26   F        Domestic Servant                                                        
MacKay      Barbara   46   F                                                                                
MacKay      Donald    28   M        Shephers & Agr. Lab.                                                    
MacKay      Jn' Clark  24   M       Shephers & Agr. Lab                                                     
MacKay      Jane      16   F        Domestic Servant                                                        
MacKay      Roderick  48   M  Y     Shepherd                                                                
Main        David     35   M  Y  3  Agr. Labourer                                                           
Main        George     2   M                                                                                
Main        James      6   M                                                                                
Main        James     41   M  Y  4  Agr. Labourer                                                           
Main        Jane      30   F  Y  3                                                                          
Main        Jane      42   F  Y  2                                                                          
Main        Mary      7    F                                                                                
Main        Mary      7    F                                                                                
Main        Robert    4    M                                                                                
Main        Susan     1    F                                                                                
Main        Thomas    3    M                                                                                
Marks       Hannah    27   F  Y                             wife of ship's carpenter                                                
Marks       William   27   M  Y     Carpenter               worked his out passage                                               
McDreness?  James     31   M        Farm Labourer                                                           
Meddings    Harriett  29   F  Y  1                                                                          
Meddings    William   7    M                                                                                
Meddings    William   31   M  Y  1  Pump maker                                                              
Milderness? James     31   M        Farm Laborer                                                            
Neal        Emma      9    F                                                                                
Neal        Joseph    1    M                                                                                
Neal        Mary      39   F  Y  3                                                                          
Neal        Rosanna   11   F                                                                                
Neal        William   38   M  Y  3  Farm Laborer                                                            
Pease       William   34   M        Agr. Laborer                                                            
Perry       Alfred    25   M  Y     Sawyer                                                                  
Perry       Elizabeth 20   F  Y                                                                             
Salebell    Fanny     21   F  Y  1                                                                          
Salebell    Frances   1    F                                                                                
Salebell    William   22   M  Y  1  Bricklayer                                                              
Savage      Charles   40   M  Y                                                                             
Savage      Martha    40   F  Y                                                                             
Shakespeare Edward    23   M        Agr. Labourer                                                           
Somas       Eliza     21   F  Y                                                                             
Somas       Richard   26   M  Y     Farm Labourer                                                           
Sutton      William   23   M        Farm Labourer                                                           
Thompson    Charles   10   M                                                                                
Thompson    Frances   39   F  Y  4                                                                          
Thompson    Frances   11   F                                                                                
Thompson    George    11   M                                                                                
Thompson    Jane      7    M                                                                                
Thompson    Thomas    39   M  Y  4  Agr. Laborer                                                            
Wheeler     Ann       38   F  Y  5                                                                          
Wheeler     Charles   inf  M                                                                                
Wheeler     Frederick 9    M                                                                                
Wheeler     George    9    M                                                                                
Wheeler     Henry     12   M                                                                                
Wheeler     Matilda   3    F                                                                                
Wheeler     Willaim   15   M        Labourer                                                                
Wheeler     William   34   M  Y  5  Wheelwright                                                             
Wood        Caroline  15   F        Domestic Servant                                                        
Wood        Eliza     2    F                                                                                
Wood        Eliza     45   F  Y  4                                                                          
Wood        Emma      11   F                                                                                
Wood        George    13   M                                                                                
Wood        Isabel    6    F                                                                                
Wood        John      55   M  Y  4  Carpenter                                                               
Wood        Nancy     18   F        Domestic Servant                                                        
Wood        Wrsula?   25   F        Domestic Servant                                                        

Reference: Canterbury Association Shipping Office (London, England) Lyttelton Shipping List  Published: Salt Lake City, Utah : Genealogical Society of Salt Lake City, 1973. Copy of passenger lists of some Canterbury Association emigrant ships held in the Canterbury Museum.  Available on microfilm at Family History Centres worldwide through their loan programme. Item #1066515

Passenger list appeared in The Lyttelton Times and Passenger Lists of Canterbury Association Ships published 1900.

Drawings: John Pearse  1808-1882 drew sketches of his fellow passengers, the crew and ship activities. The original sketches are held at the Alexander Turnbull Library, the research library within the National Library of New Zealand, Wellington. Include drawing of the ship, plans of the accommodation on its lower and upper decks, copies of Pearse's shipboard baggage receipts, a copy of an advertisement for the departure of the Duke of Portland from London, bound for Lyttelton, Wellington & Auckland on 10 June 1851, and a label stating 'plan of the accommodation of the fine passenger ship Duke of Portland". Thirteen small sketches include four drawings of albatross, two of rigging, three of the artist's cabin, two of sailors reefing the sails, two relating to a trick played on the Schoolmaster, White, and the theft of his cap, one of the Springbok, an American barque. Twenty-two sketches appear in John MacGibbon's book 'Going Abroad'. 

John Pearse published the ship's newspaper for the Duke of Portland "The Portland Gazette and Flying Jib". issue no. 4, Thursday 17 July 1851 Editorial with a sketch showing a contribution box, two men approaching with their rolled up contributions to the newspaper and two others observing. Ink on blue paper, 212 x 202 mm on inscribed sheet, 322 x 404 mm Handwritten.

Pearse's sketchbooks, 93 leaves, record of colonial life aboard the ship Duke of Portland and on arrival in Wellington, with portraits, house portraits, landscapes, depictions of Maori life, scenes in Wellington, Hutt Valley, Porirua, Rangitikei district, Kapiti Coast, Wairarapa, Nelson, Motueka, Wanganui, East Coast of the North Island, plants and birds. 127 watercolour and ink and wash drawings plus 3 maps.  Held at the Alexander Turnbull Library.

Lloyd's Register :
Master: Captain William John Cubitt
Rigging: Bark; sheathed in yellow metal in 1851
Tonnage: 468 tons using old measurements and 533 tons using new measurements
Construction: 1842 in Troon
Owners: Hamlin & Co.
Port of registry: Greenock
Port of survey: London
Voyage: sailed for New Zealand

HALL: Elizabeth Hall was from Coventry. She married John Gibbs Hart. Their son James Reese Hart settled at Waitohi, South Canterbury. Another son, George, had a blacksmith trade at Pleasant Point. Ref: Moonshine Country by Gordon Ogilvie.

LeFLEMING : Michael LeFleming & Miss Elizabeth BODIE of the Chief Cabin passengers. Canterbury Museum McDonald Dictionary : 'Also on the ship were Alexander Sherwood Jackson, known as "Russian" Jackson because he had a commission in the Russian Army. Jackson brought with him his son and daughter and a Miss Boddie, who was a daughter of Captain Boddie of the Russian Imperial Navy. Michael was later to marry Miss Boddie, who was also Jackson's niece, as well, Jackson's wife was a half sister of Mrs Le Fleming. The partners Michael & William Le Fleming and A. S. Jackson took up Run 130 (20,000 acres) on 15 Oct 1851 and called it  "Easedale Nook" (close to Springfield). At the end of 1855 they sold the station to the Perceval brothers but apparently without the cattle which they sold in November 1856.

Michael Le Fleming stood unsuccessfully for Avon in the election for the Provincial Council in November 1857 and he was made a trustee of the Christchurch Mechanics Institute when it was founded in 1859.  He bought some land in the Heathcote south side out of Col. Crans(?) Heathcote section, known as Riverlaw and built a house there which frequently appears on early records as Isbel Lodge. A. S. Jackson died there in 1860.   It later became known as the Oaks and Mark Egan lived there with his son after him. Information courtesy of Geoff Green. Posted 30 April 2000.

News and Notes, From the "Lyttelton Times," September 27, 1851
Arrived - September 26, ship Duke of Portland, 533 tons, Cubitt, from London, June 11, and Portsmouth, June 19, with 13 chief cabin, 16 intermediate and 122 steerage passengers.

As a boat was making for the Lady Nugent on Tuesday, it capsized not far from the vessel. and a policeman named Fitzgerald was unfortunately drowned.

The Duke of Portland entered the harbour early on Friday morning with 151 immigrants, after a speedy voyage. Little of fresh importance was occurring in England when she left. Her mail is a small one, the Cashmere having sailed for Auckland a few days before.

News and Notes, From the "Lyttelton Times," October 4, 1851
The passengers on board the ship Duke of Portland cannot take leave of their excellent captain, William Cubitt, without publicly expressing their thanks for his constant attention to their comfort, and his invariable civility, as well as to testify their admiration of his qualities as a navigator and commander. It also gives them the greatest pleasure hereby to thank Dr Powell, physician, and the Rev. A. N. Butterworth, chaplain, for their kindly behaviour to all on board, and their attention to their several duties; nor would they on any account fail to mention the efficiency of the other officers and the crew- Advt.

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Cabin or Saloon gave way to first or second class.
Cabin may refer to first class in a two class ship (cabin and steerage).
Chief cabin, second cabin, steerage cabin and steerage
Cabin may well refer to second class in a three class ship (First-Cabin-Third) in later years.
Kajuete [German] means cabin in English.