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Reference: Papers Past

North Otago Times, 24 July 1877, Page 2
Port Chalmers July 23: The ship Pomona, which was here last year, Arrived to-day, from London, after a passage of 92 days from port to port. It was uneventful ; average winds and weather prevailed to the Cape, and thence very good westerlies. She has nearly 2000 tons of cargo, chiefly measurement goods.

Evening Post, 24 July 1877, Page 2
Port Chalmers, 23rd July.
Arrived Ship Pomona, from London, 94 days from port to port, and 87 from land to land. She brings 28 immigrants and 2000 tons of cargo.

Otago Witness,  28 July 1877, Page 11
ARRIVAL OF THE POMONA. For once, supposition was correct ; the ship sighted on Sunday to the northward of the port has proved to be the Pomona, from London, on her second voyage to this port, and still commanded by Captain Tannock. She worked up to the Heads betimes on the 23rd inst., and was towed in by the Koputai by 2 p.m. Having seven tons of powder on board, she was anchored in the usual place below the shipping, and was there boarded by the Customs officials, and others interested in her. The Pomona comes into port in good order all over, and has made a reasonably good passage of 92 days from port to port, and 84 days from land to land. But for the light weather met with on this coast after the land was made, the Pomona would have kept considerably within the 90 days. She has brought nearly 2000 tons of cargo, but as it consists almost entirely of measurement goods, the ship shows a good side to it, and is in excellent trim otherwise.

Pomona, ship, 1208 tons, Tannock, from London, April 16th, Gravesend 20th, Start Point 24th. Dalgety, Nichols, and Co., agents. Passengers : Mr and Mrs Cutten, Misses F. Cutten, A. Cutten, R. Cutten, K. Cutten, Miss Jones, Mr W. Cutten ; 2nd Class and Steerage Mr and Mrs Allen, Messrs Birch, Welsh, Kennedy, Hobson. Biggs (2). Hillier, Ratcliff, Fell, Wilson, Byers, Elston, Sheehan, Stafford, Roberts, Fell, Cason.  Pomona 1876