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The 'Taranaki' about to depart from Dunedin assisted by a pwheeled tug.

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Wreck of the  A.S.N. Co.  Steamship Auckland on the Ninety-mile Beach 
City of Cashmere (Ship) wrecked
Derry Castle disaster. 
France a five masted  Lyttelton 
H.M.N.Z.T. Zealandic 
H.M.N.Z.T. Pakeha 
H.M.N.Z.T. Burma
H.M.N.Z.T. S.S. Tahiti 
H.M.N.Z.T. S.S. Dalmore 
Huruni N.Z. Co.'s 
Lilla dismasted German steamer  
Lizzie Bell 
Lutterworth ashore Nelson 
Lyttelton (ship)
Marie French barque
Mahinapua U.S.S. Co. of N.Z. 
Mataura steamship 1866
Melanope at rest
New Zealand Star  owned by Blue Star Line Ltd., London.
Norththumberland wreck Napier N.Z. 
S.S. Orowaiti U.S.S. Co. of N.Z. 
Oswega hulk burning at Wellington 
S.S. Otago at Chaslands Mistake
Remuera, 11,276 tons, 485 ft in length Otago
Samuel Plimsoll dismasted 
Taviuni ashore at Westport 1908
Timaru 1362 tons. Built Glasgow. 1874
Wairarapa wreck  Gt. Barrier Island. 1894. 126 lives lost.
Wild Duck in dry dock
Wrecks at Timaru  6/82

Wairarapa Archives photos or sketches

Addenda. The ship became a total loss after the grounding in Palliser Bay on 14 Oct. 1904. No lives were lost. A brigantine wrecked in Palliser Bay. Addenda was built in Oregon in 1895, barquentine of 692 tons gross. Shows the four-masted barquentine 'Addenda' aground on a beach in Palliser Bay. Four sailors, survivors from the wreck are on the beach looking at the ship. Photograph taken a day after the grounding.
The Tuvalu went aground at Honeycomb Rock, 11 Jan 1967 and became a total loss. The crew were rescued by helicopter.
Ben Avon, a three masted barque, wrecked near Cape Palliser, 11 Nov 1903.
Ben Veg aground on a beach. Several people are on the scow. c. 1990
Canterbury a three masted sailing ship which went aground on the spit at Lake Onoke, Aug 1864. The ship was eventually repaired and refloated.
The harbour at Bluff, with several ships, one identified as Cleopatra, a steamship wrecked in Palliser Bay, 6 Apr 1868.
Emerald anchor and plaque, Palliser Bay.
Jenco III, a trawler wrecked near Castlepoint, 3 Sep 1962.
List ships wrecked on Wairarapa coast 1841-1863. 14 vessels mentioned.
Opua, a steamer wrecked at Tora, 2 Oct 1926
Progress, a brigantine wrecked in Palliser Bay, 23 Jan 1880
The coastal steamship Ripple in Wellington Harbour. The ship was lost off the Wairarapa coast about 7 Aug 1924 with all on board.
A yacht with two masts sailing close to shore. About 12 people are on the yacht. It is identified as Rona which was wrecked in Palliser Bay while salvaging the 'Ben Avon'.  Photograph is of a yacht about 40 feet long. New Zealand shipwrecks 1795-1960 describes the Rona as being 65 feet long. Identity may be incorrect.
St. Vincent, a full-rigged ship wrecked in Palliser Bay, 14 Feb 1869. Berthed at a wharf. A warehouse with Luxmoore & Co Ltd is behind the ship.
Tea clipper Thermopylae, rather than the cutter wrecked in Palliser Bay.
Triton, a two masted sailing ship used by Wesleyan Missionary Society. There is a plan and side view of the ship. Triton went aground in Palliser Bay on 10 Jun 1866 and became a total loss.
A print of steamship Waitaki at sea. It was wrecked at Black Head, near Cape Palliser, 23 Apr 1887. The wreck site at White Rock, Napier, 25 April 1887.
Mounted print of White Swan steamship which went aground at Uriti, south of Castlepoint, 29 Jun 1862. It became a total loss. There were no deaths in the Zuleika, three masted ship wrecked near Cape Palliser, 16 Apr 1897. Newspaper clippings on the wreck of the Zuleika12 deaths from a crew of 21.

Excerpt from David MacIntyre,  Cook�s wild strait: the interisland story. Wellington: Reed, 1983 -  "The tendency for wind and sea conditions to drive vessels to a graveyard in Palliser Bay was shown with the wreck of the Zuleika in April 1897. As the ship neared Palliser Bay from the south a strong gale blew up. Despite the efforts of Captain J.R. Bremner to change course, she hit rocks. Waves came over the side and swept everything moveable overboard. Efforts to launch the lifeboats failed when they became badly damaged, so the crew clung to the rigging until the masts started to be swept away and the ship lurched to one side, sending them into the sea. Twelve of the crew of twenty-one died." 

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Otago Witness 15 March 1905 pg 49
USS Co.'s Steamer Penguin Negotiating the French Pass

Evening Post, Wellington 22 Feb. 1876
The painting of the ship Pleiades will be finished to-day, and she will be launched from the slip to-morrow.


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