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'Sir Edward Paget'

New Zealand Bound
From London (21 Jan 1856) to Lyttelton 2 July 1856 & Dunedin
Under Captain Wycherly. Brought out 117 passengers, of which 54 were for Port Chalmers. Proceeded to Nelson.

The following is a transcript from the Lyttelton Times  5 July 1856, on Papers Past

Lyttelton Times, 5 July 1856, Page 7 Shipping News.
Arrived July 2, Barque Sir Edward Paget, 482 tons Wycherly, from London, 21st Feb. Passengers for Canterbury—
G. Hancock, wife and two children
T. Kemish and wife
Mrs. Flint
Mrs Card and six children
Mrs. Restiaux and four children
Hester, wife, and three children
Balestier, wife and daughter
Mills, wife and two sons
Hobbs, and two children
Campion wile and son
Mary Bell
Schumaker, wife and daughter
Paradise, wife and two children
Mc Nechy, wife and child
E. Mills, wife and three children
S. Neville, wife and five children
T Hughlings and wife
Rachel Nash and three children
R. Newton, wife and seven children
G. Cook
S. Wilson
R. and Mary Heron
G. Edwards
F. Dauby
J. and Fanny Wayland
Pearce, (5)
W. Bibby
W. and G. Moffet,
W Crysell,
C. Rippingale,
M. Barrell,
D. Pye,
R. Jones,
R. Thompson
Sarah and M. A. Norfolk
Jane Shayler,
Esther King
Caroline Brighton
G. Scarle,
W. Clarke
Elizaheth Lee
R. Hawl kins, wife and child
J. Deal and wife
H. Knight
W. T. Newnham
Lucina Hutchinson —ll7 in all.
54, for Otago. Deaths, 4 children, 1 adult Births 4.

Otago Witness 16 August 1856, Page 2
August 15, Sir Edward Paget, 481 tons, Wycherly, from London via Port Victoria. Passenger
David Kilgour, wife, 3 sons, and 1 daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Watson and son
Alexander and Mrs. Kilgour 3 sons, and 2 daughters
Mr. and Mrs. Leckie and 3 sons
Mrs. Susan Stantiford, 1 son and 2 daughters
Mr. and Mrs. John Barr
Mr. and Mrs. James Barr, son, and daughter
William and Mrs. Fisher, son, and 3 daughters
George Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Bayne, 4 sons and 2 daughters
James Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Dunn and daughter [Jane Dunn]
Mrs. Ann Stewart and 2 sons
Christina Reid
Mrs. Dixon, son, and daughter
Mr. and Mrs Geary, John Geary,
Charles Trail.

Press 14 December 1910 Page 9
An old colonist died at Lyttelton yesterday, in the person of Mr James Arnold. Mr Arnold was born in Winchester, England, in 1831 and with his wife and child, arrived in Lyttelton by the "Sir Edwin Paget," in July 1858. Soon after his arrival he, with a partner, took a contract forming a portion of the Governor's Bay road. He afterwards joined the police force, in which he served five years, transferring then to the gaol service, in which he served nineteen years. He retired from the position of chief warder, owing to nervous breakdown, and has since lived a retired life at his residence in Voelas road. Dampier's Bay. He leaves a widow and three sons and three daughters.

Otago Daily Times 23 March 1891, Page 6 James BARR
The subject of this notice was born in Paisley, Scotland, in the first year of the century, and, having received a fair education, was apprenticed to the trade of dying, in Bartholomew Dye Works, in Glasgow, where he remained for several years, afterwards removing to Carlisle, where he was engaged in a responsible position, in the same business, for a considerable time. Like many of his countrymen he was restless in disposition and resolved with his wife and family to emigrate to Otago, which presented at the time great attractions. Arriving by the Sir Edward Paget, in August 1856, he found that neither bleaching or dyeing were in vogue, so he took what first offered itself, and, strange to say, that was the appointment of himself as keeper and his wife as matron of the hospital as lunatic asylum for the province. He remained there as assistant until age rendered him unfit for service, and he retired without a pension. About 16 years ago Mrs Barr died, and since that time he has lived with his daughter at Riverton, occasionally coming up to town. If one of our old residents deserves notice for services rendered in former times, the subject of this notice is the man. His family now alive consists of two sons and a daughter.

Otago Witness 31 March 1898, Page 11
Bayne, P. arrived Sir Edward Paget Aug. 14, 1556 Mrs Bayne and family (6) accompanied him; resided North-East Harbour 17 years, Mrs Bayne now residing Tapanui. Family, 14, 64 grandchildren, 1 great grand child.

Geary, Hannah [nee Nuttall), was born Nottinghamshire June 1831 came Otago Sir Edward Paget, landing on August 14, 1856 now resides at Hooper's Inlet. Family, two daughters.

Also on board was the Hayhurst family. Reference. FamilySearch Other families are probably missing from the newspaper list. Another list with ages.

Hayhurst James 		50
Hayhurst Amelia 	50 
Hayhurst Betsy 		29
Hayhurst Mary 		23
Hayhurst Margaret 	17
Hayhurst William 	12
Hayhurst Sarah 		79

Colonist, 28 April 1915, Page 4
Mr Robert Thompson, of the firm of Milner and Thompson, Christchurch, is dead. He was one of the pioneers of Canterbury, and was born at Roxeth, near Harrow, in 1835. In 1856 he arrived at Lyttelton in the ship Sir Edward Paget.