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Shipping News for Port Chalmers & Dunedin
 weekly during 1886 

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

During 1886 the Otago Witness, a weekly newspaper, was published on Saturday's until April 24 when the publishing day became Friday.  Index (opens in new window)

The following is a transcript from the Otago Witness May 28th 1886

May 20th
SS Orawaiti, 254 tons, Gibb, from the West Coast W Hay Dickson agent
SS Taiuni, 5200 tons, Barlow RNR, from London via Cape Town, Hobart, Auckland
and Wellington, Dalgety and Co Limited agents. Passengers:
Holmes 		Mr

Second Cabin
Carter 		Mr
Gavin 		Mr
Johnson 	Mr
Stevens 	Mr & Mrs
Tangye 		Mr & Mrs
Williams 	Mr & Mrs

Armstrong 	Mr
Baird 		Mr
Black 		Mr
Crawford 	Mr
Fairburn 	Mr
Muir 		Mr
Nave 		Mrs and son
Sangier 	Mr
Taylor 		Mr
Taylor 		Miss
Trizona 	Mrs and son
Wood 		Mr
May 21st
S S Rotorua 576 tons Neville from Northern ports J Mills agent
Brown 		Miss
Colquhoun 	Dr
Dowens 		Mr & Mrs and Family
Houston 	Mr
Howarth 	Miss
Monsell 	Miss
Reid 		Mrs and child
Theomin 	Mr
5 Steerage
RMS Kaikoura 4474 tons, Crutchley. R M R from Plymouth Via Madeira and the
Cape of Good Hope. Passengers
Saloon: For Dunedin

Marks 		Mr
Morris 		Mr
Neill 		Mr

For Lyttelton

Eyre 		Mrs H N
Hastings 	Miss
Musgrave 	Miss
Watson 		Rev H

For Wellington 
Ricketts 	Mrs

For Auckland
Byng 		Mr
Hanson 		Mr
Hanson 		Mrs
Hanson 		Miss (2)
Kerr 		Mr
Lawkins 	Mr
Sherd 		Mr
Pickup 		Mr

Second Cabin
For Dunedin  
Brazil 		Mr

For Lyttelton
Hannaford 	Miss
Hilliard 	Mr & Mrs
Howard 		Mr
Rowbottom 	Mrs
Rowbottom 	Miss (2)
Tickell 	Mr & Mrs

For Wellington
Boal 		Mr
Tripe 		Mr & Mrs
Whitehead 	Mr

For Auckland
Arnold 		Mr & Mrs
Beal 		Miss
Croll 		Mr & Mrs & Master
Elliston 	Mr
Graham 		Mr
Johnson 	Mrs
McKillop 	Mr
Tugby 		Mr & Mrs & Miss
Watson 		Mrs
Woolridge 	Mr Mrs 2 children
Woolridge 	Mr

For Napier
Blackstone 	Mr
Halse 		Miss

For Sydney
Hall 		Mr

For Dunedin

Healey 		Mr
Irvine 		Mr
Masson 		Mr & Mrs
Morton 		Mr
Phelps 		Mr
Thompson 	Mr
Ward 		Mr
Watson 		Miss
Wilson 		Mr
72 for the North

May 22nd
SS Koranui, 301 tons, Oliver from the North. J Mills agent
Duncan 		Miss
McGreger 	Mr
McIntosh 	Mrs
Sheperd 	Miss
Whitwell 	Miss
Williams 	Miss
2 steerage
May 23rd
Splendid, barque, 358 tons, Anglem, from a whaling cruise. W Elder agent
Othello, barque, 312 tons, Earle, from a whaling cruise. W Elder agent

May 25th
Mararoa RMSS Union Steamship Co departed from Sydney en route for San
Francisco via Auckland. Passengers
From Sydney to Auckland
Armitage 	Mr
Armitage 	Mrs and child
Bruce 		Miss
Davis 		Mr V
Franks 		Mr W
Hay 		Mrs
Humphreys 	Mr
Marks 		Mrs and child
Meriburn 	Mr
Murphy 		Miss
Pearson 	Mr W
Price 		Dr
Richmond 	Mr
Richmond 	Mrs
Sawters 	Mr
Sharp 		Mr L G
Stephenson 	Mrs
Thelpell 	Miss
Walker 		Mr J A
Watton 		Miss
9 in steerage

From Sydney to San Francisco
64 cabin
55 steerage

From Sydney to Honolulu
3 cabin
1 steerage

Auckland to San Francisco
Aitkin 		Mr G H
Barnes 		Mr (2)
Barnes 		Mrs
Barnes 		Miss (2)
Betherington 	Mr
Coombie 	Mr & Mrs T
Freeman 	Miss
Marks 		Mr
Paterson 	Frank
Roberts 	Mr Mrs
Rutherford 	Mr
Rutherford 	Miss
Waddell 	Rev Mr
Walsh 		Mr
Wingate 	Mr
Ullithorne 	Mr
Waihora, 1269 tons, Popham, from Melbourne via Hobart and the Bluff J Mills
agent. Passengers
From Melbourne and Hobart
Belcher 	Mr & Mrs
Campbell 	Mr
Carvossa 	Mr
Dickenson 	Mr
Dickson 	Mr
Gibbs 		Mr & Mrs 5 children and 2 Nurses
Humphries 	Mr
Johnson 	Mrs and child
Mercer 		Miss
Puflett 	Miss
Richardson 	Mr
Scott 		Mr
Wallace 	Mr

From the Bluff 
Baird Mr
17 steerage from all ports
May 26th
SS Wanaka, 297 tons, Johnson, from the North. J Mills agent.
Checkly 	Mrs
Daley 		Mr
Douglas 	Mr
Holder 		Mrs
Marka 		Mr
Melton 		Mr
Neill 		Mr & Mrs
Thompson 	Miss
Woods 		Mrs
9 steerage
S S Tarawera 1269 tons Sinclair from the North J Mills agent.
From Sydney
Bilson Mr

From the Coast
Boyd Captain Mrs and family
Kinross 	Mr
Maston 		Miss
Mills 		Mr John
Ness 		Mr
Rowe 		Mr
Sandstrum 	Mrs
White 		Mr

May 20th
SS Te Anau 1028 tons McIntosh for Melbourne via the Bluff and Hobart J Mills
agent. Passengers:
For the Bluff
Edmonds 	Mrs
Herdman 	Mr

For Hobart
Wilson 		Mrs

For Melbourne
Boyd 	Miss
Cameron 	Mr
Clark 		Mr S R
Duncan 		Mrs
Findlay 	Mr
Fraser 		Mr
Godfred 	Mr
Harris 		Mrs
Matherson 	Mr
Mollison 	Mrs
25 steerage
May 21st
RMS Kaikoura, 4174 tons, Crutchley, RNR, for the North. NZ Shipping Co
SS Mahinarua 205 tons Holmes for the North J Mills agent

May 22nd
Clifton. barque 380 tons, Bankier, for Newcastle. Proctors Jones and Co agents

May 23rd
SS Tainui, 5200 tons Barlow R N R for London via the North. Dalgety and Co

May 24th
SS Rotorua 578 tons Neville for the Manukau via Lyttelton and intermediate
ports J Mills agent

May 25th
SS Koranui 301 tons, Oliver, for Westport via Timaru and intermediate ports. J
Mills agent
Lyttelton, ship 1111 tons, Borman, for London via Lyttelton. NM and A Co agents
SS Go-Ahead 132 tons Plumley for Napier via Timaru. K Ramsay agent

May 26th
SS Waihora, 1269 tons, Popham, for Sydney via the North. J Mills agent.
For Lyttelton
Brenton 	Master
Dymock 		Master
Fitchett 	Master
Ross 		Miss
Wright 		Master (2)

For Wellington
Harvey 		Master
McIntyre 	Mrs and child
For Napier 
Allen 		Mr

For Auckland
Waugh 		Mr & Mrs
Winstanley 	Mr & Mrs

For Sydney
Begg 		Mr
Dairymple 	Miss
Dimont 		Mr & Mrs
Dimont 		Mrs
Martin 		Mrs
Rennie 		Miss
4 steerage
Otago Witness Shipping News 28 May 1886 page 15