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Shipping News for Port Chalmers & Dunedin
 weekly during 1886 

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

During 1886 the Otago Witness, a weekly newspaper, was published on Saturday's until April 24 when the publishing day became Friday.  Index (opens in new window) 

Aug. 19 - Grafton, ss 297 tons, Nordshum from the West Coast. 
Passengers: Mr Jones; 3 steerage

Aug. 20 - Wareatea, ss 288 tons, Ewan, from Westport. W. Hay Dickson, agent

Penguin, ss 448 tons, Allman from the North.
Crump 		Mr
Downey 		Mr
Fox 		Captain
Hailenstein 	Mr
Howarth 	Mrs
Pope 		Miss
Spragg 		Mr
Spragg 		Mrs and child
Williams 	Mr
Wright 		Rev. Mr
Tekapo ss, 1501 tons, Anderson from Newcastle via Lyttelton
Passengers: 1 steerage

Aug. 23 - Hauroto ss 1276 tons, Kennedy from Sydney via Cook Strait.
Lambert 	Dr
Norris 		Master
Robertson 	Dr
Warnock 	Miss
two natives
Aug. 23 - Otago, barque 353 tons, Snadden, from Mauritius (June 27) Neill and Co. (Limited), agents

Aug. 24 - Mawhera ss 553 tons Hill from Greymouth.
Brerton 	Mr
Contrees 	Messrs (2)
Fitchett 	Mr
Gillies 	Mr
Guthrie 	Mr
Price 		Mr
Somerset 	Mr
Watson 		Mr
Wright 		Mr
and 3 steerage
Wairarapa ss 1023 tons Chatfield from Melbourne via Hobart and the Bluff.
Asher 		Mr
Bunby 		Mr
Hall 		Miss
Henderson 	Mrs and son
Leveson 	Mr
Lockie 		Mr
Mawdsley 	Mr
Mendershausen 	Mrs
Sheet 		Mr
Strong 		Mr
and 21 steerage
Aug. 25 - Kakanui ss 59 tons Best from Timaru K Ramsay agent

Manapouri ss 1020 tons Logan from Auckland via East coast ports
Brien 		Mr
Conway 		Miss
Crow 		Mr
Dalrymple 	Mr
Dixon 		Mr
Dymock 		Master
Goring 		Mr
Guardia 	Miss
Hankinson 	Mr
Harris 		Master
Holmes 		Mrs and two servants
Holmes 		Hon M
Horsburgh 	Mrs
Holmes 		Mr
Macandrew 	Mr J.  M.H.R.
Martin 		Mr
Molliosn 	Mrs
Mollison 	Mr
Neill 		Dr
North 		Mr
Pearson 	Mr
Rose 		Mr
Schilling	Mr
Schoen 		Mrs 
Smith 		Mr
Southern 	Mr
Warren 		Miss
Wheeler 	Mr
Willis 		Mr
Wood 		Mrs
Wright 		Master
Aug. 20- Go-ahead ss 132 tons Plumby for the North
Waihora ss 1269 tons Popham for Sydney via East Coast 
Passengers: Saloon- for Wellington -
Matheson 	Miss
for Napier - 
Hewitt 		Mr
Westall		Mr
for Auckland-
Rothschild 	Mr
for Sydney - 
Couper 		Mr
and 9 steerage
Tarawera ss 1269 tons Sinclair for Melbourne via Bluff
For the Bluff
Cavell 		Mr
Cowan 		Mr
Cowan 		Miss
Forsyth 	Mr
Goller 		Mr
Hebberson 	Mr
Kilgour 	Mr
McPherson 	Mr
Morrison 	Mr

for Melbourne - 
Dodds 		Miss
Dodds 		Mr
Morgan 		Mr
Deans 		Mr
and 8 steerage
Arawata ss 623 tons Cromarty for the Fijian Islands via Auckland
Aug. 22 - Wareatea ss 288 tons Ewan for Westport
Enterprise, brigantine 84 tons Bell for Napier. G. Blyth and Co., agents
Catlin, ketch, 46 tons, Norman, for Hokitika. Dunedin Iron and Woodware Co., agents
Aug. 23 - Grafton ss 297 tons Norburgh for West Coast via Timaru
Omapere ss 352 tons Smith for Auckland via Oamaru and East Coast
Elderalue ss 2760 tons Millar for London. Murray, Roberts and Co., agents
Mero_e barque 2024 tons for Auckland

Aug. 24  - Hauroto ss 1276 tons Kennedy for Sydney for Oamaru and Cook Strait
For Oamaru - 
Kerkham 	Rev. Mr
Kerkham 	Mrs
For Wellington - 
Kennedy 	Mrs
20 steerage for all ports
Rotorua ss 576 tons Neville for the North.
For Lyttelton - 
Harris 		Mr and Mrs
Hewlings 	Miss
Hewling 	Mr
Fenston 	Mr
Roughton 	Mr
For Wellington - 
Doig 		Miss
Fleming 	Mrs
Johnson 	Rev. Mr
Smaill 		Rev. Mr
and 5 steerage

Otago Witness Shipping News 27 August 1886 page 19