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Shipping News for Port Chalmers & Dunedin
 weekly during 1886 

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

During 1886 the Otago Witness, a weekly newspaper, was published on Saturday's until April 24 when the publishing day became Friday.  Index (opens in new window)

Otago Witness 26 Nov. 1886

November 18.—
Beautiful Star. s.s.148 tons, Grant, from Oamaru. J Mills, agent. Passengers:1 saloon; 2 steerage.
Kakanui, s.s., 59 tons, Best, from Fortrose. K Ramsay, agent.

November 18-
Orowaiti, s.s. 288 tons, Gibb, from Westport. W Hay Dickson, agent. 
Florida, barqueutine.216 tons, Eddison from Newcastle. Dalgety and Co. (Limited), agents.
Hawea, s.s., 462 tons, Hansby, from the North. J Mills, agent. Passengers: Mesdames Mackay, M'Millan, Messrs Scott, Sutherland, and three steerage.

November 20.—
Kakanui, s.s., 59 tons, Best, from Waikawa K. Ramsay, agent.
Invercargill, s.s., 136 tons, Sundstrom, from Invercargill. K. Ramsay, agent.
Beautiful Star s.s., 146 tons, Grant, from Oamaru. J Mills, agent. Passengers: Eight saloon, five steerage.

November 21.—
Arawa, s.s, 5200 tons. Stuart, from Plymouth (October 9) via Teneriffe, Cape Town, and Hobart. N. M. and A. Company, agents. Passengers:—For Otago — Saloon: Mr and Mrs Allen and four children. Mrs Richards, Misses Anderson, Scott. Hon. Mr. Fitzgerald, Messrs Colin Allan, Schneider. Second cabin: Mr and Mrs de Rency, Mr and Mrs Campbell, Mr and Mrs Smellie and family (2), Mrs Nicholas, Miss Gow, Messrs Bain, Libber, Bickart, Erfurth, Robertson. Third class: Mr and Mrs Simpson, Mr and Mrs Brown and two children, Mr Thompson and nine children. Mesdames Ferguson, Farren, O'Kane. Messrs Tully. Wallace, Muir, Hair. Dunn, Murray. Miss Walker.

November 22. — 
Caberfeidh, barque, 304 tons, Hughes, from Port Esperance.
Omapere, s.s. 352 tons, Smith, from Greymouth, via intermediate ports. J Mills, agent. Passengers: Mrs Espenett, Mr Pearson.

November 23.—
Hauroto, s.s.. 1276 tons. Kennedy, from Melbourne, via the Bluff. J Mills. agent; Passengers: Mesdames Riedle and Roberts, Messrs Riedle (2). Cargill, Allen, Smith, Brown, Gray, Simpson, Bradshaw, and 47 steerage.

November 18.-
Kakanui, s.s., 59 tons. Best for Waikawa. K Ramsay, agent.
Afma, brigantine, 190 tons, Ankersen, for the Bluff. H Guthrie, agent.

November 19—
Beautiful Star s s., 146 tons, Grant, for Oamaru J Mills, agent.
Waihora s.s.. 1269 tons M Intosh, for Melbourne via Bluff and Hobart. J Mills. agent. Passengers: For the Bluff —Mrs Spencer. For Hobart—Mrs Dickensen, Messrs Kennedy, Crombie, Roeherson, Williams. For Melbourne—Mesdames Bothamly, Kind and son, Bannister, Misses Mowbray, Ivess, Kingswell. Father Riorden, Messrs Gibbons, Ivess, Clark, Aitken. Pratt, Gable, and 12 steerage.
Mahiuapua, s s., 205 tons, Holmes, for the West Coast via Timaru. J Mills, agent,

November 20.— 
Prospero, brig, 198 tons, Shimmins. for- Southport. Tasmania. a. Blyth and Co., agents.
Guiding Star, barquentine, 249 tons, Iken, for Hobart. D I and W Co., agents.

November 22. -
Kakanui, s s.. 59 tons, Best, for Ow?ke river. K. Ramsay, agent.
Wakatipu, s.s., 1158 tons, Wheeler, for Sydney, via Cook Strait J Mills, agent. Passengers: For Timaru -Mrs and Miss Burns, Mr Barclay. For Wellington—Miss Murphy. Five steerage, and Immigrants ex s.s. Arawa.
Hawea, s.s., 462 tons, Hansby. for the North. J Mills, agent. Passengers: For Lyttelton—Mr and Mrs Cook, Mrs Dobie and child, Messrs Good, Stanley. For Wellington—Mrs Robertson. One steerage, and immigrants ex Arawa. November—
Invercargill, s.s,, 136 tons, Sundstrom, for Invercargill. Keith Ramsay, agent.
Beautiful Star, s.s., 146 tons, Grant, for Oamaru, J. Mills, agents.
Omapare, s.s., 352 tons Smith, for the West Const via Oamaru. J. Mills, agent.
Awarua, C. G. schooner, 48 tons, Drew, for the Coast.
Circe, brigantine. 139 tons Davies, for Auckland. Geo. Blyth and Co., agents.

Otago Witness Shipping News 26 November 1886 page 19 & 20