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Shipping News for Port Chalmers & Dunedin
 weekly during 1886 

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

During 1886 the Otago Witness, a weekly newspaper, was published on Saturday's until April 24 when the publishing day became Friday.  Index  (opens in new window)

Otago Witness Shipping News 25 June 1886 page 15

June 17 - Kaikoura, 4171 tons, Crutchley, R.N.R., from Lyttelton. New Zealand Shipping Company, agents
June 12 - Omapere, s.s., 352 tons, Smith, from the North
Stevenson 	Mr
Stewart 	Mr
Alastor, barque, 824 tons, Glazebrook, from Glasgow (March 13). Dalgety and Co. Limited agents
June 19 - Beautiful Star, s.s., 146 tons, White, from Oamaru
Penguin, s.s., 462 tons, Allman, from the North
Hislop 		Mr
Humphreys 	Mr
Hudson 		Mr
Porter 		Rev Mr
Waters 		Miss
June 20 - Invercargill, s.s., 135 tons, Sundstrom, from Invercargill
Ohau, s.s, 411  tons, Bernech, from Auckland via the West Coast. Passengers: 3 steerage
Tongariro, RMS, 4163 tons, Bone, from Plymouth, May 8th, via intermediate ports. New Zealand Shipping Company, agents

The Star Monday 21st June 1886
The Royal mail steamer Tongariro reached Port Chalmers at 5. 30 pm yesterday. She brings 339 bags of mail, and six bags from Capetown, 2000 tons of cargo, and 212 passengers, 20 first saloon, 70 second saloon, and 123 steerage. She has 550 tons of cargo for Dunedin, 7000 tons for Lyttelton, 400 tons for Wellington, and the balance for Auckland and intermediate ports. Concerts and theatrical performances have been got up, and Divine service regularly held. Her actual steaming time has occupied 38 days 12 hours and 40 min, at an average speed of 13.4 knots per hour. The best day's work was 345 miles. She has twice broken down since leaving Table Bay. Mr Waring is the chief engineer -great praise. Repaired the vessel in mid ocean. The ship was kept under sail, average 4 to 7 knots per hour.

Passengers: For Otago: Saloon - 
Haynes 		Mr J W
Second saloon:
Attwooll 	Captain and Mrs
Donaldson 	Miss
Gunter 		Miss
Hodge 		Miss (2)
Hodge 		Mr and Mrs
Hopkins 	Miss (2)
Hopkins 	Mr and Mrs
Hopkins 	Master

For Oamaru - Second saloon: 
Crampton 	Mr and Mrs and five children
Marshall 	Mr

Third cabin:
Cole 		Mr
Davy 		Mr
Hopper 		Mr
Houldgate 	Mr and wife and child
Lyons 		Mr and Mrs
Wood 		Messrs (2)

For Lyttelton - Saloon:
Pratt 		Mr and Mrs
Pratt 		Misses (2)
Pratt 		Mr
Tripp 		Mr

Second saloon -
Collins 	Rev H wife and child
Coppenger 	Miss

Third cabin:
Curson 		Mr
Dalrig 		Mr
Eastrich 	Mr
Ericsson 	Mr
Kanagan 	Mr
Nolan 		Mr (2)
Nolan 		Miss
O'Neil 		Mr
Pearson 	Mr
Ponder 		Mr
Simpson 	Mrs
Smith 		Mr
Tipping 	Mr and Mrs
Turpin 		Mr

For Wellington - Saloon:
Coates 		Mr and Mrs
Coates	 	Miss
Halstead 	Miss
Izard 		Mr
Oliver 		Mr
Perston 	Mrs

Second saloon:
England 	Mr
Levett 		Mr
Tarn 		Miss
Thomson 	Miss
Thompson 	Mr

Third cabin:
Courage 	Mr
Evenington 	Mr and Mrs
Harrowgate 	Mr and Mrs
Jordan 		Mr
Kellick 	Messrs (2)
Knight 		Mr
Mosley 		Mr and Mrs and family
Mudgway 	Messrs (2)
Muir 		Mr
Rodgers 	Mr
S?ene 		Mr
Skov 		Mr
Stevens 	Mrs
Titcombe 	Mr
Urein 		Mr and Mrs and family
Valentine 	Mr
Wood 		Mr and 	Mrs

For Auckland - Saloon:
Ker 		Miss
McKenzie 	Mr H

Second saloon:
Allen 		Mrs and family
Court 		Mr and Mrs and family (4)
Houlkar 	Mr and Mrs and family (5)
Inchboard 	Mr
Livingstone 	Mrs
Livingstone 	Miss
McConnichie 	Mrs
Sutherland 	Mr
Waddell 	Mr
Whitehouse 	Miss

Third cabin:
Cocker 		Mr and Mrs and family
Cornish 	Mr
Crowther 	Mr
Dollar 		Mr
Evans 		Mr
Hughes 		Mr
Moore 		Mr
Palmer 		Mr
Quinn 		Mr
Richardson 	Mr
Scalan 		Mr
Skein 		Mr
Smith 		Mr and Mrs
Street 		Mr 

For Nelson - Saloon:
Ford 		Mr W J
For Timaru - Saloon:
Fraser 		Mr J A
For Gisborne - Second saloon:
Marshall 	Mr J H
For Napier - Second saloon:
Skirrow 	Mr J W

For Taranaki - Second saloon:
Wheeler 	Miss
Whitehead 	Dr and Mrs
Third cabin:
Atkins 		Mr and Mrs
Attrid 		Mr and Mrs
Hempton 	Mr
Johnathan 	Mrs M E and family
Barnitt 	Mr and Mrs and family

For Melbourne - Saloon:
Vanderb?l	Mr
Second salon:
O'Brien 	Miss
Scott 		Mr

For Sydney - Third cabin:
Cooper 		Mr and Mrs
Reldy 		Mr
and 19 steerage passengers from the Cape of Good for all ports.

June 21 - Orawaiti, s.s, 288 tons, Gibb, for Westport
Zephyr, brigantine, 135 tons, Smith, from Hokitika. Royse, Stead, and Co. agents
June 22- Pelham, s.s., 238 tons, Greager, from the West Coast.

Manapouri, s.s., 1025 tons, Logan, from Melbourne via the Bluff
Broughton 	Mr
Cornish 	Right Rev. Bishop
Freeman 	Mr
Fry 		Mr
Law 		Mr
Rintel 		Mr
Southern 	Mr
Turner 		Mr
and 11 in steerage
June 23 - Waihora, s.s., 1269 tons, Popham, from Sydney, via East Coast ports
Passengers from Sydney - 
Hazard 		Dr 
Kennedy 	Mr W C
From the Coast -
Cole 		Mr
Crawford 	Mr
Isaac 		Miss
Kopsero 	Mr
McArthur 	Miss
Toombe 		Mr
Tyree 		Mr
Vallange 	Mr
and 12 steerage
Otago Witness Shipping News 25 June 1886 page 15