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Shipping News for Port Chalmers & Dunedin  weekly during 1886 

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

During 1886 the Otago Witness, a weekly newspaper, was published on Saturday's until April 24 when the publishing day became Friday.  Index (opens in new window) 

Otago Witness Shipping News 24 September 1886 page 18


Sept. 16 - Hinemoa, C.G.S. 478 tons, Fairchild, from Wellington and Lyttelton
Beautiful Star, s.s., 146 tons, White, from Oamaru. J. Mills, agent. Passengers: 7 salon, 3 steerage
Orawaiti, s.s., 288 tons, Gibb, from Westport. W. Hay Dickson, agent
Sept. 17 - Go-ahead, s.s, 132 tons, Plumley, from the North. K Ramsey, agent
Penguin, s.s., 442 tons, Allman, from the North. J. Mills, agent. Passengers: Messrs Thrupp (2) and Wayne
Sept. 21 - Gordon, C.G. steamer, from Lyttelton

Rotomahana, s.s., 865 tons, Carey, from Melbourne, via Hobart and the Bluff. J. Mills, agent. 
Passengers: Saloon -
Bishop 		Mr W K
Blair 		Mr
Brydone 	Mr T
Cargill		Mr J W
Mackay 		Mr
Somerville 	Mrs and 3 children
Treacy 		Rev. P
and 10 in steerage

Ohau, s.s., 411 tons, Bercech, from the Coast. J. Mills, agent.
Sept. 22 - Mahinapua, s.s. 205 tons, Holmes from the West Coast. J. Mills, agent.
Cole		Mr and Mrs and family (6)
Holding 	Mr and child
Knowles 	Mr and Mrs and two children
Morgan 		Captain
Nugent 		Mrs
Procter 	Mr  (2)
Reid 		Dr
Storm 		Captain and Mrs and family (8)
Walker 		Mr
White 		Mr
two in steerage


Sept. 16 - Mawhera, s.s., 553 tons, Hill, for the West Coast. J Mills, agent
Waihora, s.s., 1269 tons, Popham, for Melbourne, via the bluff. J Mills, agent. 
For the Bluff - Mrs Seddon 
For Melbourne - 
Campbell 	Mrs and 3 children
Telles 		Mr and Mrs and family
19 steerage
Sept. 17 Hinemoa, C.G.S., 478 tons, Fairchild, from the West Coast, via the Bluff
Grafton, s.s., 397 tons, Hill, for Westport via intermediate ports.
Sept. 18 - Sophie, barque, 482 tons, Schanward, for the Fij Islands
Sept. 21 - Penguin, s.s., 442 tons, Allman, for the North
Sept. 22 - Rotomahana, s.s., 865 tons, Carey, for Sydney, via East Coast. 
Passengers: For Lyttelton - 
Jackson 	Mr and Mrs G and family
Fenn 		Mrs and child
Spark 		Mr
For Wellington -
Cotterell 	Mrs
Gallae 		Mr
Harvey 		Mr
Hodgson 	Mr
Naylor 		Miss
Selgren 	Mrs and family
Troup 		Mr
Wilson 		Mr and Mrs
Wilson 		Miss
For Auckland - 	
Fitzsimmons	Mr
and 12 steerage

Vessels in Port

The following vessels were in the port of Otago Wednesday:-
At Bowen Pier - Steamers Rotomahana, Mahinapua (Captain Holmes), Ringarooma
At the Export Pier
Ship Waipa (Captain Jamieson), barque Othello (Captain Earle), Splendid (Captain Anglem), s.s. Wanaka
At the George street Pier - Barque Edwin Fox, schooner Reward, steamers Plucky, Koputai
In the Stream  -Brig Mina, streamer Takapuna

At Dunedin
Ship Westland (Captain McWilliams
barque Ganymede (Captain Walker)
barquentine Handa Isle (Captain Johns)
brigantines Nettie (Captain  Lowry), Enterprise (Captain Bell)
cutter Lizzie (Captain Joss)
steamers Ohau (Captain Bernech), Gordon, Iron Age, Shag, Reynolds

Otago Witness Shipping News 24 September 1886 page 18