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Shipping News for Port Chalmers & Dunedin
 weekly during 1886 

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

During 1886 the Otago Witness, a weekly newspaper, was published on Saturday's until April 24 then the  publishing day became Friday.  Index (opens in new window) 

The Coptic, ss, 4367 tons, of Shaw Savill & Albion made regular calls at Australian and NZ ports from 1884. She had one funnel and was rigged as a four-masted barque.  The image, lower, maybe in a NZ port ?Dunedin, is of better quality than the same cropped photo that appears in 'Log of Logs' Vol 3.  

Otago Witness Shipping News 24 April 1886 page 15

Arrivals April 16 - 
Penguin, s.s., 463 tons, Allman, from the North. J. Mills, agent. 
Passengers: Mrs Angell, Mr Simkin; and two steerage

Go-Ahead, s.s. 132 tons, Plumley, from the North. K. Ramsay, agent

Coptic, s.s., 4367 tons, W.H. Kidley, from Plymouth (February 27), via Teneriffe, the Cape of Good Hope, and Hobart. B and N Z M and A Co., agents.

For Otago:
Broughton 	Miss
Carter 		Mr S
Dent 		Miss
Macandrew 	Dr H
Ogston 		Dr

Second Saloon-
Skene 		Mr W

Third class - 
Alldred 	Mr J and family (3)
Arthur 		Mr
Copland 	Mr
Cunningham 	Mr
Fleming 	Mr
Forsyth 	Mr
Franklin 	Mr
Hunt 		Mr
Jackson 	Mr
Potts 		Mr
Readman 	Mr
Scott 		Mr
Wilson 		Mr
For Canterbury:
Verrall 	Mr A E

Second saloon-

Feutz 		Mr and Mrs
Guilbert 	Miss
Joynt 		Mr
Towsey 		Miss
Tozer 		Mr
Tozer 		Mrs
Tozer 		Miss
For Wellington:
Armstrong 	Mr G C T

Second saloon-
Mantlan 	Mr and Mrs and family (5)
Third class- 
Brown 		Mr W and family (4)
Humphrey 	Miss
Gronland 	Miss
For Napier:
Burnett Mr H C
For Taranaki:
Brodie Mrs and Miss

Second saloon- 
Lawrell 	Mr D H

Scoble 		Mrs
Lashbroom 	Mr and Mrs
For Nelson:	
Second Saloon-
Cowx 		Mr H P
For Auckland:
Nathan 		Mr and Mrs

Second saloon-
Barber		Mr and Mrs and two children
Bradfield 	Mr

Third class-
Allpress 	Mr
Benning 	Mr
Blanchard 	Mr
Brereton 	Mr
Densen 		Mr
Gilbert 	Mr
Hall 		Mr (2)
Jeffrey 	Mr
Livermore 	Mr
Rea 		Mr
Saunders 	Mr
Smith 		Mr G
Smith 		Mr S
Shrimpton 	Mr
Stewart 	Mr and Mrs and child
Waterhouse 	Mr
[also see The Star Monday March 29 1886 for another passenger listing for the same voyage]
The s.s. Coptic was due in the Colony on April 11.
The following passengers were booked in the UK up to Feb. 12 
For Melbourne:
Smith Mr and Mrs and family
Delassand  Mr and Mrs
For Hobart:
Horner Mr F
Weild Mr J
For Sydney: 
Goldsworthy Mr A
Seaton Mr J
April 17 -
Wanaka, s.s., 297 tons, McColl, from the North

Omapere, s.s., 352 tons, Smith, from the North. 
Passengers: Messrs Scrutton and Fielder; and 1 steerage

Vallejo, barque, 662 tons, Captain Harding, from Liverpool, via Wellington. Neill and Co (Ltd), agents

April 21 -
Wanaka, s.s., 297 tons, Johnson, from Nelson via intermediate ports.
Adams 		Mr
Carroll 	Miss
Crompton 	Mr
Green 		Miss
Knott 		Miss
Norman 		Miss
Rattray 	Miss
Saw Toi 	Mr
Thomson 	Mr
Watson 		Mr
Wilson 		Mrs
and 1 steerage4
Rotomahama, s.s., 845 tons, Carey, from Auckland, via the East Coast ports.
Bohlini 	Mr
?Courie 	Mr
Dalrymple 	Mr
Ellwell 	Mr and  Mrs
Glendinning 	Miss and Master
Glover 		Mr
Hale 		Mr
Hall 		Mr
Hyams 		Mr
Schatz 		Mr
Smaill 		Mr
Wallace 	Mr
West 		Mr
Woodgate 	Mr
and 10 steerage
Waihora, s.s., 1269 tons, Popham, from Melbourne, via the Bluff.
Blakely 	Miss (2)
Blakley 	Mr
Coombe 		Mr
Dickie 		Miss
Ford 		Miss
Murray 		Rev Father
Rae 		Mr
Thomas 		Mr
Waugh 		Mr and Mrs
Webster 	Mrs
and 12 steerage
April 16
Te Anau s.s., 1028 tons, McIntosh, for Melbourne, via the Bluff.
Evans 		Mr
Fordyce 	Miss
Hudson 		Mr
Johnston 	Mr
Neill 		Mr and Mrs and child
McFir 		Mrs
Mulier 		Mr
Scott 		Mr
Todd 		Mr
Wallace 	Mr
and 15 steerage
Mahiuapua, s.s., 205 tons, Holmes, for the North

Beautiful Star, s.s. 146 tons, White, for Oamaru

April 17 - 
Coptic, Kidley, for London, via Wellington and Napier. 
April 19 - 
Taupo, s.s. 411 tons, McColl, for Auckland, via Oamaru and the East Coast ports.
Penguin, s.s., 462 tons, Allman, for the Northern ports.
Carrington 	Miss 
Howarth 	Mrs
Mise 		Mrs
Nairn 		Mrs
Floyd 		Mr
Flyger 		Mr
Schemellitscheck Mr
Omapere, s.s., 352 tons, Smith, for the West Coast, via Oamaru

April 21
Waihora, s.s., 1269 tons, Popham, for Auckland, via East Coast ports.
Bain 		Mrs
Blair 		Mr and Mrs
Collins 	Dr
Credgington 	Mr
Dunk 		Mrs
Fraser 		Mr J
Goodridge 	Miss
Gibbs 		Mr and Mrs R J
Gouring 	Mr
Hogg 		Mrs
Howarth 	Miss
Murray 		Mr
Ross 		Mrs
Skardon 	Mr
Walton 		Mr
Withers 	Mr
3 steerage

Auckland inward passenger arrivals 1840-1886 from newspaper.  Often those in steerage were also not included in the newspaper reports. To obtain a full listing just entered the name of the ship and the year.

Auckland, April 21
Arrived Wairarapa from Sydney
Beachon 	Mr
Brett 		Mr
Bryron 		Lord
Capper 		Miss
Didleston 	Mr
Fenton 		Mr
Hall 		Miss
Houston 	Mr
Granger 	Mrs and three children
Grantley 	Mr
Grattan Riggs' Dramatic Company
Gray 		Miss
Inmar 		Mr and Mrs
Joyce 		Mr and Mrs
Koyle 		Captain
Lalor 		Mrs
Legge 		Mr K
McMahon 	Mr
Moners 		Mr
Morris 		Mr
Poulton 	Mr
Russell 	Mr and Mrs
Seagrove 	Mr
Sandie 		Mr
Spragg 		Mr
Wallcott 	Mr
Weasman 	Mr
Weston 		Mr and Mrs and family
Withers 	Mrs
Wood 		Mr

Arawata, from Fiji
Passengers - 
Baker 		Rev Mr
Brooks 		Mr
Cropp 		Mr
Glenn 		Mr
Gray 		Mr
Green 		Mr
Heerder 	Mr
Harrison 	Mr
Hunter 		Mrs and child
Lahunter 	Mrs
Lewis 		Mrs
Moss 		Mr (M.H.R.)
Rennie 		Mr
Seed 		Mr
9 steerage


The Star Aug. 5 1884.The Star Aug. 5 1884.
The Coptic, the first of the steamers to be permanently engaged in the New Zealand service by the Shaw Savill and Albion Company, Limited. The Coptic is owned by the White Star Company, and was built for them by Messrs Harland and Wolf, of Belfast, on the same line as the Ionic and the Doric, which were also turned out by that firm. The Coptic, there fore resembles these vessels in almost every particular except that of size. She is the smallest of the three by about 400 tons. She was built in 1881 for the trade between San Francisco and Hong Kong and made the trip across the North Pacific several times, and on her withdrawal from the trade, made several voyages in the White Star's Atlantic Line. The Coptic is 2857 tons nett register, gross 4448 tons. She is built of steel with a straight stem and elliptical stern, and is rigged with four masts, on three of which she carries square canvas. Her engines were constructed by Messrs J. Jack and Co., of Liverpool, with a nominal working power of 500 horses. They are of the usual modern type, and on a consumption of coal of 46 tons per diem can drive the vessel about 13 knots an hour. The Coptic is fitted with three Messrs Bell and Coleman and Co.'s refrigerators, and her ice chambers are capable of carrying about 30,000 carcases. Captain W.H. Kidley is in command.

The names of the other officers are:
First 		J. Lawson
Second 		C H. Kempon
Third 		W.H. Patterson
Fourth 		W. Cuming
Purser 		W.J. Rae
Surgeon 	Arthur C. Cottew
Chief Engineer 	James Greig
The crew number 107 all told. 
Her principal dimensions are:-
length            	430ft
beam             	42ft
depth of hold 		31ft