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Shipping News for Port Chalmers & Dunedin
 weekly during 1886 

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

During 1886 the Otago Witness, a weekly newspaper, was published on Saturday's until April 24 when the publishing day became Friday.  Index (opens in new window)  

Otago Witness Shipping News 23 July 1886


July 15 - Koranui, s.s., 305 tons, Oliver, from the North
July 16 - Kawatiri, s.s., 288 tons, Metcalf, from Westport
Aorangi, RMS, 4163 tons, Turpin, from Plymouth (June 6), via Maderia and Cape of Good Hope. NZS Company agents.
 - For Otago: Saloon -
Anderson	Mr	
Bomey		Mr 
Malloch		Mr

Alexander	Mr
Cookson		Mrs
Fraser		Mr
Kirk		Mr
Laidlaw		Mr and Mrs and family
Lawson		Mr
McWilliams	Mr
Mitchellhill?	Mr and Mrs and family
Pryde		Mr
Robertson	Mr and Mrs and child
Selby		Mr
Slater		Mr
Sharpe		Mr and Mrs
Smith		Mr
Smith		Miss	
Woods		Mr

For Oamaru: Saloon -
Waddell		Mrs and son

For Invercargill: Steerage -
Cain		Mr. H.

For Lyttelton: 
Curtis		Mr and Mrs and family
Mollett		Mr and Mrs
Wright		Mr

Alexander	Mr
Butler		Mr
Elliott		Mr
Evans		Mr
Griffen		Mr
Hammett		Mr
Pattie		Mr and Mrs
Radford		Mr
Robinson	Mr and Mrs and family
Smith		Mr and Mrs and family
Walker		Mr

For Wellington: Saloon -
Buyers		Mr
Fitzgerald	Mr
Lodger		Mr
Mourath		Mr

Allman		Mr
Beckway		Miss	
Beckway		Mr
Croucher	Mr
Fort [2]	Mr
Garrett		Mr
Mallalien	Mr
Moir		Mr
Paton		Mr
Pratt		Mr
Rice		Mr
Scully		Mr
Taylor		Mr
Tepswark	Mr
Thorne		Mr
Topson		Mr and Mrs and family
Tracey		Mr and Mrs
Slugg		Mr

For Nelson: Steerage -
Turnbull	Mr 

For Blenheim: Saloon -
Hillman		Mr

For Gisborne: Saloon -
Phillips	Mrs and 2 children

For Napier: Steerage -
Crampen		Mr and Mrs and family
Lawrence	Mr and Mrs and family
Luckton		Mr
Mason		Mr
Purvis		Mr

For Taranaki: Saloon -
Tuke 		Miss

Cole		Miss
Harris		Mr
Harris		Mr and Mrs and family
Mowfutt		Mr and Mrs and family

For Auckland: Saloon -
de Belle Ball	Mr and Mrs
de Belle Ball	Mr
Hunter		Miss
Judge		Mr
Nash		Mr
Perkins		Mr
Scott		Mr and Mrs

Anderson	Mr and Mrs and family
Ashton		Mr
Beaumont	Mr
Brown		Mr and Mrs and family
Canavon		Miss
Canavon		Mr
Coniff		Mr
Craven		Mr
Derby		Mr and Mrs
Dickson		Mr
Drake		Mr
Drake		Miss
Forth		Mr
Heath[2]	Mr
Knox		Miss
Lilliby		Mr
Mills		Mr
Mitchell	Mrs
Mooney		Mr
Musselwhait	Mr
Nix		Mr
Norrie		Mr
Quinn		Mr
Quinn		Miss
Reddan		Mr
Rochester	Mr
Rochester	Miss
Rowland		Mr
Rowling		Mr
Smith		Mr
Watson		Mr and Mrs
Wroth		Mr

For Melbourne: Saloon -
Myers 		Mr
Steerage -
Barclay 	Mr
Langcoad 	Mr
Morris 		Mr
Smith 		Mr
Wettenberg 	Mr

For Sydney: Saloon -
Atkinson 	Mr and Mrs
Steerage -
Greenless 	Mr
Harriell 	Mr
Hawea, s.s. 462 tons, Hansby, from the North
Blackwood 	Mr
Conyers 	Mr
Jones 		Mr
Money 		Miss
Peake 		Mr
Preston 	Miss
Seaman 		Mr
Waters 		Mr
Young 		Mr
and three steerage
Alexa, barque, 425 tons, Bell, from Newcastle
Clifton, barque, 380 tons, Bankier, from Newcastle. Proctors, Jones, and Co., agents
July 18 - Go-ahead, s.s., 132 tons, Plumley, from the north. K. Ramsay, agent
July 19 - Elinor Vernon, barquentine, 450 tons, Berry, from New York (April 10). Bates, Sise and Co., agents
	  Omapere, s.s., 352 tons, Smith, from the East Coast via Wellington
July 20 - Tarawera, s.s., 1269 tons, Sinclair, from Melbourne via the Bluff
Passengers: From Melbourne -
B_yes 		Captain
Jones 		Mr 
Morrison 	Miss
Patterson 	Mr
Thomson 	Mr
three steerage

From the Bluff - 
Campbell 	Mr
Logan 		Mr
and three steerage
July 21 - Pelham s.s., 238 tons, Greager, from the North
	  Manapouri, s.s., 1020 tons, Logan from Sydney, via East Coast ports
Beckey 		Mr
Bidwell 	Mr
Burgess 	Miss
Cameron 	Mr
Canter 		Mr
Downes 		Mrs
Fergus 		Mrs
Gardner 	Mrs
Gardner 	Mr
Jones 		Mrs
Jones 		Misses (2)
Mitchell 	Miss
Murray 		Mr
Myers 		Mr
McKenzie 	Mr
McLatchie 	Mr
McRorie 	Messrs (2)
Reid 		Mrs
Speight 	Mr
Teddoch 	Mr
Warburton 	Mrs
and 14 steerage
Grafton, s.s, 297 tons, Hill, from the East Coast
Rice Mr
Arawa, s.s., 5200 tons, Stuart, from Napier, B and NZM and A Co., agents

Otago Witness Shipping News 23 July 1886