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Shipping News for Port Chalmers & Dunedin
 weekly during 1886 

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

During 1886 the Otago Witness, a weekly newspaper, was published on Saturday's until April 24 when the publishing day became Friday.  Index (opens in new window) 


October 14 - Beautiful Star, White, from Oamaru. Passengers - Three saloon, three steerage

October 15 - Rotorua, s.s., 576 tons, Neville, from the North
Ballam 		Miss
Blake 		Mrs
Bonnington 	Miss
Brunt 		Miss
Clapcott 	Miss
Griffiths 	Miss
Law 		Miss
Lott 		Miss
Newton 		Master and two children
Nott 		Mrs
Procter 	Miss
Puflett 	Mrs, children and nurse
Robinson 	Miss
Rutledge 	Miss

October 16 - Beautiful Star, White, from Oamaru. Passengers - Five saloon, one steerage
October 17 - Ohau, s.s., 411 tons, Bernech, from the North
October 18 - Eliza Firth, brigantine, 138 tons, Millman, from Greymouth
October 18 - Kawatiri, s.s., 288 tons, Metcalf, from Westport
October 18 - Areola, barque, 947 tons, Peregrine, from Calcutta via Wellington and Lyttelton. Gibbs, Bright and Co. agents.
October 19 - Kakanui, s.s., 59 tons, Best, from the South

Te Anau, s.s., 1028 tons, McIntosh from Melbourne, via Hobart and the Bluff.
Passengers -
Ballam 		Mr
Campbell 	Mr
Clarridge 	Master
Davies 		Mrs
Herbert 	Mrs
Heymanson 	Mr
Hogklimmer 	Mrs
Houston 	Mr
Madsheer 	Mr
Marshall 	Mr
Neill 		Mr PC
Pearson 	Mr
Reseigh 	Mr
Rutherford 	Misses (2)
Rutherford 	Mrs
Waddell 	Miss
Waddell 	Mr
24 in steerage
Pet, barque, 269 tons, Bowden, from Hobart. T. Paterson and Co. agents.
Hamilton 	Mr
Wise 		Mr

October 20 - Rotomahana, 865 tons, Carey, from the North. J. Mills, agent. 
From Sydney
Logan 		Mr JB
From the Coast
Allen 		Mr
Anderson 	Captain
Bradley 	Mrs
Crawford 	Mr
Dryden 		Mrs
Dunn 		Dr
Fulton 		Mr
Henderson 	Mrs
Hercus 		Mr
Houghton 	Mr J
Palmer 		Miss
Phillips 	Master
Robinson 	Mrs
Spurgeon 	Mr
and 12 steerage


October 14 - Clyde, brigantine, 87 tons, Sawyers for Wanganui. G. Blyth and Co., agents
October 14 - Tekapo, s.s, for Sydney via Oamaru and Cook Strait
October 15 - Grafton, s.s., for Westport
October 15 - Beautiful Star, s.s., for Oamaru
October 15 - Kakanui, s.s., 59 tons, Best, for Waikawa
October 17 - Manapouri, s.s., 1020 tons, for Melbourne, via the Bluff. 
Allen 		Mr
Ballan 		Mr
Black 		Miss
Bond 		Mr
Bonnington 	Mr
Brown 		Mrs
Duggan 		Miss
Griffell 	Mr
Harris 		Mrs
James 		Mr
Mailer 		Mr
Swan 		Mr
Walsh 		Mr

October 19 - Rotorua, s.s., for Northern ports
October 19 - Taupo, s.s., 1028 tons, Metcalf  for Westport
October 20 - Kakanui, s.s. 59 tons, Best, for Waikawa
October 20 - Te Anau s.s., 1028 tons, McIntosh, for Sydney, via the East Coast ports. J. Mills agent.
For Lyttelton -
Campbell 	Miss
Thompson 	Mr
For Wellington - 
Bidwell 	Miss
Fowler 		Miss
For Napier - 
McNair 		Miss
Robers 		Mr J
For Auckland
Harris 		Mr AJ
For Sydney - 
Logie 		Mr
Whitburne 	Mr
Wylie 		Mr
and 15 steerage

Otago Witness Shipping News 22 October 1886