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Shipping News for Port Chalmers & Dunedin
 weekly during 1886 

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

During 1886 the Otago Witness, a weekly newspaper, was published on Saturday's until April 24 when the  publishing day became Friday.  Index (opens in new window)

November 10 - Mararoa, s.s., 1258 tons, Eadie, from Sydney, via Auckland and East Coast. J. Mills, agent.
From Sydney
Blockhouse 	Messrs and party
Low? 		Mr
Kn?N 		Mr
Morrison 	Misses (2)
Morrison 	Mr

From the Coast
Anderson 	Captain
Asquith 	Mr
Banderson 	Mr and Mrs
Barnett 	Miss
Butterworth 	Mr
Campbell 	Miss
Cannon 		Mr
Cook 		Mr and Mrs
Dornwell 	Mr and Mrs and boy
Hallenstein 	Mr
Henderson 	Miss
Jansen 		Mr
Langlands 	Mr
McNadam 	Mr
Mitchell 	Miss
Mitchell 	Mr
Monkman 	Mr
Murphy 		Mr
Robertson 	Mr
Topy 		Mr
Walker 		Miss
November 11 - Beautiful Star s.s., 146 tons. White from Oamaru.
Passengers: 7 saloon, 7 steerage
	   - Grafton, s.s., 297 tons, Nordstrom, from the North.
Baume 		Miss
Cross 		Mr
Cuthbertson 	Mrs
Hatch 		Mr
Jones 		Mr
and two steerage
Koranui s.s., 301 tons, Oliver, from Greymouth via way ports.
Brodie 		Mr
Crossley 	Mr
Drury 		Mr
McAvery 	Mr
McLean 		Mr
Miller 		Mr
Sutherland 	Mr
and 13 steerage
November 11 - Penguin s.s., 442 tons, Allman from the North.
Dickson 	Mr
Frostnick 	Mr
Harris 		Mr
North 		Miss
Simon 		Mr
Werner 		Miss
November 13 - Beautiful Star, Grant, from Oamaru. Passengers: Four saloon, two steerage
November 15 - Invercargill, s.s., 136 tons, Sundstrom, from Invercargill. K. Ramsay, agent.
November 16 - Kakanui, s.s., 59 tons, Best, from Owake river.
	    - Sir John Franklyn, barquentine, 245 tons, Brown, from Newcastle, via Clarence river. Dunedin Iron and Woodware Company, agents.

Wairarapa, s.s., 1023 tons, Chatfield, from Melbourne, via Hobart and Bluff.
Passengers: Saloon -
Arden 		Miss
Atiken 		Mr and Mrs 
Bell 		Mr
Duncan 		Mrs and child
Grey 		Captain
Mitchell 	Mr
Mountain 	Rev. and Mrs
Oliver 		Hon. Mr R. and Mrs
Outhwaite 	Mr
Phillips 	Mr
Ridd 		Miss
Riddle 		Miss
Smith 		Mr
Stephenson 	Mr and Mrs and daughter
Waterton 	Mr
Wheeler 	Captain
Catlin, ketch, 46 tons, Norman, from Catlins river. Dunedin Iron Woodware Company, agents.
Lily, schooner, 84 tons, Connor, from Havelock, Master, agent.

November - 10 Kakanui, for Fortrose
Rotomahana, s.s., 865 tons, Carey, for Sydney, via the East Coast.
Passengers: For Lyttelton
Linley 		Miss
Nott 		Miss
Nott 		Mr
For Wellington
Barron 		Master
Willis 		Mrs

For Napier - 
Walker 		Miss
For Auckland - 
Von der Heyde 	Miss
Speight 	Mr and Mrs J
For Russell -  
Willis 		Misses(2)
Willis 		Mrs
4 steerage
November 11 - Invercargill for Invercargill and the Bluff
Dunedin, schooner, 66 tons, Hansen, for Timaru, master, agent
Ohau, s.s., 411 tons, Bernech, for Auckland, via the East Coast
Tekapo, s.s., 1501 tons, Anderson, for Sydney via Cook Strait. 
Passengers for Sydney:
Melvin 		Mr
White 		Captain
Mararoa, s.s., 1258 tons, Ed_e, for Melbourne, via the Bluff.
For the Bluff - 
Riddle 		Miss
For Melbourne - 
Arundel 	Mr
Cain 		Mr
Gunn 		Mr and Mrs
Hall 		Mr
Mair 		Mr
Rochester 	Mr
Rowan 		Captain
Sargood 	Colonel
Todd 		Mr
Woodhouse 	Mrs
and eight steerage
Grafton, s.s., 297 tons, Nordstrom, for Westport, via Timaru
Beautiful Star, for Oamaru
November 12 - Koranui, s.s., 301 tons, Oliver, for Greymouth, via Oamaru
November 14 - Circe, brigantine, 149 tons, Davies, for Auckland
November 15 - Gleaner, brigantine, 115 tons, Urquhart, for Aucklandvia Oamaru
	    - Enterprise, brigantine, 85 tons, Bell, for Napier
November 16 - Marlborough, ship, 1124 tons, Hird, f0r Oamaru. N.M. and A. Co., agents
            - Koputai, steamtug, Sinclair, for Oamaru
            - Penguin, s.s., 442 tons, Allman, for the Manukau via intermediate ports.
For Lyttelton - 
Brettargh 	Mr
Goldstone 	Mr
Pickles 	Mr
Puckel 		Mr
S?eddon 	Mr
For Wellington
Grey 		Captain
For the Manukau
Millar 		Mr and Mrs and 3 steerage
Beautiful Star, s.s., 146 tons, Grant, for Oamaru.

Otago Witness Shipping News 19 November 1886 page 17


Beautiful Star, iron screw steamship, 146 / 177 tons, official number #43602, built by J. Wigham Richardson, Low and Walker, in Northumberland, England in 1865. Lbd 119.2 x 17.2 x 10.6 ft. Registered at Dunedin in 1867. She was a coaster in local trade between Port Chalmers - Timaru - Oamaru - Dunedin. Part of the nucleus of the USSCo fleet in 1875 to 1899. In 1875 she was taken over with the Harbour Steam Co. In 1899 sold to T. Nichols, Hobart. Reg. Hobart 1/1900. She was laid up at the Domain Slip, Tasmania, alongside the hulk of the former whaling barque Derwent Hunter, when a fire was discovered on board, Christmas Day 1907. Both vessel destroyed. The hulk was later towed to New Town Bay, beached and abandoned. Her remains were visible for many years until being covered by road works in the 1960s. On 4 December 1902, under master-owner Thomas Nichols, collided with the steamer Huon between Snug Point and Oyster Cove, Tasmania. Both masters were severely reprimanded.