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Canterbury, Auckland, Oamaru to Port Chalmers
 Dec. 1878 -1879

New Zealand Bound

Otago Witness 5 January 1878 pg11
Arrival - Dec. 30 1877

Canterbury, ship, 1250 tons, Leslie, from Glasgow, left the Clyde on September 28th, taking the North Channel, and clearing land on October 1st. Russell, Ritchie, and Co., agents. Albion Company's clipper ship. Dr Hassard, the Surgeon Superintendent (who was last here in the Oamaru). Two cases of typhoid fever were raging; the first made its appearance 12 days ago since, the patient being one of the unmarried male passengers, the second case was one of typhoid pneumonia the suffer being Mr Thomas Basire, the third officer of the ship, a native of Port Chalmers. There have been three births during the passage, and these have been counterbalanced by three deaths. The first, a young man aged 21 years, from phthisis; the second, a child aged 11 months, from tabes mesenterica; and the last, a child aged 7 months, from exhaustion following diarrhoea. The vessel was placed in quarantine and to remove the passengers to the Islands, they therefore ordered the yellow flag to be hoisted. Made the Heads after a passage of 91 days from land to land and 92 days from port to port. Sighted seven icebergs on Dec. 11th in latitude 47.28 S and longitude 102 E.

Passengers, saloon - 
Colson 		Mrs F.F. and servant
Gibson 		Mrs and servant
Gray 		Misses (2)
Gray 		Masters (4)
Gray 		Mr A.
Gray 		Mr and Mrs  J.R.
Melville 	Mr and Mrs H.S.
Melville 	Masters (2)
McAuley 	Mr and Mrs R.
Walker 		Mr R.G.
and 279 nominated and assisted immigrants.

Otago Witness Saturday 12 1878
The typhus fever is spreading amongst the passengers by the Canterbury. O n the 3rd another case broke out on the small island. The patient was removed to the large island and placed in the Hospital there under care of Dr Hassard.

Otago Witness 5 January 1877 pg11
Arrived Dec. 31 1878
, ship, 1245 tons, McDougall, from London. Dalgety, Nichols and Co. agents. The Auckland brings fifty passengers, many of whom are old Dunedin residents returning from a visit to Great Britain. Albion Company's ship. The p.s. Koputai towed her in to the anchorage off Mansford Bay. She brings 2500 tons of cargo. Mr Bowland is still the chief officer and Mr Ball the chief steward. The death of Master George Weller of inflammation of the brain, after an illness of three weeks, on November 24th. The vessel left London on September 28th and Gravesend on the following day.


Saloon - 
Bathgate 	Mrs and child
Bathgate 	Miss
Burton 		Mr and Mrs W.J. and family (5)

Fergusson 	Mr
Leask 		Mr
Luxton 		Mr
Melland 	Mr
Melland 	Miss
Weller 		Mr and Mrs and family (6)

Second cabin: 
Chambers 	Mr and Mrs
Harris 		Mrs
Holden 		Misses (3)
Hunter 		Mr
Johnson 	Mr
McIntyre 	Miss
McIntyre 	Mr
Marriott 	Mr
Moffat 		Mr and Mrs and family (6)
Murdoch 	Mrs
Murdoch 	Messrs (2)
Reston 		Mr
Wynne 		Miss

Otago Witness January 5 1878 pg 11
Arrived Dec. 28 1878
Carl Ludvig
, brig, 233 tons, P. Petersen, from Foo Choo Foo, via Yokohama with four of her crew (manilla men) laid up. Found them suffering from purpura haemorrhagica commonly called land scurvy. The Carl Ludvig hails from Flensburg, her owner being Mr A. Danielson of that port. She brings a cargo of tea.

Dec. 30 1877
Arrival: Carl Ludvig, brig, 233 tons, P. Patersen, from Foo Choo Foo, via Yokohama. W .and J. Scoular, agents. Four of her crew (Manilla men) were laid up. Dr Drysdale and the Health Officer examined the men and found them suffering from purpura haemorrhagica or land scurvy. The brig hails from Flensburg, her owner being Mr A. Danielson of that port. She brings a cargo of tea from Foo Choo via Yokohama, whither she went to repair damages caused by her meeting a terrific typhoon after leaving Foo Choo. Ah Min, a Manila man, was washed overboard on the 12th Aug.

Dec. 30 1877
Maori, s.s., 118 tons, Bernech, from the West Coast via Lyttelton. Union Co., agents. Passengers: Mr Alexander and 1 Chinese.

Otago Witness 5 January 1878 pg11
Dec. 30 1878
Departure Port Chalmers - Pareora, ship, 879, Power, for London. NZSCo. agents. Passengers - A.G. Graham, T. Jones.

Otago Witness Saturday 19 January 1878 pg11
Port Chalmers Arrivals.
Jan. 10
Countess of Errol, three masted schooner, 218 tons, Taylor, from Foo Choo Foo. Master, agent.

Otago Witness Saturday 19 January 1878 pg11
January 14 Arrived
Dallam Tower, ship, 1499 tons, Davis, from London. NZSC, agents.

Passengers- Saloon - 
Atkinson 	Mrs
Ayrtor 		Mr
Hyatt 		Mr and Mrs and family (9)

Second cabin:
Carson 		Mr and Mrs Carson and family (2)
Cooper 		Mr and Mrs
Doyle 		Mr
Hardwick 	Mr and Mrs and family (5)
Joseph 		Mr and Mrs
Nicholson 	Mr
Pheeny 		Miss
Richardson 	Mr
Shaw 		Mr, Mrs and Miss
Turner 		Mr

Otago Witness 9 Nov. 1878 pg6Otago Witness Saturday 26 January 1878 pg11
Arrived Port Chalmers Jan. 17
Oamaru, ship, 1308 tons, Stewart, from Glasgow. Cargills, Gibbs, and Co., agents.

Banks 		Miss
Barrett 	Miss
Cameron 	Rev. J.
Davidson 	Mr
Grimke 		Mr
McCosh Smith 	Rev. J
Morrell 	Miss
Smith 		Mrs and family (4)
Stuart 		Mrs and child
Stuart 		Mr W.L.
Teviotdale 	Miss
and 142 immigrants.

The Albion Company's ship Oamaru arrived off the Heads yesterday morning and was at once boarded by Pilot Kelly. The p.s. Koputai took her in tow. She brings 142, exclusive of 76 already landed at the Bluff, together with about 1300 tons of cargo, 400 tons dead weight. Captain Stuart, who succeeds the late Capt. Hood in command of the Oamaru is well known at the Port, having commanded several of the Company's ships. He brings the old chief officer, Mr Strong, the second officer Mr Morrison (who has been promoted), was in the Oamaru last year as boatswain. Single females 53, all domestic servants. The Surgeon Superintendent, Dr. A.H. Neill. On leaving Glasgow there were 218 persons on board, exclusive of the cabin passengers and crew, and composed of 29 married people, 98 single women, 43 single men, and 48 children. The nationalities were as follows:
English 28
Scotch 60
Irish 130.
There were two births in the immigrants' compartment and one in the saloon; the first took place on the 21st November, Mrs O'Brien being confined of twin daughters; on the 4th January Mrs Kiely was confined of a daughter, and on the 14th January the wife of the Rev. J. MCosh Smith of a son. The births among the immigrants were equalised by two deaths, a male child named R.E. Dawson dying of pneumonia on the 7th November, and Agnes O'Brien, an infant, from malformation on the 5th of December. Oamaru's log: Left the Tail of the Bank on October 25th,...

Otago Witness Nov. 9 1878 pg6
Immigration Returns. Albion Shipping Company ships.