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Shipping News for Port Chalmers & Dunedin
 weekly during 1886 

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

During 1886 the Otago Witness, a weekly newspaper, was published on Saturday's until April 24 when the publishing became Friday.  Index (opens in new window)

Otago Witness Shipping News 17 September 1886 page 18 

Sept. 9 - Whampoo ss 1642 tons, Hunt from Foo Choo Foo [Foochow, Fuzhou, Chin] Neil and Co. (Limited) agents
	  Mahinapua ss 205 tons Holmes from Westport via intermediate ports.
Curie 		Mr
Hamilton 	Mr
Mander 		Miss
Shaw 		Miss
3 steerage
Sept. 11 Handa Isle, barquentine 261 tons, Jones, from Brisbane, via Chesterfield Group. G. Blyth and Co., agents

Mina, brig, 268 tons, Allan, from Esperance
Nettie, American brigantine 437 tons Lowry from New York (May 17th) J. Rattray and Co. agents.

Westland, ship, 1116 tons, McWilliams, from London (June 5th). Dalgety and Co. (Limited), agents.
Dell 		Mr
English 	Mr
Haigh 		Mr
Johnston 	Mr
Schoska? 	Mr
Shouton? 	Mr

Ruapehu, R.M.S. 4163 tons, Greenstreet, from Plymouth (July 31st), via Madeira and the Cape of Good Hope. New Zealand Shipping Company Agents.
Passengers: -

For Dunedin: Salon-
Arthur 		Mr W
Kerr 		Mr and Mrs C W

2nd saloon-
Cumming 	Mr F W
Milligan 	Mr D P
Pringle 	Mr W

Donobay 	Mr and Mrs W and family
Jerrard 	Mrs and child
Jones 		Mr
Lamb 		Mr
Lucas 		Mr
Male 		Mr (2)
Pascoe 		Mr and Mrs
Pattison 	Mr and Mrs and child
Rusbridge 	Mrs and child
Simms 		Mrs
Smith 		Mr
Stephens 	Mrs and family
Wade 		Mr
Watchman 	Mr (3)
Watson 		Mr
Williamson 	Mr

For the Bluff: Saloon-
Lumsden 	Miss
Lumnsden 	Mr G
Steerage - 
Harper 		Miss S J
Sept. 12 - Ganymede, barque, 568 tons, Walker, from London (4th May). Dunedin Iron and Woodware company, agents
Sept. 13 - Omapere ss 352 tons Smith from the North
Coptic ss, 4367 tons
Bradick 	Captain
Delamain 	Mrs
Delamain 	Miss
Gerard 		Mrs
Patterson 	Mrs

Second saloon:
Harris 		Miss
McKerrow 	Mrs and family (4)
Moore 		Mr F J

Adrain 		Miss (2)
Findlay 	Mr and Mrs
?Halliday 	Mr and Mrs and two children
Perry 		Miss
Rae 		Mr
Reid 		Miss
Sept. 14 - Invercargill ss 135 tons Sundstrom from Lyttelton, via intermediate ports.
	   Manapouri ss 1020 tons Logan from Melbourne via Bluff.
Ancell 		Mr
Beaumont 	Mr L
Carmichael 	Miss
Carr 		Mr
Collier 	Mr
Dalrymple 	Mr
Hargreaves 	Mr
Henderson 	Mr
Hunter 		Mr
Martin 		Mrs
Mitchell 	Mr
Sparks 		Mr
Southern 	Mrs
Southern 	Master
and 9 in the steerage
Sept. 15 - Enterprise, brigantine, 88 tons, Bell, from Napier
Grafton ss 297 tons Nordsrom from West Coast
Anderson 	Mr
Currie 		Mr
?Bathaway 	Mr
Henderson 	Miss
Hunter 		Mr
Kerkham 	Mrs
and 3 steerage
Waihora ss 1269 tons Popham from Sydney via East Coast
Passengers: - Intermediate
Cook 		Mr
Harrington 	Mr
and 1 steerage
ex Ruapehu, from Plymouth 
Arthur  	Mr W
and 13 steerage
Sept. 9 Wakatipu ss 1158 tons Wheeler from Sydney via Cook Strait

Wairarapa ss 1023 tons Chatfield for Melbourne via the Bluff and Hobart.
Passengers: For Melbourne - 
Graham 		Mr
Mallaby 	Mr
Medway 		Mr and Mrs and 3 children
Watson 		Mr
Sept. 11 Otago, barque, 350 tons, Snadden, for Adelaide
Sept. 12 Rotorua ss 576 tons Neville for the north
	 Whampoa ss 1642 Hunt for Hong Kong via Sydney and Queensland ports
Sept. 11 Omapere ss 352 tons Smith for Auckland via the East Coast
Sept. 15 Coptic ss 4367 tons, Kidley for London via Lyttelton

Manapouri ss 1020 tons Logan for Sydney via East Coast ports.
For Lyttelton - 
Brenton 	Mr
Dymock 		Masters (2)
Fltchett 	Mr
Hamilton 	Mr

For Wellington
Fulton 		Mrs

For Napier - 
Allen 		Mr

For Auckland -
Baxter 		Mrs and child
Johnston 	Miss
Murray 		Miss
Shields 	Miss
Hislop 		Mrs
Williams 	Mrs

For Sydney -
Alexander 	Miss
Black 		Mr
Black 		Miss
Dymock 		Mrs
Dymock 		Misses (2)
Mayes 		Mr
and 13 steerage

Tekapo ss 1501 tons Anderson for Sydney via cook Strait

Dec. 1886