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Shipping News for Port Chalmers & Dunedin
 weekly during 1886 

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

During 1886 the Otago Witness, a weekly newspaper, was published on Saturday's until April 24 then the   publishing day became Friday.  Index (opens in new window)

The following is a transcript from the Otago Witness May 14th 1886

May 6th

S S Mahinapua 205 tons Holmes from Lyttelton via Akaroa and Timaru. J Mills
agent. Passengers
Blyth 		Miss
Heaphy 		Mrs
Heaphy 		Miss
Lack 		Miss
Levien 		Miss
McDougall 	Mr
Rapsey 		Miss
Reany 		Mrs
Reany 		Miss
Richbaum 	Mr
Schneider 	Mr
White 		Mr
7 steerage
May 7th
S S Penguin 442 tons Allman from the North. J Mills agent
Bo'dini 	Mr
Brown 		Mr
Fitchett 	Mr
Kemplin 	Mr
McFarlane 	Mr
Simon 		Mr
Westwood 	Mr
5 steerage
Caberfeidh barque 333 tons Hughes from Kaipara. G Blyth and Co agents

May 8th
S S  Omapere  352 tons Smith from the West Coast. J Mills agent
Passenger- Hagan 	Mr P

May 9th
Mina brig 258 tons McArthur from Port Esperance
S S Tekapo  1501 tons Anderson from Newcastle via Lyttelton. J Mills agent
Passengers - Isaacs 	Mr
	    1 steerage

Clifton barque 380 tons Bankier from Newcastle. Proctors Jones and Co agents

May 10th
S S Orawaiti 288 tons Gibb from the West Coast. W Hay Dickson agents

May 11th
Guiding Star Barquentine 249 tons Iken from Hobart. G Blyth and Co agent

S S Rotomahana 865 tons Carey from Melbourne via Hobart and the Bluff. J
Mills agent. Passengers

From Melbourne
Barnum 		Mr C
Benjamin 	Mr E A
Downey 		Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Fulton 		Mr W H
Rogers		Mr
From Hobart
Anderson 	Miss (2)
Elliott 	Mr G
Roberts 	Mr and Mrs
Watkin 		Rev W
Webb 		Mr C J
Woodroffe 	Mr C W
Woods 		Mr J
From Bluff
Edmonds 	Mrs
10 steerage
S S Wareatea  286 tons from Westport. W Hay Dickson agents

May 12th
S S Wanaka 297 tons Johnson from the North. J Mills agent
Blacklock 	Miss
Clapcott 	Miss
Flanagan 	Miss
Foote 		Miss (2)
Sievers 	Miss
Smith 		Mr
6 steerage

S S Wairarapa 1023 tons Chatfield from Sydney via East Coast ports J Mills
agent. Passengers
Allen 		Mr
Allison 	Mr
Belcher 	Dr
Edwards 	Miss
Hall 		Miss
Hegarty 	Mr
Henerry 	Mrs
Howlett 	Mr
Moarr 		Mr and Mrs
Rennie 		Mr
Webb 		Mrs
Webb 		Miss
Wood 		Mr
Wood 		Miss
Wylie 		Mr
S S Ruapehu R M S 4163 tons Greenstreet from Lyttelton. N Z S Co agents

May 6th
S S Waihora Popham for Melbourne via the Bluff and Hobart J Mills agent
For the Bluff
Kitchen 	Mr
Waddell 	Miss

For Hobart
Duslacher 	Mr

For Melbourne
Bodkin 		Rev Bro
Carvossa 	Mr
Clark 		Mr
Eichbaum 	Mr
Golder		Mr
Jones 		Mr
Jordon 		Mr
Mann 		Mr
Pearce 		Mr
Reidle 		Mrs
Rose 		Mr
Sidey 		Mr and Mrs and Miss
Thomson 	Mr
7 steerage
May 7th
S S Mahinapua 205 tons Holmes for Nelson via intermediate ports

May 10th
S S Penguin 462 tons Allman for the North. J Mills agent
For Lyttelton
Anderson 	Captain
Belcher 	Dr

For Wellington
Carter 		Mr 
Courtney 	Miss
Holmes 		Miss
Pope 		Mr
Ross 		Mr A.H., MHR
Spragg 		Mr

For Picton
McKenzie 	Miss
Pope 		Miss
2 steerage
May 12th
S S Orawaiti 254 tons Gibb for Westport. W Hay Dickson agent
S S Invercargill 136 tons Sundstrom for Invercargill. K Ramsay agent
S S Rotomahana 865 tons Carey for Sydney via Auckland and the East Coast
ports. J Mills agent. Passengers
For Lyttelton
Butterworth 	Mr
McGlashan 	Mrs
Parker 		Mrs and child and nurse
Trebeck 	Mrs
Wilson 		Mr

For Wellington

Bathgate 	Hon Mr and Mrs J
Bathgate 	Miss
Calder 		Miss
Fergus 		Mr and Mrs and Family
Fisher 		Mr
Holmes 		Miss
Jones 		Mrs
Jones 		Miss
Leckie 		Miss
Liddy 		Mr
Macandrew 	Mr J., MHR
Reid 		Miss (2)

For Napier
Seine 		Mrs
Wheeler 	Mr

For Auckland
Waddell 	Rev R
Levy 		Mr

For Sydney
Denniston 	Mr and Mrs R B
9 in steerage for all ports
From the San Francisco Mail
May 9th
S S Mararoa
Arrival at Auckland via Honolulu and Tutuila, left for Sydney at 5 o'clock
in the evening on May 9th. Passengers
For Sydney
30 Saloon (including Captain Salt)
106 Steerage
Men and officers of the ship The Zealandia

For New Zealand
Goodman 	J
Duncan 		F
Kennelly 	W S
Neill 		William (Temperance Lecturer)
10 steerage

Otago Witness Shipping News 14 May 1886