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Shipping News for Port Chalmers & Dunedin
 weekly during 1886 

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

During 1886 the Otago Witness, a weekly newspaper, was published on Saturday's until April 24 when the publishing day became Friday.  Index (opens in new window)

Otago Witness Shipping News 10 December 1886

Dec. 2 - Oreti, s.s., 131 tons, Robertson, from Wanganui, via Akaroa. George Blyth and Co., agents
Margaret Galbraith, ship, 841 tons, Carden, from Glasgow (August 12). B and NZ and M A Co., agents
Passengers: Saloon -
Miles		Mr and Mrs
Johnson 	Mr
Steerage - 
Allan 		Mr and Mrs and four children
Girdwood 	Mr
Hall 		Mr
Lochead 	Mr and Mrs and five children
McPherson 	Mr
	Beautiful Star, s.s., 146 tons, Grant from Oamaru
Passengers: Four saloon, five steerage.
	Aorangi, R.M.S.S., 4163, Turpin, from Plymouth, via Cape Town. NZ Shipping Co., agents
Archer 		Mr F
Firth 		Mr and Mrs H
Gordon 		Mr H
Gordon 		Mr B
Maxwell 	Major-general P
Robinson 	Mr G

Second cabin:
Austing 	Mr H
Bolt 		Mrs C
Barnley 	Mr T
Fellows 	Mr F
Hopkins 	Mr J, jun.
Muir 		Mrs A
Plumtree 	Master F
Sim 		Mr A
Sim 		Mr J
Springston 	Miss L
Thompson 	Mr W
Wheeler 	Mr A

Argue 		Mr W
Broad 		Mr W
Calder 		Mr P
Coleman 	Mr A
Connor 		Miss H
Gilmore 	Mr H
Griffiths 	Mr and Mrs A and family (6)
Hogg 		Mr and Mrs W
Hutchinson 	Mr W
Kean 		Mr A
Liken 		Mr S
Marshall 	Mr R
Meiville 	Mr and Mrs R
Mulholand 	Mr P
McCarroll 	Mr R
McDonald 	Mr J
McNab 		Mr R
Neal 		Mr and Mrs J and two children
Pilling 	Mr and Mrs and family (5)
Runge 		Miss
Underwood 	Mr J

Dec. 3 - Rosamond, s.s., 462 tons, Mortleman from Greymouth. Brunner Coal Company agents
	 Penguin, s.s., 462 tons, Allman, from the North.
Glover 		Mr
McKenzie 	Mr and Mrs
Parsons		Mr
Walker 		Mr
three in the steerage
Dec. 4 - Sea Walf, brig, 269 tons, Simonsen, from Kaipara 
	 Beautiful Star, Grant, from Oamaru
Passengers: 10 saloon, and 3 steerage
Dec. 5 - Invercargill, s.s, Sunderstrom, from Invercargill
Passenger: Mr Pyrke.
	 Omapere, s.s., 352 tons, Smith from the West Coast
Ahlm 		Mr
Bennett 	Mrs
Brassell 	Miss
Butler 		Mr
Credington 	Mr
Denniston 	Mrs
Denniston 	Mr
Hatton 		Mr
Haydon 		Masters (2)
Hegarty 	Master
Keast 		Mr
Malaghan 	Master
Maundrell 	Mr
McBride 	Mr
McIlroy 	Masters (2)
Primate 	Master
Weir 		Mrs
10 in the steerage
Dec. 7 - Kakanui, s.s., 59 tons, Best, from Catlin's river.
	 Waihora, s.s., 1269 tons, Popham, from Melbourne, via the Bluff
Passengers: Saloon - 
Bathgate 	Mr
Cowell 		Mr
Downie 		Rev. J and Mrs
Gunn 		Mr
Hart 		Major
Hatton 		Mr
McIntosh 	Captain
Rodgers 	Mr
Spencer 	Mrs
Trotter 	Mrs
Wright 		Mrs
and 14 steerage
Cormorant, barque, 1073 tons, Hume, from Liverpool, via Wellington. Neill and Co. Ltd, agents
Tekapo s.s. 1501 tons, Anderson, from Sydney, via Cook Strait.
de Bazin  	Mrs
Hart 		Miss
Watson 		Miss
1 steerage
Dec. 2- Manapouri, s.s., 1020 tons, Logan for Melbourne, via the Bluff and Hobart.
Passengers : For the Bluff
Quin 		Miss
For Hobart -
Begg 		Mrs
For Melbourne - 
Kuhn 		Mr
Danks 		Mr
Warren 		Mr (2)
and 15 steerage
Dec. 2 - Mahinapua, s.s., 205 tons, Johnson, for Westport via Timaru
	 Beautiful Star, Grant, for Oamaru
	 Oreti, s.s, 114 tons, Robertson, for Wanganui via Oamaru
Dec. 4 - Orawaitai, s.s., 288 tons, Gibb, for Westport. Westport Coal Company
	 Aorangi, RMS, 4163 tons, Turpin, for Lyttelton. NZSCo. agents
Dec. 5 - Kakanui, s.s., 59 tons, Best for Catlin's river
Dec. 6 - Omapere, s.s., Smith, for the West Coast
	 Penguin, s.s., 462 tons, Allman, for Northern ports
Passengers: For Wellington - 
Hudson 		Mrs
McKnight 	Mr
Robertson 	Mrs

For Picton
Ballie 		Mr
For Nelson
Wratt 		Mr
Dec. 7 - Invercargill, Sandstrom, for Invercargill
	 Rosamond, s.s., 462 tons, Mortleman, for the West Coast via Oamaru
	 Beautiful Star, Grant, for Oamaru
	 Zephyr, brigantine, 136 tons, Tippet, for Hokitika. Keith Ramsay, agent
	 Kakanui, s.s., 59 tons, Best, for Fortrose