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Shipping News for Port Chalmers & Dunedin
 weekly during 1886 

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

During 1886 the Otago Witness, a weekly newspaper, was published on Saturday's until April 24 then the   publishing day became Friday.  Index (opens in new window)

Otago Witness Shipping News 09 July 1886

July 2 - Famenoth, barque, 983 tons, Morgan, from London (April 1). N M and A Company, agents 
Morgan 		Mrs and child
Mahinapua, s.s., 205 tons, Holmes, from the North
Evans 		Mrs and boy
Keith 		Miss
Mills 		Miss
Shepperd	Miss
Stronach 	Mr
Walcott 	Miss
and 1 steerage
Rotorua, s.s., 576 tons, Meville, from the North 
Brown		Miss
Cattell 	Mr
Hadfield 	Miss
Hodge 		Captain
Isaacs 		Mr
Nimmo 		Mr
Petrie 		Mr
Tomlinson 	Mr
and 3 steerage
July 4
The Arawa, s.s., 5026 tons, Stuart, from Plymouth, via Cape Town and Hobart. B. & NZ M and A Co., agents
Passengers for Otago; Saloon cabin - 
Cargill 	Mr and Mrs
Cargill 	Misses (2)
Second cabin - 
Farnvall 	Mr S. P.
Livingstone 	Mr J
Martin 		Mr W
Tonkinson 	Mr and Mrs and family (5)

Third cabin - 
Benny 		Mr J
Bunyan		Mr and Mrs
Bunyan 		Miss
Malcolm 	Mr D and J
Miller 		Mr R
Morris 		Mr 
Porteous 	Mr
Sibbons 	Mr J
Stewart 	Mr J L
Tates 		Mr W
Wallace 	Miss
Wilson 		Mr W

For Lyttelton - Saloon:
Matthias 	Mrs

Second cabin - 
Fernur 		Mr L
Cockane 	Mr L

Third cabin
Blondell 	Miss
Cummings 	Mr and Mrs and family (3)
Derbyshire 	Mr W
Fraser 		Mr J
Harrold 	Mr J
Humphries 	Mr F
Molony 		Mr J
Serrards 	Mr J

For Wellington: Saloon - 
Aseratrex 	Mr

Second cabin
Andrews 	Miss
Gordon 		Mr and Mrs and family (6)
Slipp 		Mr R
Smith 		Mr A

Third cabin 
Barr 		Mr J
Brooks 		Mr L
Brook 		Mr A
Calligan 	Mr and Mrs A
Cox 		Mr P
Derrington 	Mr W
Edwards 	Mr W H
Lee 		Mr H
McLean 		Mr D
Scott 		Mr H
Shashall 	Mr
Snild		Mr J

For Napier: Second cabin - 
Hewitt 		Mr
Third cabin:
Briscoe 	Miss
Reis 		Rev Mr
Thompson 	Mr J

For New Plymouth: Third cabin - 
Taylor 		Mr and Mrs and two children

For Auckland: Saloon cabin - 
Stuart 		Dr
Trotter 	Mr Coutts
Wiliams 	Rev A

Second cabin - 
Edwards 	Mr G.L. 
Harmistead 	Mr A
Jackson 	Mr and Mrs and child
Joseph 		Mr L
Maude 		Mr and Mrs
McKenzie 	Mr F
Rowe 		Mr and Mrs and two children
Wallack 	Mr F.M.
Wilkie 		Mr and Mrs

Third cabin - 
Ackers 		Mr W
Aģreretea 	Mr and Mrs and three children
Bibbie 		Mr L
Brooers 	Mr J
Brown 		Mr E. S.
Cazyer 		Mr H
Clay 		Mrs
Cross 		Mr R
Dawson 		Mr F
Goodfellow 	Mr and Mrs and two children
Hawe 		Mr W
Hitchen 	Mrs and child
Keyas 		Mr E
Lippett 	Mr W.L.
Maros 		Mr and Mrs and family (3)
Mayne 		Mr R
Moss? 		Mr and Mrs and child
Muir 		Mr W
McKee 		Mr
Purdue 		Mr H
Robins 		Mr A.F.
Robinson 	Mr S
Satchell 	Mr W.F.
Sawden 		Mr W
Sheppard 	Mr
Smith 		Mr and Mrs and two children
Spencer 	Mr F.A.
Socheo 		Mr and Mr
Thomison 	Mr F
Thomas 		Mr F
Thomson 	Mr P.A.
Wallvank 	Mr J
Vell 		Mrs C R
July  5 - Omapere, s.s., 352 tons, Smith, from the north.
	  Thurso, barque, 490 tons, Scoullar, from Mauritius (May 26). Scoular and Co. agents
July 26 - Wairarapa s.s., 1023 tons, Chatfield from Melbourne, via the Bluff.
Brown 		Mr
Hanning 	Mrs
Horder 		Mr
Jackson 	Mr and Mrs
Letham 		Mr
McCallum 	Mr
Todd 		Mr
Williamson 	Mr
and seven steerage
July 7  - Ohau, s.s., 411 tons, Bernech, from Auckland, via the East Coast
	  Grafton, s.s., 297 tons, Hill, from Westport via Timaru. J. Mills agent
Passengers -
Buckingbam 	Mr 
Buckley 	Miss
Clemance 	Mr
Collins 	Miss
Grange 		Miss
Mutter 		Mr
Todd 		Miss
Walker 		Mr
Wallace 	Miss
and two steerage
Go-ahead, s.s., 132 tons, Plumley, from the North
Te Anau s.s., 1023 tons, McIntosh, from Sydney, via the East Coast
Passengers - 
Atkinson 	Mr
Begg 		Miss
Crooker 	Mr
Forbes 		Mrs
Jones 		Miss
Martin 		Mr
Morrison 	Mr
Paterson 	Mrs
Patrick 	Mr
Plyger 		Mr
Ponter 		Mr
Perston 	Mr and Mrs
Grattan Riggs company - 
Casper 		Miss
Fenton 		Mr
Grantleigh 	Mr
Gray 		Miss
Inman 		Mr and Mrs
Joyce 		Mr and Mrs
Poulton 	Mr
Seagrave 	Mr
Thomas 		Mr
Williams  	Mr
and 10 steerage
July 2 - Stella, C GS, 136 tons, Gray, for the southern lighthouses
	 Tawawera, s.s., 1369 tons, Sinclair, for Melbourne, via the Bluff and Hobart 
Passengers: For the Bluff
Todd 		Mr
For Melbourne - 
Doran 		Mr
Elphinstone 	Mr
Knox 		Mr
Washer 		Mr and Mrs
Wendell 	Mr
and 20 steerage
	 Mahinapua, s.s., 205 tons, Holmes, for Nelson, via intermediate ports
July 5 - Rotorua, s.s., 576 tons, Neville, for Northern ports
Passengers: For Lyttelton
Cockaysie 	Mr
Hodge 		Miss
Parr 		Mr
Turner 		Mr
Yaddean 	Mr
For Wellington
Glegg 		Mr
Martin 		Mr
and 30 steerage
Hauroto, s.s., 1276 tons, Kennedy, for Sydney via Oamaru and Cook Strait
For Oamaru - 
Payne 		Miss
For Lyttelton - 
Brown 		Miss
For Wellington  - 
Anderson 	Mr  and Mrs and three children
Moore 		Mr (2)
For Sydney
Fosbery 	Mr
Fowler 		Miss
McAdam 		Mr
six steerage
July 6 - Alastor, barque, 824 tons, Glazebrooke, for Wellington
	 Omapere, s.s., 305 tons, Smith, for Westport via Oamaru

July 7 - Wairarapa, s.s., 1023 tons, Chatfielf, for Sydney, via East Coast ports
Passengers: For Lyttelton
Guthrie 	Mr
For Wellington - 
Chatfield 	Mr
Conyers 	Mr
Edmunds 	Mrs
Gardiner 	Mr
Freehauf 	Mrs and 2 children
McLean 		Hon. G.
For Napier - 
Naphtali 	Mrs and 2 children
For Auckland - 
Black 		Mr
Kopsen 		Mr and Mrs and 2 children and nurse
Murdoch 	Mr
Wallace 	Mr

Otago Witness Shipping News 09 July 1886

The Star Friday 2 July 1886
Wellington July 1
R.M.S. Kaikoura
, for London, with a full cargo. Passenger list.

The Star July 5 1886
Port Chalmers, July 4
The Shall, Savill and Albion Company's steamer Arawa, Captain Stuart, from Plymouth, via the Cape and Hobart, arrived off Otago Heads bringing 2000 tons cargo and 140 passengers for New Zealand ports. Two deaths have occurred on the voyage, that of John Heckson, aged 22 years, from consumption, on June 14 and John Ahern, a baby, on the next day from pneumonia. The passage from Plymouth occupied 41 days 15 hours and 28 minutes. She sailed 223 miles more than she did on the last voyage from Capetown to Hobart. The Shall, Savill and Albion Company have issued orders that their steamers, in future, shall be sailed on the rhomb-line instead of the composite great circle in order to avoid bad weather far south. Her average speed was 13.6 knots. She left the Heads last night for Auckland direct. Passengers: For Lyttelton: Saloon Mrs Mathews
Second cabin Mr P. Cochrane and Mr Turner; third cabin Mr and Mrs Cummings and family (3), Miss Biondell, Mr W. Derbyshire, J. Fraser, J. Harrold, F. Humphries, P. Maloney, J. Serrards.