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Shipping News for Port Chalmers & Dunedin
 weekly during 1886 

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

During 1886 the Otago Witness, a weekly newspaper, was published on Saturday's until April 24 when the publishing day became Friday.  Index (opens in new window) 

Otago Witness Shipping News 08 October 1886 page 18


September 30 - Te Anau, s.s., 1028 tons, McIntosh, from Sydney via the East Coast. J. Mills agent
Passengers: Saloon - 
Anderson 	Mr
Baker 		Mr
Braid 		Mr
Christopher 	Mr
Donald 		Mr
Elliot 		Mr and Mrs
Escott 		Mr
Ferguson 	Mr
Fraser 		Mr
Glover 		Miss
Haddeley 	Mr
Hardy 		Mr
Hegarty 	Mr
Henderson 	Mr
Laidlaw 	Mr
Larnach 	Mrs
Larnach 	Miss
Larnach 	Mr
Lloyd 		Mr
Rothschild 	Mr
Tollerman 	Mr
Washbourne 	Miss
White 		Mr
and 11 steerage

October 1 - Clyde, brigantine, 87 tons, Sawyers, from Foxton / Master, agent

Rotorua, s.s., 576 tons, Neville, from the North. J. Mills, agent. Passengers:
Clarke 		Mr
Cook 		Mr
Fancourt 	Mr
Frank 		Mr
Fraser 		Miss
Glasgow 	Misses (2)
Joyce 		Misses (2)
Mackisack 	Mr
Scott 		Mr J R
and 4 steerage

Himalaya, barque, 1008 tons, Paterson, from Glasgow (June 30). N.Z. Mortgage and Agency Co., agents Passengers: Saloon -
Connor 		Miss
Paterson 	Miss
Steerage -
Allen 		Mr and Mrs and family (4)
Barclay 	Mr
Brough 		Mr
Foreman 	Mrs and 3 children
McCallum 	Mr and Mrs and child
McDonald 	Mr
McKerrow 	Mr and Mrs and family (5)
Marshall 	Mr
Marshall 	Miss
Milne 		Mr
Morrison 	Mrs and 2 children
Pow 		Mr and Mrs and child
Williamson 	Miss
Williamson 	Mr

Oct. 2 - Omapere, s.s., 352 tons, Smith from the North. Passenger: One steerage
Oct. 2 - Orawaiti, s.s., 288 tons, Gibb, from Westport. W Hay Dickson, agent
Oct. 3 - Invergargill, s.s. 136 tons, Sundstrom, from the Coast
Oct. 4 - Recamia, ketch, 69 tons, Holdt, from Havelock. Master, agent
Oct. 5 - Stella, C.G. steamer, 157 tons, Gray, from the Coast
Oct. 5 - Waihora, s.s. 1269 tons, Popham, from Melbourne via Hobart and the Bluff. Passengers:
Bothamby 	Mrs and child
Hirsch 		Mr
Johnson 	Mr
Rodgers 	Mr
Watson 		Mr
and 20 steerage

Mawhera, s.s., 553 tons, Hill, from the North

Wakatipu, s.s. 1158 tons, Wheeler, from Sydney via Cook Strait. passengers:
Clapcott 	Mr
Fenn 		Mrs
Fenn 		Master
McPherson 	Dr
Meares 		Captain
Russell 	Captain J U
Wilson 		Mr
Wylie 		Mr
13 steerage

Oct. 6 - Grafton, s.s. 297 tons, Nordstrom, from the North. Passengers:
Craigie 	Mr
Graham 		Mr
Hall 		Mr
Hibbard 	Mr
Langmuir 	Miss
Lattie 		Mr
McGuire 	Miss
Seaward 	Miss
Wright 		Mr
and 2 steerage

Tarawera s.s., 1269 tons, Sinclair, from Sydney via the East Coast. 
Passengers: From Sydney
Irwin 		Mr R S
From the Coast
Belcher 	Mr
Black 		Mr
Brown 		Mr
Coates 		Mr
Graham 		Mr
Holt 		Mr
Hubbard 	Mr
Mailer 		Mr
Moore 		Mr
Niven 		Mr
Park 		Mr
Smith 		Mr
Young 		Mr
Sept. 30 - Ganymede, barque, 568 tons, Morgan, for Sydney
Oct. 1 - Grafton, s.s. 297 tons, Nordstrom, for Westport, via the North

Te Anau, s.s., 1028 tons, McIntosh, for Melbourne. Passengers for the Bluff
Campbell 	Mr
Levy 		Mr
For Melbourne - 
Balfe 		Mr
Bellamy 	Mr
Carrington 	Miss
Davies 		Mr
Forbes 		Mr
Greville 	Mr
Heningham 	Mr
Juno 		Miss
Hayes 		Miss
Keegan 		Mr
Lee 		Mrs
McGeorge 	Miss
Nunn 		Mr
Parry 		Mr
Reid 		Mr and Mrs
Sheridan 	Mr and Mrs
Taylor 		Mr
and 18 steerage

Oct. 2 - Mina, brig, 238 tons, Allan, for Whangaroa
Eliza Forth, brigantine, 18 tons, Millman, for Greymouth
Tainui, s.s., 5200 tons, Barlow, R.N.R., for Wellington

Oct. 4 - Omapere for Auckland
Rotorua, s.s., 576 tons, Neville, for Northern ports.  
Passengers for Lyttelton - Mrs Hodge, Messrs Anderson, Battle
For Wellington - 
Brook 		Mr and Mrs
Brook 		Misses (3)
Brook 		Master
Carter 		Rev.
North 		Rev.
Wheeler 	Mr
Wrench 		Mr
and three steerage

Handa Isle, barquentine, 238 tons, Johns, for Auckland
Orawaiti for Westport
Oct. 6 - Stella, C.G.S. 157 tons, Gray, for the Southern lighthouses
Waihora, s.s., 1269 tons, Popham, for Sydney, via the East Coast. 
Passengers: For Lyttelton
Burton 		Mr
McWilliams 	Captain and Mrs
Monkman 	Mr
Nash 		Mr
Wells 		Mr and Mrs
For Wellington
Geddes 		Mr
For Auckland 
Benjamin 	Mr
Outram 		Mr
Seymour 	Miss
Stewart 	Mrs D
Symonds 	Mr
For Sydney
Barnes 		Mr

Mawhera, s.s., 553 tons, Hill, for the West Coast, via Oamaru