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Shipping News for Port Chalmers & Dunedin
 weekly during 1886 

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

During 1886 the Otago Witness, a weekly newspaper, was published on Saturday's until April 24 when the publishing day became Friday.  Index (opens in new window)

Otago Witness Shipping News 07 May 1886 page 17

April 29th
SS Mahinapua 205 tons Holms (from west coast) J Mills agent
Hibbard     	Mr
And 4 steerage
SS Koranui 301 tons Oliver (from the North) J Mills agent
Cargill 	Mrs
Goodwin 	Mrs
Malcolm 	Mr (2)
McNeill 	Mrs and Child
Moore 		Mrs & Child
Murdoch 	Miss
April 30th
SS Rotorua 576 tons Neville (from the North) J Mills agent
Barron 		Mr
Brerton 	Mr
Cantrell 	Mr (2)
Dymock 		Mr
Finlay 		Mr
Fitchett 	Mr
Gilles 		Mr
Harlock 	Mr
Hislop 		Dr
Hislop 		Mrs
Logan 		Mr
McLean 		Mr
Rankine 	Mrs
Smith 		Dr
Smith 		Mr J C
Treadwell 	Mr
Wakefield 	Mr
Williams 	Mr
Wright 		Mr (3)
4 steerage
Arrived May 2nd
S.S. Go-ahead 132 tons Plumley (from the North) K Ramsay agent
Arrived May 2nd
Lyttelton, Borman, 1111 tons, from London (February 2nd ) N M and A Co agents
Second class
Nixon 		Mr
Webber 		Mr
S.S. Hauroto 1276 tons Kennedy (from Sydney via cook strait) J Mills agent
Allen 		Mr
Banks 		Mr
Banks 		Mrs
Banks 		Miss
Murray 		Miss
Voller 		Mrs
Voller 		Miss
White 		Mr
Williams 	Miss
Wooderspoon 	Miss (2)
7 steerage
May 4th
S.S. Te Anau 1028 tons McIntosh (from Melbourne via Bluff)
Clarke 		Mr
Gawn 		Mr
Howard 		Mr
Kerr 		Mr
Legerton 	Miss
Mallaby 	Mr
Mollison 	Mrs J
And 8 in Steerage
May 5th
S.S. Waihora 1269 tons Popham (from Auckland via east coast ports) J Mills
Bickerton 	Mr
Buchanan 	Mr
Credgington 	Mr
Elliott 	Miss
Jervis 		Mr
Loxley 		Miss
Wallcott 	Miss
And 8 steerage
Departures April 29th
S.S. Ohau 411 tons Bernech for Auckland via the East Coast J Mills agent

S.S. Manapouri 1020 tons Russell for Melbourne via Bluff
Bickneil 	Miss
Blair 		Mr& Mrs
Brown 		Mr
Dale 		Miss
Fergus 		Miss (2)
Fox 		Mr
Jordon 		Mr
Lang 		Mr
Mathews 	Mr
McGregor 	Miss
Paterson 	Mrs
Sievwright 	Miss
Snodgrass 	Miss
Tilston 	Mrs
Tolhurst 	Mr
Trapp 		Mrs & child
Woolley 	Miss
Whyborn 	Captain
Wyning 		Mr
May 2nd
S.S. Koranui 311 tons Oliver for the West Coast via Oamaru J Mills agent
S.S. Mahinapua 205 tons Holmes for Nelson J Mills agent

May 3rd
S.S. Rotorua 376 tons Neville for the North J Mills agent

May 4th
S.S. Te Anau 1028 tons McIntosh for the North
For Wellington
Cohen Mr
Hamer Mr
Issacs Miss
Larnach Hon W J M

For Napier
Muir Mr

For Gisborne
Pollen Mr

For Auckland
Simkin 		Mr
5 Steerage
Ship Lady Jocelyn 2138 tons Watt for London National Mortgage and Agency Co agents
S.S. Go-ahead 132 tons Plumley for the North via Oamaru K Ramsay agent

May 5th
Thomas A. Goddard American Barque 683 tons Sears for Auckland Bates Sise and co agents

May 6th
S.S. Hauroto 1276 tons Kennedy for Sydney via Cook strait J Mills agent

The Direct Steamers 
Christchurch May 1st
The Coptic sailed today for London
First Saloon
From Dunedin
Ainger 		Rev F E
Beaufort 	Mr C
Burnside 	Miss
Granger 	Rev E H
Jack 		Mr A H & Mrs & family (6)
Weddell 	Mr W
Stodart 	Mr HT
Stenhouse 	Dr
From Christchurch
Chamberlain 	Mr A B
Cotton 		Mrs F H
Dinwiddie 	Rev W and family (3)
Jackson 	Mr WS
Knowles 	Rev & Mrs C A
Lyon 		Mr A
Lyon 		Mrs J
Lyon 		Miss
Tosewill 	Mr C
Wood 		Miss Fanny
From Auckland
Bronghton 	Mr J

From Nelson
Franklin 	Mr & Mrs
Franklin 	Mr Jun

From Napier
Couper 		Miss J R

From Melbourne
Boyle 		Hon R
Macklay 	Mr & Mrs T C
Watt 		Mr C
Watt 		Miss F M

From Sydney
Elwell 		Mr & Mrs E
Second Saloon
From Dunedin
Alexander 	Mrs J
Davidson 	Mrs J
Graham 		Miss K
Harper 		Mr W
Michie 		Rev Mr H R & Mrs
Ridley 		Mrs N
Turner 		Mr J

From Christchurch
Weedon 		Mr & Mrs R T and Family (6)
Fleming 	Mr G S
Goring 		Mr & Mrs T
Roe 		Miss E
Robertson 	Mr D
Vine 		Mr T C

From 		Auckland
Sizer 		Mr R

From Napier
Pulford 	Mr & Mrs

From Melbourne
Hawell 		Mr R
Jervis 		Mr & Mrs E
Stobo 		Mr Mrs Miss

From Sydney
Lawson 		Mr J
Newman 		Mr W
Russell 	Mr & Mrs G J
Bottomley 	Mr S
Brooker 	Mr T
Bullock 	Mr J
Carruthers 	Mr A J
Channey 	Mr J J
Churches 	Mr J
Danby 		Mr H H
Duff 		Mr C
Duff 		Mr C
Duff 		Mr J
Eltham 		Mrs
Gannon 		Mr
Hartley 	Mr J
Hartley 	Mrs
Hartley 	Masters J and W
Hartley 	Miss (6)
Hill 		Mr C G
Johnson 	Mr
Johnson 	Mrs
Johnson 	Miss
Johnstone 	Mrs A
Johnstone 	Miss
Johnstone 	Masters C W and R
Kelly 		Mr J
Knight 		Mrs R
Long 		Mr C D
Marshall 	Mr R
Marshall 	Mr P
McKay 		Mr D
McLean 		Mr
McLean 		Mrs
Merrit 		Mr W
Morant 		Mr T
Morgan 		Mr J
Schneider 	Mr E
Tait 		Miss
Tregonning 	Mr H
Waters 		Mr
Waters 		Mrs
Woodside 	Mr A
Woodside 	Mr J
Woodside 	Mrs
Woodside 	Miss (2)
Woodside 	Master D
For Rio
Wall 		Mr J
Webber 		Mr F