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Shipping News for Port Chalmers & Dunedin
 weekly during 1886 

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

During 1886 the Otago Witness, a weekly newspaper, was published on Saturday's until April 24 when the  publishing day became Friday.  Index (opens in new window)

Otago Witness Shipping News 06 August 1886 pages 18 & 19

Otago Witness Friday 6 August 1886 page 19
The Ionic brings in all 154 passengers for New Zealand (in addition to those landed at other ports). Of these 10 are saloon, 17 second cabin, and 127 steerage. Her cargo consist of some 2089 tons, of which 800 tons are for Dunedin, and the remainder for Northern ports.

Departed August 8.
Ionic, R.M.S., 4753 tons. J G Cameron, for London, via Northern ports. Dalgety and Co. Limited, agents.

Mahinapua, s.s., 205 tons, Holmes from Nelson, via intermediate ports.
Curle 		Mr
Finch 		Mr
Graham 		Miss
Guthrie 	Mr
Hope 		Mrs and two children
Jacobsen 	Mrs
King 		Mr
Melton 		Mrs and child
Melton 		Misses (2)
Oyster 		Miss
Page 		Mr
Proctor 	Mr
Roseby 		Miss
Sellars 	Mr
Smith 		Mr
Young 		Mr
July 30 - Camille, brigantine, 221 tons, Helgison, from Newcastle. H. Guthrie, agent.
Go-ahead, ss 132 tons Plumby from the North, Keith Ramsay, agent.
Penguin ss 442 tons Allman from Nelson via intermediate ports.
Passengers (saloon):
Burton 		Mr
Drake 		Mr
Harnson 	Mr
Hornby 		Mr
Mowbray 	Mr
Parker 		Mrs
Petre 		Mr
Scott 		Mr
Smith 		Mr
Sutherland 	Mr
Winter 		Mr
four steerage
July 31 Kenilworth, schooner, 113 tons, Cross, from Tairua
Merope, barque, 1024 tons, Thomas from Glasgow (May 4) N.M. and A. Co., agents.
Passengers: Saloon
Fairlie 	Mr

Steerage - 
Adair 		Mr
Brown 		Miss
Davidon 	Mr
Gauld 		Mr
Grant 		Mr
McCley 		Mr
McCulloch 	Mr and Mrs
McGill 		Mr
McKirdy 	Mr
Rennick 	Mr
Stewart 	Mr
Taylor 		Mr
Thorn 		Mr and Mrs
Urquhart 	Mr and Mrs and family (3)
Wilson 		Messrs (2)

August 2 - Ohau ss 4111 tons Bernech from the West Coast.
Passenger- Saloon: Young Mr R

August 2- Rotomahana ss 865 tons Carey, from Melbourne via the Bluff.
From Melbourne: Saloon
Edwards 	Miss
Graham 		Mr
Jacob 		Mr
Levy 		Miss
McKenzie 	Mr
McNeill 	Mr

From the Bluff -
Turner 		Mrs and Miss
Stevens 	Mr
15 steerage
Ionic s.s. 4753 tons, Cameron from Plymouth (June 19), via Cape of Good Hope and Hobart. Dalgety and Co. (Limited), agents. 
Saloon for Otago from London -
Pogson 		Mr G W
Zimmer 		Mr

From Hobart - 
New 		Mr

Second Saloon from London -
Wilson 		Miss E

Third-class, from London -
Bell 		Mr
Chisholm 	Mr
Edgar 		Miss
Evans 		Mr
Gorgon 		Misses (2)
Gordon 		Mr, Mrs and Master
Hodgson 	Mr
Lynn 		Mr
McKee 		Mr and Mrs
McLean 		Mr
McPherson 	Mr
Pullen 		Mrs
Pullen 		Miss
Rennison 	Mr
Scott 		Mr and Mrs
Shervon 	Mr
Turnbull 	Messrs (2)
White 		Mr

From Cape Town:
Third-class - 
Finlayson 	Mr and Mrs and three children

For Canterbury:
Second Saloon - 
Angus 		Mr
Dunn 		Mr

Third-class - 
Bell 		Mr
Buckland 	Mr
Campbell 	Mr
Chinnery 	Messrs (3)
Eoselstrom 	Mr
Gee 		Mr and Mrs
Jacobson 	Messrs (3)
Johanson 	Mr
Holm 		Mr
Knuts 		Mr
Lewis 		Mr
Marison 	Mr
Matson 		Mr
Oldfield 	Mr
Peterson 	Mr
Phillips 	Mr
Rhodes 		Mr
Rundbacha 	Mr
Russell 	Mr
Toby 		Mr
For Wellington: Saloon - 
Elmsall 	Mr
Parker 		Mr and Mrs and family (3)
Wilson 		Mrs

Second Saloon -
Cartiner 	Mr and Mrs and family (4)
Hamilton 	Mr
Hamilton 	Miss
Hayward 	Mr
Lockton 	Mr
Norbury 	Mr
Sparks 		Mr
Wheeler 	Mr

Third-class - 
Barker 		Mr and Mrs and family (3)
Barnett 	Mr
Gilligham 	Mr
Grantham 	Mr
Hamilton 	Mr
Heathcote 	Mr
Peirel 		Mr
Purssey 	Mr
Scales 		Mr
Sheehan 	Mr
Timmins 	Mr
Weniger 	Messrs (2)

For Auckland: Second saloon, from Cape Town - 
Mitchell 	Mr

Third-class -
Allen 		Mr 
Boyce 		Mr
Branston 	Mr
Brown 		Mr and Mrs and family (3)
Carrington 	Mr
Coughlan 	Mr
Davis 		Mr
Dunn 		Mr (2)
Delany 		Mr
Gilbert 	Mr
Gregg 		Mr
Hodgson 	Mr and Mrs
Houston 	Mr
Jenkins 	Mr and Mrs
Johnstone 	Mr
Jordan 		Mr
Kenny 		Mr
Lanham 		Mr
Lauchlan 	Mr
Leslie 		Mr
McConnell 	Mr
McKillop 	Mr
Milne 		Mr
Moore 		Misses (2)
Parker 		Mr
Spencer 	Mr and Mrs and child 
Waite 		Mr
Wilson 		Miss
Wilson 		Mr
For Picton, from London:
Third-class - 
Jones Mr

For Napier: from London - 
Second saloon, 
Martin Mr E B

Third -class - 
Carson Mr and Mrs

For Taranaki, from London:
Third-class - 
Millar Mr

For the Bluff, from London:
Second cabin:
Stidolph Mr W H

Third-class - 
Hilson Mr
August 4 - Grafton ss 297 tons Lambert from the north
Wairarapa ss 1023 tons Chatfield from Sydney, via the east Coast.
Bask 		Mr
Braithwaite 	Mr
Brown 		Mr
Carrick 	Mr
Deal 		Mr
Hogg 		Mrs
Mellish 	Mr
Moore 		Mr
Russell 	Mr
Sardstein 	Mr
Snow 		Mr
Taylor 		Mr
and 22 steerage

August 6 1886
The Direct Steamers
Lyttelton, July 29
The Tongariro, R.M.S., sailed from Lyttelton via Rio dé Janeiro.
Passengers: Saloon -

Bernardt 	Mrs
Buchanan	Mr
Fairchild 	Mrs 
Harper 		Mr CC
Keane 		Mr
McDougall 	Miss
Nevin 		Mrs 
Nevin 		Mr
Reacli 		Mr
Sharland 	Mrs 
Sharland 	Mr
Scott 		Mrs 

Second Saloon - 
Abraham 	Mr
Adamson 	Mr
Bevan 		Miss
Butterworth 	Martha
Butterworth 	Matildia
Cowie 		Miss
Dixon 		Mr and Mrs
Kempt 		Isabella
Knowles 	Mr
Levitt 		Mr
Levy 		Mr
Lewis 		Margaret
Lubbock 	Mr
Makgill 	Mr J
Makgill 	Mary
McDonald 	Jessie
McLeod 		Mr
Pargetter 	Mr
Pottinger 	Mr
Robertson 	Jessie
Tweddle 	Isabella
Watson 		Mr and Mrs
Winchester 	Mrs

Steerage - 
Birks 		Mr and Mrs
Brown 		Mr
Campbell 	Miss
Cooper 		Mr and Mrs
Durman 		Mr
Grant 		Mr
Hargreaves 	Mr
Harvey 		Mr
Hume 		Mr
Hunt 		Mr and Mrs and four children
Ingleson 	Mr
Jacobsen 	Mr
Johnston 	Mr
Jospeh 		Mr
King 		Miss
Lewis 		Mr
Marks 		Mr, Mrs and Miss
Marks 		Miss
Marshall 	Mr
Matticks 	Mr and Mrs
McIntosh 	Mr
Moncketon 	Mr
Nance 		Mrs and three children
Paice 		Mr
Rowlinson 	Mr
Smith 		Mrs and five children
Stewart 	Mr
Turnbull 	Misses (2)
Villial 	Mrs and four children
Young 		Mr